Khairpur (City)

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Khairpur is known for the dates grown in this region, the fort of Kot DG, archeological site of Kot DG which in itself is a chapter of the pre-history of Indian subcontinent, and the shrine of Sufi poet Sachal Sarmast at Darazan Sharief.There is a university in the city as well. Khairpur is a small city in the north of Sindh the south eastern province of Pakistan. Khairpur although considered small, is 15th largest city of the contry.

Title Description
Location: Sindh Pakistan
In Urdu : خيرپُور‬‎
Towns: 11
Type: District
Local Language Name: Sindhi,Baluchi, Brohi
Province: Sindh
Coordinates : 27°32′N 68°46′E
District: Khairpur District
Founded: 1783
Known as: Sufi mystic Sachal Sarmast
Area of District : 15910 (Skm)
No of Tehsils: 08
Number of Rural Union Councils : 61
Number of Urban Union Councils : 15
Number of Villages : 6800
Growth Rate : 2.71%
Population : Estimate (2006) 127,857
Historic Buildings: Faiz Mahal,Kot Diji Fort
Founded by: Mir Sohrab Khan
Union councils: 76
Time zone
Time zone: PST (UTC+5)
Postal code: 66020
Dialing code: 243


MUCET khairpur

MUCET khairpur

Khairpur is known as Khairpur Mirs (The Kharpur of the kings). It was a semi autonomous kingdom before the partition and was ruled by Talpur family known as Mirs. Mir Sohrab established himself as the Rais-ul-ummarrah (Paramount Ruler) of Upper Sindh, maintained independent Sovereignty and his own currency separate from Lower Sindh ( Hyderabad). At its greatest extent, Khairpur ranged from Gandava (now in Balochistan) to Shahgarh (now in India).


At the year 1998 census, the total population of Khairpur was about 102,188 having increased from 61,447 at the year 1981 census. The city had a population of approximately 127,857 in the year 2006.


  1. Islam: 96.86%
  2. Ahmaddiya: 0.07%
  3. Hinduism: 2.93%
  4. Christianity: 0.09%
  5. Others: 0.04%


  1. Sindhi: 90%
  2. Brahui: 2.30%
  3. Baluchi:2.70%
  4. Urdu: 2%
  5. Seraiki:%1
  6. Punjabi: 1.50%
  7. Others: 0.50%


Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Park Khairpur

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Park Khairpur

National Highway is central route for several transportation and Mehran Highway which links Nawabshah and Khairpur Districts.

Ancient Places

It has few oldest structures eminently the Faiz Mahal and Kot Diji Fort


In the city of Khairpur, Muslims form the greatest group. Hindu population and Sikh community are also present in the city of Khairpur.


Khairpur Tamewali Main Road

Khairpur Tamewali Main Road

This historic city is located along the Khairpur East Canal, 11 miles south of the Indus River. It is linked by rail with cities Peshawar and Karachi and by road track with cities Sukkur and Karachi. After the development of the state of Pakistan in the year 1947, Khairpur established industrially, with textile, shoes, silk, carpet manufacture, silk clothing, leather goods, matches, soap and cigarettes.


Other culture is that Khairpur city was given a name after the Man of Phulpoto caste Kher Muhammad a.k.a Khero Phulpoto. The accomplishment was pted as the seat of the Mirs of the site northern Sindh.


Law College Khairpur

Law College Khairpur

There is merely 1 university named Shah Abdul Latif University as well as various Colleges in Khairpur which are as follow:
  1. LUMHS Khairpur Medical College
  2. Mehran University College Of Engineering And Technology SZAB Campus Khairpur 
  3. IBA Community College Khairpur 
  4. Khairpur College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (KCAET) at Khairpur
  5. Govt: College Of Technology Khairpur Mir’s (GCT KHP), Khairpur, Pakistan[1]  Universities 

How to Reach There

One can reach Khairpur in a private car from Sukkur only 150 Kilometers visit the Kot DG fort and the archeological site and also visit the touwn of Khairpur and visit the shrine of Hazrat Sachal Sarmast at darazan Sharief and return to Sukkur in a Days time. This is usually considered a full day Excursion from Sukkur.There are busses from Karachi & Hyderabad going to Khairpur and the trains from Lahore to Karachi and Karachi to Lahore also stop at Khairpur railway station.


