Chak Jhumra

Chak Jhumra

Chak Jhumra

Chak Jhumra is one of the towns and Tehsils in Punjab, Pakistan. The town is situated on the Faisalabad-Sangla Slope Street, almost 21 kilometers (13 mi ) northeast of Faisalabad. The Khanewal-Wazirabad Department and Sangla Hill-Kundian Department cross and interface the town to Faisalabad and Sargodha. This article has every information about the town, including Chak Jhumra History.

In Urdu :چک جھمرہ
City Council:Government of Punjab
Type:Junction and tehsil
Local Language Name:Urdu, English, Punjabi
Coordinates :31°34′N 73°11′E
District:Faisalabad District
Union councils:15
Official Language:Urdu
Native Language:Punjabi
Other Languages:Urdu,Punjabi,English
Type:Government of Punjab
Time zone
Time zone:PST (UTC+5)
Summer (DST):PDT (UTC+6)
Postal code:37700
Dialing code:041
Vehicle registration:Three letters beginning with J and random four numbers

Chak Jhumra History

Chak Jhumra History

Before Pakistan came into existence, the town was known as a center of the cotton trade. At the time, three cotton grinding industrial facilities worked inside the town. After India’s partition, the town’s Hindu population, who owned and ran most of the business, moved to India, causing trade to decrease drastically.

At the start of the 1960s, the town started to flourish with economic growth and infrastructure development once again. The development of infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and textile manufacturing factories, were built within the town.  Today, the most prominent and thriving industry is textile manufacturing.

Gurdwara Shaheed

Chak No 132 RB of Faisalabad district (Layyalpur) is famous for its sacred shrine. It was built as a memorial to honor Shaheed Bhai Dilip Singh. The place also hosts a railway station and Police Station. A paved route leads around 2 km from the road that passes through the main railroad crossing towards the town, whereas heading from the railroad station to Faisalabad.

Inside the yard of this Gurdwara, the village’s Jamia Mosque is built, and there’s a comparative entrance for both devout places. Another title of this mosque is the Museet Gurdware Wall. There are two lobbies within the building with a verandah in front. Gurdwara’s walls are concrete, but the roof is breaking down and requires immediate repair.

Railway Station

There is a railway station available in the town. The Chak Jhumra Track connects nearby towns and provides train schedules to travelers.


The nearest airport to Chak Jhumra is Faisalabad International Airport (LYP / OPFA).  It is located 34 km from the town.

Chak Jhumra Postal Code

The postal code is 37700.

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Population and Density

According to the 2017 census, the population is 332,461 and its population density is 635.4/km².

Chak Jhumra Weather

The summers are excessively hot and humid and clear in this town. The winters are brief, cold, dry, and frequently clear. Average temperature ranges from 43 °F to 105 °F throughout the year and is hardly under 38 °F or over 112 °F.

Tourism Score suggests the best time of year to visit the town for general outdoor activities is from mid-October to late-November. Another ideal time of the year for visiting this town and engaging in hot-weather activities is from mid-September to late October, as mentioned by weather forecasting sources.

Local Languages

Town people can speak and understand the following languages:

  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • English


31.5629° N, 73.1881° E

Chak Jhumra Climate

Climate change significantly affects the average percentage of the cloud-covered sky over a year. The most significant period to observe this lasts for 3.6 months, beginning from August 4 till around November 22. The sky is sometimes partially clear and sometimes partially cloudy. Ninety-eight percent of the time, the clearest day of the year is usually observed on September 25, and it is cloudy only 2 percent of the time.

The year’s cloudier portion starts around November 22 and ends around august 4 for approximately 8.5 months. The sky is mostly overcast or partially bleak 33 percent of the time on March 22; usually the cloudiest day of the year, and it is mostly clear or partially cloudy rest (67%) of the time.

Time Zone

The Time zone of Chak Jhumra is PST (UTC+5).

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Cotton Trade

The town is traditionally known for its cotton trade. Historically, this tehsil was famous for its cotton trade and was considered as the hub of it. Before the partition of the subcontinent, there were three cotton mills in the town. Even today, this town is well-known for its textile manufacturing industry.


The tehsil undergoes a substantial amount of periodic rainfall variations every month. The season keeps going for 8.5 months, with a sliding 31-day rainfall of minimum 0.5 inches, from January 21 to October 5.


Different educational institutions are located in this Tehsil including:


Following colleges are located in the tehsil:

  • Al-Suffah Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Sandal college
  • Higher secondary College
  • Degree College Chak Jhumra
  • Al Falah college
  • Degree College for Woman
  • Wisdom Public School and College


Different schools located in this tehsil are:

  • Bloomstar School System
  • Eden Hall Grammar High & Montessori School System
  • High School Railway Road
  • Dar-e-Arqam School
  • Bloomstar School System
  • Allied School Jhumra
  • Alfalah School System
  • Global Group of Schools
  • City School Chak Jhumra
  • Timberlandians Student Club


  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Kabbadi
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing
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