Pakistan Muslim League (n)

Pakistan Muslim League (n) (Political Party)

Article Upload Date: 2017,Dec 28

Pakistan Muslim League (n)  - It is led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.The Pakistan Muslim League (n) was established in 1962, as a successor to Muslim League.In 1988 general elections, Pakistan Muslim League split into two factions, one was led by Nawaz Sharif the then chief minister of Punjab and the other by Mr. Junejo.The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Sharif group further divided into factions in 2001 and its dissenter formed Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam)(PML-Q).[1] PMLn

Title Description
Government Seats in 2014 Election
National Assembly: 188 / 342
Sindh Assembly: 7 / 168
GB Assembly : 21 / 33
AJK Assembly : 37 / 49
Senate: 27 / 104
Punjab Assembly : 310 / 371
KPK Assembly : 16 / 124
Balochistan Assembly : 21 / 65
Founder: Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
Founded: 17 August 1988
Headquarters: Central Secretariat, Islamabad Capital Venue
President : Nawaz Sharif
Chairman : Raja Zafar ul Haq
Leader in Senate : Raja Zafar ul Haq
Secretary General : Iqbal Zafar Jhagra
Ideology: Conservatism Nationalism Economic liberalism Fiscal conservatism Liberal conservatism Federalism Islamic democracy
Political Position : Centre-right
Colors : Green


Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto and Mrs. Nawaz Sharif

Asif Ali Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto and Mrs. Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan Muslim League (N) was founded in 1988 established by Fida Mohammad Khan an original Pakistan movement activist who became Party’s founding President and Nawaz Sharif became its first secretary general. The Party is not an original Muslim League but recognized as the continuing legal successor. The Muslim League (N) is currently headed by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. PML (N) is a center right fiscal conservative political Party in Pakistan, being the largest conservative political force and second largest political party. The party’s platform generally reflects conservatism and holds strong views on economic liberalism in Pakistan’s political spectrum in contrast to the center left, Pakistan people’s Party a social democratic political force. It is a large political party ruling over Pakistan.

Structural Composition

The General council Meeting served its major platform to elect presidents and secretaries while it is also responsible for promoting Party’s activities and raises funds.Although its power of center lies in the heartland of itself in Punjab province it also retains considerable support in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. It is the only party in the history of Pakistan to receive a two-third majority in parliament outright through parliamentary elections in 1997.

Key Persons

PMLn Worker

PMLn Worker

Pakistan Muslim League PML (N) or Nawaz is the favorite political party of huge circle of people of Pakistan. The Leader Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif have been contributing in the progress of Pakistan. The political symbol of PML N is Lion.[2]  Key Persons 

Six Nuclear Tests

In May 1998 the PML (N) government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ordered the six nuclear tests, in response to Indian nuclear tests. The tests were extremely popular and PML (N)’s image and prestige raised in a record level. The Pakistan Muslim League-N believes in that prosperous agriculture is the backbone of national prosperity. During its federal government, the PML-N successfully privatized the major heavy industries under its planned industrial development programmed and shifted from the traditional feudal aristocracy to a growing class of modern and moderate entrepreneurs.

Favorite Political Party of Pakistan

Showing Favorite Political Party Graph

Showing Favorite Political Party Graph

According to IRI  Survey report from July 2012 till November 2012, PML (N) is the most favorite political party of Pakistan. PML N scored 32% and stood at top. This report is to analyze interest of people for the General Elections 2013 of Pakistan.

Seats Distribution

Pakistan Muslim League (N) Seats Distributions are:[3]  Seats Distribution 
Seat Type No. of Seats
General 147
Reserved 35
Minority 6
Total: 188