Welcome to Khairpur Mirs

Welcome to Khairpur Mirs

There is no star hotel in Khairpur but Travel & Culture Services can organize home stays in the town if required.


A tour of Khairpur can be taken from Sukkur, Hyderabad, or Karachi the main places to visit are the Bazaar the fort of Kot DG and the palace of Mirs.[2] Details

Historical Place

Kot Diji

Kot Diji

Kot Diji

Kot Diji, 15 miles (25 km) south of Khairpur, is an archaeological and historical site that reveals primary occupation levels dating from and prior to the Indus valley civilization (c. 3000 BCE). Excavations indicate well-settled communities with structured societies familiar with stone tools and pottery. The inhabitants’ linguistic affinities are unknown. On a ridge near the prehistoric site is Talpur, an early 19th-century brick fort. Pop. (1998 prelim.) 102,188.[3] Kot Diji

Population and Growth

Area of District 15910 (Skm)
No. of Tehsils 08
No. of Union Councils 76
Number of Rural Union Councils 61
Number of Urban Union Councils 15
Number of Towns 11
Number of Villages 6800
Total Population (Census) 1998 1546587
Male Population  (Census 1998) 810448
Female Population (Census 1998) 736139
Proportion of Rural Population 76.39%
Proportion of Urban Population 23.61%
Density Per Sqm (1998) 97.2
Growth Rate 2.71%
Total Fertility Rate (TFR) 5.3  Per women

Address of rhs a Centers District Khairpur

Sr.No. Name of outlet / Centre Name of Incharge Telephone/Cell No. of the Incharge  Complete Address with Location / distance from Main raod
01 RHS 'A' Centre Kot Diji Dr. Zubaida Abbasi +92 301 3407598 Taluka Hospital, Kot Diji
02 RHS 'A' Centre, Khairpur Dr. Zubaida Abbasi (AC) +92 301 3407598 Civil Hospital, Khairpur
03 RHS 'A' Centre, Gambat Mr. Qurban Ali Bhayo, DPWO +92 300 2131987 Taluka Hospital, Ghambat

Address of Msu District Khairpur

Sr.No. Name of outlet / Centre Name of Incharge Telephone/Cell No. of the Incharge  Complete Address with Location
01 MSU Khairpur Akhtiar Khatoon, FWW - Near Khaki Shah Pul Station Road, Murad Shah Mohalla, Khairpur
02 MSU Kingri Shahida Raheem Shaikh, FWW +92 300 3100318 Near Telephone Office, Mahesar Colony Kingri/Pirgoth Khairpur
03 MSU Thari Mirwah Ameer Bano, FWW   Ner Jamia Masjid, Thari Mirwah, Khairpur
04 MSU Ranipur Alvina FWC +92 301 3877828 Bodela Mohalla Ranipur Taluka Sobhodero Khairpur
05 MSU Faiz Gunj Khanzadi, FWW +92 302 3098799 Shar Colony Faiz Taluka Faiz Gunj, Khairpur

Dates Variety



This city famous for Dates.According to the Pakistan Agricultural and research Council, 4.9 million tonnes of dates are grown per year in more than 40 countries around the world. Iran is the biggest in terms of production at 60 per cent, followed by Egypt at 12 per cent, Iraq at 11 per cent, Saudi Arabia at nine per cent with Pakistan at 7 per cent taking the fifth position in the world date production.The total annual production of dates in Pakistan is about 0.54 million tons with contribution of at Sindh 0.28 million tonnes, Balochistan 0.175 million tonnes, NWFP 0.05 million tonnes and Punjab 0.039 million tonnes, respectively.


The work starts after Fajr prayers and continues much after sun down till the day’s work is done

The work starts after Fajr prayers and continues much after sun down till the day’s work is done

The date variety predominantly found in Khairpur is called Aseel. According to Dr Ghulam Sarwar Markhand, director of the Date Palm Research Institute (DPRI), 85 per cent of these dates are dried and turned into chuhara a majority of which is exported to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.While a date properly ripened on the tree is of better quality than one picked prematurely, Markhand admits that “because there is always the imminent danger of sudden monsoon showers, the growers take them down prematurely, often three weeks before they are ripe and cure and process them into chuhara. Rain can completely destroy the fruit,” he says.[4] Dates Variety

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