Abbottabad city is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province, Pakistan. It is the administrative headquarter of the Abbottabad district and is 151 km from the provincial capital, Peshawar, and 133.9 km. from Islamabad, the country’s capital. The town is rich in natural beauty and resources.

The metropolitan, which is surrounded by sky-high magnificent and lush green pine abundant mountains, is also known as the city of pines. This Orash Valley situated region is a heaven for knowledge seekers and known as schools. Every year thousands of tourists visit this town to enjoy romantic weather and grandeur.

In 1904, the great poet, Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal, visited here. He was so inspired and taken by the city’s magnificence that he wrote his well-known poem the Cloud (Abr). This article carries every piece of information about the city, including Abbottabad History.

City Council:Government of KPK
Type:The city located in the Hazara region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province
Local Language Name:92.32% Hindko 7.67% Pashto
Province:Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Coordinates :34°9’21
District:Abbottabad District
Elevation:1,256 m (4,121 ft)
Union councils:6
Official Language:Urdu
Native Language:Hindko, Potohari
Other Languages:Urdu,Hindko,Potohari,English
Type:Government of KPK
Total Area:1,967 km2 (759 sq mi)
Density:450/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Total Population:1,430,238
Time zone
Time zone:PST (UTC+5)
Postal code:22010
Dialing code:0992
Vehicle registration:Three letters beginning with A and random four numbers

Abbottabad History

Abbottabad History

Historians describe that in 1818, Ranjit Singh invaded this region and seized control. Subsequently, in 1849 British army defeated Sikhs gained control of the entire area. The city is named after a British army officer Major James Abbott, who founded this city in 1853 for military purposes.

He was mesmerized by the beauty of the place that, before departing this town, he wrote Abbottabad, a poem in the affection of this city. In 1911, the first dispensary was opened in the town, and the town also became a sanitorium. In 1930, the first school was established in the town. 


The geographical coordinates on the political map of the city are 34°09′21′′N (latitude) and 73°13′10′′E (longitude), and its height above sea level is 4120.73 ft. (1256 m). The district’s total area is 1967 km2 (759 mi2) in length, bound by the green hills of Pine and Sarban.

Abbottabad Weather

The climate of pleasant is pleasant throughout the year. The summers, which last for typically five months, are hot, humid, clear, and wet. The average temperature may rise as high as 25°C. Throughout the year, the temperature may fluctuate from -1.11°C to 31.66°C.  

Winters are short and commonly last for nearly 2.9 months, with an average temperature of 5.5°C. The rainfall continues throughout the year, making enough yearly rain of 167.64 mm.


The city’s population consists of 208,491 residents, as per the 2017 census, and is the 40th most crowded city by populaces in Pakistan and 6th in KPK. The population density of the district is 680/km² (1800/mi2). 

Abbottabad hotels

Abbottabad Culture

The city observes a blend of traditional and modern culture and multicultural diversity because it is a tourist spot. People worldwide come here; locals’ interaction with outsiders share various new things mutually. The people are friendly, cooperative, and hospitable.

The city is abundant in all types of food restaurants, local and western. Chicken Karhai, Chicken Korma, and Saji are popular. Visitors love to taste cuisine from:    

  • Daal Hotel Havelian 
  • Ilyasi Masjid Pokary
  • Lakh Patti Kabab
  • Red Onion 
  • Kaghan Café 

Abbottabad Education

The city of schools has the highest literacy rate in KPK and the second highest in Pakistan. Many private, public, and military established educational institutes of repute in the city impart quality education. Their number is still increasing. List of some of the institutes offering primary, secondary, and tertiary level education include:  

