Embassy of the United States in Pakistan

Embassy of the United States in Pakistan

Embassy of the United States in Pakistan

The Embassy of the United States in Pakistan, Islamabad is one of the largest embassies in the world. It has a complex of offices for diplomatic and military purposes. It is located in a diplomatic enclave Islamabad. The US government is also represented by three consulates in Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. Paul. W Jones is the Ambassador of Islamabad. He was appointed in 2017. The first embassy of the United States was established in Karachi. In 1960, the embassy was taken to Islamabad after the new city Islamabad was made the capital of Pakistan. This article has all the information about the Embassy, including Pakistan US Visa.

Location:Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5, Islamabad
Nickname:US Embassy
Local Language Name:امریکہ کا سفارتخانہ
Coordinates :33.725°N 73.117°E
City:Islamabad, Pakistan
address:Diplomatic Enclave
phone:(051) 2080000
Ambassador :David Hale
Consulate:U.S. Consulate Karachi, Pakistan
Address :Plot 3, 4, 5, New TPX Area Mai Kolachi Road, Karachi
Telephone:(+92-21) 3527-5000
Fax:(+92-21) 3527-59857

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Pakistan US History

The US embassy was made in 1947, a day after the independence of Pakistan. The extremists burnt it in 1979, and after that, the embassy is given full security. In 2015, a new building was inaugurated by the US government. It was considered as one of the most expensive diplomatic offices in the world. It has a capacity of 2500 people at a time. Its cost was $736 million. Pakistan was always an ally with the US in every kind of situation. It supported the US in the Cold war against the Soviet Union and became a part of CENTO and SEATO union. Pakistan also got immense military support from the US and trained Mujahidin, who would fight the Soviet Union. The relations got stronger after Pakistan was declared as Non-Nato ally in the War against Terror.

Contact Information

  • Address:                 Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad
  • Website:                U.S.Embassy
  • Ambassador:         Paul.W.Jones
  • Contact:                +92 051 201 4000

Pakistan US Relation

Pakistan and the US have bilateral relations for long. Pakistan has sacrificed in the war of terror for America. It became an ally of America to stop Soviet expansion in the region in the 1980s. Similarly, America has assisted Pakistan on so many occasions in the energy sector, economy, and trade. America is one of the largest export markets for Pakistan. Despite the ongoing tension between Pakistan and America, Pakistan is still an attractive market for US companies, mainly due to its political interest and low-cost labor. In 2018, the trade between Pakistan and the US was estimated at $6.6 billion. The relation saw an increase of 4% from the last year. Both countries have agreed on economic reforms to increase the trade.

US Culture Influence

The American culture has always been entertained with resentment. The more US culture is felt in Pakistani societies, the more the people become skeptical about the US culture as it is considered a step towards the westernization of the country. In this regard, to have a positive perception in the hearts of the people, American companies are investing billions of dollars. MacDonald’s is the leading company that is credited for introducing home deliveries of food. KFC, Burger King and other food companies are opening new branches in Pakistan. In 2016, Al Jazeera featured a documentary naming it the Burger Generation that has American influence.

Pakistan US Visa

Visa Policy

Recently, the American Authorities made changes in the Visa policy for Pakistan. There will be an increase in Visa fees in specific kinds. It also reduced the duration of the visa for Pakistan. The visa application form is available online on the Consular Electronic Application. After submitting the online application form and fees, the visa will be granted after the interview.

Types of Visa

Visitors Visa

This kind of visa is issued to those who want to visit the US for 6 months. The Visitor’s visa is divided into the following kinds.

  1. B1 Visa: It is issued for business only
  2. B2 visa: It is issued for tourists only.

Student Visa

It’s issued to the students and people who want to go on vacation. The Student Visa is divided into

  1. F1 visa: It is issued to students
  2. F2 visa: it is issued to those people who are dependent on F1 visa holders
  3. M1 visa: It is issued purely for vocational purposes.

Exchange Visitors Visa

This visa is issued to people who participate in an exchange program or training and employment within the US territory. These are divided into

  1. J1 Visa
  2. Q Visa

Temporary Work Visa

These are issued to people working in the US. It has many types. The Temporary Visa is divided into

  1. H1B visa: It is issued to those who are highly skilled and works in high fields
  2. H1B1 visa: It is issued only to the nationals of Singapore and Chile
  3. H-2A visa:  It is issued to people who are related to agriculture. The US issue it only if it has any interest
  4. H-2B visa: It is issued to non-agricultural workers.
  5. H-3 visa: It is issued to people who are interested in education opportunities.
  6. L1 visa: It is issued to Managers and executives.
  7. P visa: Issued to Sportsperson

Treaty traders and investors Visa

It is issued to those who have treaties in business.

Diplomatic and Official Visa

It has the following categories.

  1. A1 visa: it is issue to diplomats or government officials representing the government
  2. A2 NATO-1-6: It is issued to military officials who want to stay or work in the US.

Visa For Victims

  1. T visa: It is issued to victims of human trafficking and can help in the investigation against Human trafficking
  2. U-visa: It is issued to victims of criminal activities.

Other Visas

  1. Sponsored Visa
  2. Spouse Visa
  3. Employers-Sponsor Visa
  4. Immigrants Visa

US consulate Karachi

 Item Description
 Address New TPX Area, Mia Kalochi road Karachi
 Contact 92 21 3527-5000

US Consulate Lahore

 Item Description
 Address 5o, Empress Road Lahore, Pakistan
 Contact 92 42 3603 4000

US Consulate Peshawar

 Item Description
 Address 11 Hospital Road, Peshawar
 Contact +92-91 5268800
 Fax +92-91 5276712
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