Ata ul Haq Qasmi

Ata ul Haq Qasmi

Ata ul Haq Qasmi

Ata ul Haq Qasmi is a Pakistan-based columnist in Urdu language newspaper, poet, and playwright. He is author of almost 20-books and several articles on various subjects for Pakistan’s leading newspapers. Ata has been in the field of journalism for fifty-two years.

He is a dedicated columnist, and his columns are adorned with realism. Qasmi has contributed to electronic and print media, but his principal strength is column article and column writing in several newspapers on different issues. His writings express the feeling of freedom and have written several articles on the subject of social inequality.

He courageously said his views against dictatorship. Besides academic contributions, he also served as Pakistan’s Ambassador in Thailand and Norway. He participated in many conferences and represented his country and expressed his opinions on fine arts and Urdu Literature. This article contains all the information about him, including Ata ul Haq Qasmi Biography.

Name:Ata ul Haq Qasmi
In Urdu:عطا الحق قاسمی‬‎
Nationality:Pakistani Urdu Language Newspaper Columnist and Poet
Residence:Lahore Pakistan
Education:Graduated from MAO College Lahore Pakistan
Profession:Columnist, Journalist, Former Ambassador, Former Professor of Urdu Literature
Most Popular PTV TV Dramas:Khawaja and Son (1988),
Served as:Ambassador of Pakistan in Norway and Thailand from 1997 to 1999
Writing Columns for:Daily Jang and many other Newspapers
First Joined:Urdu Language Newspaper Nawa-i-Waqt as a Sub-Editor
Awards :3
Date:1 February 1943
Place:Amritsar Punjab British India
Children:Yasir Pirzada,Pirzada Muhammad Omar Qasmi, Pirzada Muhammad Ali, Usman Qasmi
Parents:Maulana Baha ul Haq Qasmi (Father)

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Biography

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Biography

Ata has an apparent identity as a humorist, but his personality dimensions are such that it is impossible to cover them. He is a leading columnist, a legendary poet, writer, a great playwright, and a successful administrator. His father was a religious scholar and imam of a mosque.

It is a remarkable feat to come out of the house of an imam of a mosque into literature and to write humour of the level of Mushtaq Ahmad, Colonel Muhammad Khan and Shafeeq-ur-Rehman, to write poetry. He did all these things in one life.

If Urdu column is an honourable field today, then his contribution in it is 80%. Today if there is humour in the veins of journalism, it is also due to his work. He is the recipient of Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance Award, and Hilal-e-Imtiaz. 

Qasmi Date of Birth

He opened his eyes in Amritsar, India in 1943. 

Education of Qasmi

He completed his high school in Lahore and did graduation from Lahore’s MAO College. He secured his Master’s degree from Oriental College.

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Family

He is the son of Maulana Baha-ul-Haq Qasmi, a teacher at MAO High School & MAO College in Amritsar. In 1947 after the creation of Pakistan his parents moved to Pakistan and 1st resided in Wazirabad, then went Lahore and settled there.

His son Yasir Pirzada has followed his father’s footsteps and is making his name in the field of column writing. He writes a column for most read newspapers The News and Daily Jang with the name ‘Off the Beaten Track,’ and ‘Zara Hutt Kay.’


Joined Nawa-e-Waqat

He 1st joined an Urdu-language newspaper Nawa-e-Waqat as its sub-editor, Majid Nizami was serving as an editor there. He later began writing the columns for Karachi-based Urdu newspaper Daily Jang and several other newspapers.

For Nawa-e-Waqat he writes a column entitled ‘Rozan-e-Deewar Se.’ As an editor at Nawa-e-Waqt’ his pay was Rupees Three-Hundred and Twenty-Three. In the meantime, he started a lectureship at MAO college and thus managed writing and teaching simultaneously.

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Dramas

As an Author

His 1st book entitled ‘Rozan-e-Deewar Sey’ received ‘Adam Jee Award.’ Until now he has authored eighteen books. It is generally assumed that text written in a newspaper is the column only, but it’s not true, some columns are short stories, as the title of his one column is ‘Alladin Key Jinn Ka Zawaal.’ Intezar Hussain described this short story as a high-standard short story in his column.

Unique Writing Style

His columns’ unique and distinct character is his humorous style of discussing society’s social inequalities and his stance on anti-dictatorship that he courageously discusses in his columns. And this comic style of handling even severe and critical issues in country differentiates him from all other Pakistani writers.

As an Ambassador

From 1997-1999 he worked as Pakistan’s Ambassador in Thailand and Norway. 

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Works

His newspaper columns and books include ‘Hansana Rona Mana Hei,’ ‘Shar Goshiyaan,’ ‘Column Tamaam,’ ‘Mazid Ganjay Farishtey,’ and several others. In contrast, TV serials include most liked PTV Television Dramas ‘Apka Khaadim,’ ‘Shab Daig.’ Mushtaq Chaudhary produced and directed ‘Sheeda Talli,’ and‘Shab Daig.’

His travelogues ‘Goron Key Dais Mein,’ and ‘Shoq-e-Awaragi’ are the most popular and widely read. 

As Chairperson of Lahore Arts Council

In 2015 he served as honorary chairperson of Lahore Arts Council (also known as Alhamra Arts Council). His services for Alhamra Arts Council has made it country’s most important cultural centre.

