Helena Saeed

Helena Saeed

Helena Saeed is a female Police officer who has made the country proud numerous times with her hard work, dedication and diligence. Helena, who hails from the Christian community, was the first female police officer who served as Deputy Inspector General. She left no stone unturned to make her country raised with her achievements.

Recently, she has become the first Pakistani female to be appointed as Sudan’s UN Police Commissioner. At this proud moment, she gathered a lot of appreciation and applauded worldwide. After her husband’s death, she didn’t lose aspiration and kept moving forward. This article summarises all the information about her, including Helena Saeed Biography.

                  Title              Description
Name:Helena Saeed
Full Name:Helena Iqbal Saeed
Profession:Police Officer
Serving As:Sudan’s UN Police Commissioner
Married To:Shaheed Cop Rizwan Khan Tareen

Helena Saeed Biography

Helena Saeed Biography

Helena is an ambitious young Pakistani female who is serving in the police field for a long time. After passing her CSS exams, she started her journey, and today, she has become the first Pakistani lady who has been assigned as Sudan’s UN Police commissioner. This is surely a proud moment for the entire Pakistani nation as it never happened before.

Her list of achievements is long as she never missed a chance to cash her bravery and earnestness. Currently, she is considered to be one of the highly valuable and astonishing officers who does her duty with sincerity and profoundness.

Helena Saeed Age

She hails from Quetta, Balochistan and is associated with a Christian background.

Helena Saeed Family

She got married to brave soul Cop Rizwan Khan Tareen, who unfortunately embraced Shahadat on his duty in 1995 in Haripur. Even this biggest incident didn’t break Helena, and she kept moving forward in order to pursue her dreams.

Helena Saeed Husband


Initial Career

Helena stood against all the norms and joined the police field almost 20 years ago after passing the exams. Whatever difficulties she faced throughout her journey made her strong and a fighter. She passed CSS exams as ASP. At that time, she was the most educated lady who becomes a part of the administrator.

In the start, she served as Delegate Investigator General and was afterwards appointed to Extra Overseer General in the Islamabad branch. In December 2018, she was made the Agent Assessor General after which she gave an interview to the media where she disclosed her ambitions.

Additional Inspector General

In April 2019, Helena was made the additional Inspector General and became the first female to be appointed to this post. She was also the first Pakistani female who made history in the police service by reaching the flag rank.

Helena Saeed aig

UN Police Commissioner

Once again, Helena has made the entire country proud by being the first Pakistani lady to be assigned as Sudan’s UN Police commissioner as mentioned in Daily Pakistan. The news broke on social media on 12th August 2021, and people can’t be happier. She is appointed in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. Currently, she is serving as the highest-ranking lady officer.