  • Abbottabad Public School (APS)
  • Aligarh Public School & College
  • Al-Imtiaz Academy
  • Al-Noor Academic System (ALNAS)
  • Army Burn Hall College (ABHC)
  • Army Medical Corps (AMC)
  • Army Public College Kakul Campus (APC)
  • Ayub College of Dentistry
  • Ayub Medical College
  • Ayub School of Nursing
  • Ayub Teaching Hospital
  • Baloch Regiment (BR)
  • Banat Public School & Girls College
  • Beaconhouse School
  • Bloom Hall Public School
  • Comwave Institute Of Science & Information Technology
  • Concept School of Learning
  • Creations – Academy of Fine Arts
  • Emerson College of Technology
  • Fauji Foundation Model School
  • Frontier Force Regiment (PIFFERS)
  • Frontier Medical College
  • Gandhara Public School
  • GateWay School and College
  • Govt.College of Management Sciences
  • Govt.College of Technology
  • Govt.Commerce College & Management
  • Govt.Girls’ College
  • Govt.Girls’ High School
  • Govt.Postgraduate College
  • Green Valley Public High School
  • Hazara Hills Academy
  • Hazara University
  • Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP)
  • Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy
  • Iqra Academy
  • Kingston School for Special Needs Children
  • Leaps Grammar School Narrian Campus
  • Mishwani’s College of Commerce & Accountancy (MCCA)
  • Modern Age Public School
  • Modern School System
  • Muslim College of Management Sciences
  • Nakhlah Academy
  • NIMS College of Medicine
  • Oregon Institute of Education
  • Pakistan Military Academy
  • Pakistan Public Academy
  • Peace Group Of Colleges
  • Pine Hills Public School
  • Progressive College of Sciences
  • Punjab Group of Colleges
  • Rahber Public School
  • Red Roses Islamic Academy
  • Regimental Training Centers of the Pakistan Army
  • Shama Public High School
  • Siddique Public School Narrian
  • Sikandria Public School
  • Tameer-e-Wattan Public School
  • The City School
  • The Creators School & College of Science and Commerce
  • The Educators School
  • The First Frontier School & College (FFNS)
  • The Muslim Education System
  • The Nice School and College
  • University of Engineering and Technology
  • University of Science and Technology
  • Urban School & College
  • Vertex School System
  • Women Medical College
  • Zawiya International Public School


The people of the city are sports lovers and enjoy playing and watching every kind of sport. First-class cricket and hockey stadiums are available for hosting national and international sports events. Following sports are fondly played and watched by the locals:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hokey

Abbottabad temperature


Agribusiness and tourism are the two major contributors to the economy. The region is abundant in natural resources. There is enormous potential in the mining industry that could contribute a hefty amount share in Pakistan’s economic development and GDP.


Abbottabad is rich in natural resources. Minerals like gypsum, granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, barite, dolomite, magnesite, red ochre, red oxide, and phosphate are abundant.

However, there is no big industrial estate in the town as of now. Some multinational companies are operating in the region and providing work opportunities to the locals as income and livelihood sources.  


The land and soil are fertile and favorable for cultivation. Approximately 48% of the land is being utilized for agriculture. The farmers heavily rely on rains in addition to simple irrigation infrastructure. The region vastly produces wheat, maize, apples, and potatoes. Livestock and poultry farming also supplement horticulture activities in the town.


The city is rich in natural beauty, and tourists worldwide visit to enjoy its lovely scenery. The most visited sites include: 

  • Dahamtore Village Harnoi River
  • Herarchy Gaming Lounge
  • Ilyasi Mosque 
  • Jalal Baba Auditorium
  • Lady Garden Public Park
  • Lodge of Civil Surgeon of Hazara
  • Miranjani Top
  • Mukeshpuri (Mushkpuri) Top
  • NathiaGali
  • Old Lockhart House 
  • Pakistan Military Academy
  • Sajikot Waterfall
  • Shimla Hill/Park
  • St.luke’s Church
  • Thandiani

Abbottabad to Naran

Abbottabad Languages

People of the region can communicate through: 

  • Hindko (mother tongue)
  • Pahari
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu
  • English


Motorway M-15 connects the city with Islamabad, Peshawer, and Rawalpindi. A network of inland roads facilitates visitors to reach Abbottabab by road. Many private transport services such as buses and omnibuses operate for this region from all Pakistan’s major cities. 

The city is linked to the outside world by a set-up of railroads. The railway station is located at Railway Road, Havelian, near the city’s central part and serves as an interchange for inbound and outbound trains. Abbottabad Airport (AAW) is located near the city. Other airports nearest to the town include:

  • Muzaffarabad Airport (MFG), Muzaffarabad, 28 km
  • Tarbela Dam Airport (TLB), Haripur, 64 km
  • Rawalakot Airport (RAZ), Azad Jammu and Kashmir, 64 km

Abbottabad Postal Code

Postal Code: 22010

Area Code: 0992