Under his guidance and chairmanship, Arts & Cultural Festivals held where the Pakistani youth’s talent was stimulated via different cultural activities, including competitions, corporate events, and expressive art. 

Compliments Received by other Renowned Personalities

Legendary Pakistani journalist Altaaf Gohar once named Qasmi as Pakistan’s humorous newspaper columnist. The renowned writer Mushtaq Ahmed Yousafi called him country’s best and talented newspaper columnist. 

Worked as PTV Chairperson

He was designated chairperson of PTV (Pakistan Television Corporation) in 2015 and remained at this post until Dec 2017. He is contributing his efforts to Pakistani Television for more than thirty-five years as a dramatist.

ata ul haq qasmi column on imran khan

Memorable Tasks Done by Qasmi

During his PTV service, he made an example of dedication and commitment to assigned duties; he saved more than eight-hundred million rupees as chairperson by requesting PM to cut down the service charges, being deducted from PTV by WAPDA on the electricity bill.

He visited PM and requested to cut these charges. The Prime Minister agreed and reduced this amount to only Rupees five that was merely a token amount. This saving of Rupees eight-hundred million now helps in paying the staff’s pay.

Another important task done by Qasmi was installing AC in rooms of producers for 1st time in TV’s history. He also donated Rupees 1.5 lakh for placing carpets in the mosque of state TV in Multan. 

Allegations of Receiving Huge Salary

He was accused of receiving 1-crore salary during his tenure as PTV chairperson. He denied all the accusations and told that he used to receive only Rupees Fifteen Lakh that is far less than several anchors of private channels. Qasmi added that he hadn’t received a single penny for his program ‘Khoye Hwon Ke Justajo’ under which sixty episodes were broadcasted.

He further revealed that he used to do four programs per month, but all expenses and production expenses were mentioned in his salary in a campaign against him. Ata told he didn’t even set up a separate office for him and sit in the General Manager’s office.

In response to accusations of his lavish spending, he cleared that he used to take only his private secretary with him during his visits to different stations and during his stay in Karachi he accommodated with a 5-member crew in a reasonable accommodation of two-rooms. 

Declared Ineligible for Government Posts

Pakistan’s Supreme Court has declared his appointment as MD and chairman of PTV illegal and disqualified him for any government post for life. He was appointed MD of the state-owned TV channel PTV during the last government. Justice Omar Ata Bandial reserved verdict on 12th July in this case.

The court ruled that he could not become a director of any company due to his incompetence. Supreme Court ordered him to reimburse Rs. Nineteen Crore, Seventy-Eight Lac that he received in the form of pay and other allowances. 

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Ghazals

  1. Manzilain Bh Yeh Shikastaa Baal-o-Par Bh Dekhna
  2. Wo Gard Hei Ke Waqat Se Ojhal Tu Me Bh Hun
  3. Bhattak Rahe Hei Ata Khalq-e-Be-Amaan Phr Se
  4. Wo Dasht-e-Karab-o-Balla Main Utarnay Deta Nahein
  5. Thori Se Ic Taraf Bh Nazar Hne Chahye
  6. Wo Aik Shakhs Ke Manzil Bh Raasta Bh Hei
  7. Wo Sukon-e-Jisam-o-Jaan Girdaab-e-Jaan Hne Ko Hei

Ata ul Haq Qasmi ptv

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Books

  1. Dunya Khoobsurat Hei
  2. Ghoron Key Dais Mein
  3. Ghair Mulki Sayyah Ka Safar Nama-e-Lahore
  4. Majmo’oa
  5. Juram-e-Zareefi
  6. Khand-e-Mukarar
  7. Mulaqatain Adhoori Hein
  8. Shoq-e-Awaragi
  9. Muaasir (1983, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007)

Ata ul Haq Qasmi Poems

  1. Aik Laang Distance Call
  2. Aik Flirt Larki
  3. Traffic Signal 

Columns by Qasmi

1. Munu Bhai Key Baad Saaqi Farouqi Aur Tahir Saeed Haroon 

2. Muhammad Hussein Ke Kahani 

3. Darinday Ke Giraftaari Aur 

4. Imran Khan Aur Jung Geo Group 

5. Aik Jalsay Ke Dardnaak Kahaani 

6. My Dear Dr Safdar Mahmood Sahib 

7. Aik Ghareloo Mehfil 

8. Hakumat Qadri Ki Baat Maan Kion Nahi Leti 

9. Imran Ke Chothi Shadi 

10. Nawaz Shareef Milnay Kay Nahein Nayaab Hein Hum 

11. Insaaf Marhum Ke Lehed Par 

12. Mera Chiryaa Ghar 

13. Lannat Hei Shaitaan Mardood Per 

14. Mujhe Bh Nawaz Shareef Sey Ikhtilaaf Tha 

15. Tv Channels Sey Bajrangi Bhai Jan Tuk 

16. Siyaasi O Ghair Siyaasi Jumlaay Baziyaan 

17. Pakistan Key Halat Aur Sir Winston Churchill

18. Beghairat Insan Tujhe Kia Pata Ghairat Kisey Kehtay Hein  

19. Smart Rehnaa Sekhain 

20. Yeh Column Media Key Baray Mein Nahe Hei 

Social Media Handles

His social media account include