General Seats Pakistan PMLn

Constituency Name Party Address (Permanent/Local) Phone
NA-18 Abbottabad-II Mr Murtaza Javed Abbasi, Deputy Speaker National Assembly PML(N) Hotala, P.O Ser Gharbi, District Abbottabad  House No.36, Ministers' Enclave, Islamabad +92 300 9111802, +92 51 9221113 (Office) +92 300 5599300 (PS)
NA-19 Haripur Mr. Babar Nawaz Khan PML(N) House No.178, Sector No.4, Pathan Chowk, Khalabat Township, Haripur Hazara, KPK A-304, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad + 92 995-619221, +92 321 9970079
NA-20 Mansehra-I Sardar Muhammad Yousaf PML(N) Sardar House, Near Post Graduate College, Mohallah Akhtar Abad, Mansehra.  C-207, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 344 4813161
NA-21 Mansehra-cum-Tor Ghar (Old Mansehra-II) Capt (R) Muhammad Safdar PML(N) 180-181, H Block, Model Town, Lahore  C-207, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 42 7860222-+92 302 8558777
NA-23 Kohistan Mr. Sar Zamin Khan PML(N) Kaseer ,Pattan, District Kohistan E-401, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 0911253
NA-31 Shanglapar Mr Ibadullah PML(N) Chagam, Puran,District Shangla J-312, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 5885558,+92 51 2111392
NA-40 Tribal Area-V Mr Muhammad Nazir Khan PML(N) Village Drazanda, Miami Kabul Khel, North Waziristan Agency G-103, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 5473111
NA-41 Tribal Area-VI Mr Ghalib Khan PML(N) Village Company Bagh, Zari Noor Tehsil Wana  F-301, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 315 9092098,+92 333 9972198,+92 51 9213998
NA-44 Tribal Area-IX Mr Shahab Ud Din Khan PML(N) Village Pashat, Tehsil Salarzai, Bajaur Agency  H-409, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 341 8790556
NA-49 Islamabad-II Dr. Tariq Fazal Chudhary PML(N) Choudary Cottage Tariq Abad, Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad  Choudary Cottage Tariq Abad, Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad +92 333 5111166
NA-50 Rawalpindi-I Mr Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Prime Minister of Pakistan PML(N) Vill. Davel Sharif Dak Khana Khas Teh Murree Dist  F-307, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 51 5652000-+92 300 8282942
NA-51 Rawalpindi-II Raja Muhammad Javed Ikhlas PML(N) P.O Mohra Noori Tehsil Gujar Khan Distt Rawalpindi  P.O Mohra Noori Tehsil Gujar Khan Distt Rawalpindi +92 300 9188431
NA-52 Rawalpindi-III Ch Nisar Ali Khan PML(N) House No.99 Faizabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi  House No.99 Faizabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi N/A
NA-54 Rawalpindi-V Malik Ibrar Ahmed PML(N) Main Bazar House # 534 /C Mohallah Naseer Abad Rawalpindi Cantt  +92 321 8507138
NA-57 Attock-I Sheikh Aftab Ahmed PML(N) Mohallah Cantonment Board Office Attock Cantt Tehsil & District Attock  Minister Chamber-229 +92 300 5670054
NA-58 Attock-II Malik Ihtebar Khan PML(N) VPO Khunda Tehsil Jand Distt. Attock  A-102, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 314 5217722
NA-60 Chakwal-I Major Rtd Tahir Iqbal PML(N) Jand Awan Po Chakora Teh & Distt Chakwal  30-B, St.10, F-8/3, Islamabad +92 332 5240106
NA-61 Chakwal-II Sardar Mumtaz Khan PML(N) Village & PO Tamman Tehsil Talagang District Chakwal  H-401, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 5000109
NA-62 Jhelum-I Chaudhry Khadim Hussain PML(N) Gharmala, Tehsil & District Jhelum  C-108, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 300 9512308
NA-63 Jhelum-II Nawabzada Raja Matloob Mehdi PML(N) House No.7, Civil Lines, Jhelum F-404, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 341 2220555,+92 334 5566786,+92 304 2387786
NA-64 Sargodha-I Pir Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah PML(N) Mohallah Pir Azam Shah Bhera Tehsil Bhalwal  J-310, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 6015566
NA-65 Sargodha-II Mr Mohsin Shah Nawaz Ranjha PML(N) Ghos Muhammad Wala, Teh. Kotmoman, Distt. Sargodha  J-403, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 302 8475982
NA-66 Sargodha-III Chudhary Hamid Hameed PML(N) House No,16/A Yateem Khana Khalqia Road Block No.25 Sargodha  305-H, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 4000440
NA-67 Sargodha-IV Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti PML(N) Bhatti House, 49 tail, Sargodha F-306, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8603103
NA-68 Sargodha-V Sardar Muhammad Shafqat Hayat Khan PML(N) Mohallah Sardar Mubarik Khan Sahiwal, Sargodha  A-08, Govt. Hostel, Islamabad +92 300 6034395- +92 347 7999611
NA-69 Khushab-I Malik Muhammad Uzair Khan PML(N)  H.No.3, Street No.25, Sector F-6/2, Islamabad. +92 51 2823112
NA-70 Khushab-II Malik Shakir Bashir Awan PML(N) House No. 3A Civil Line Jauharabad District Khushab.  J-405, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6079924
NA-71 Mianwali-I Mr. Obaid Ullah Khan Shadi Khel PML(N) R/O Kamarmushani Tehsil Isa Khel, District Mianwali  House No. 361, St.No.70, Sector F-11/1, Islamabad +92 301 6351933
NA-73 Bhakkar-I Mr Abdul Majeed Khan PML(N) Muhala Khanan Khail Jandan Wala Tehsil Kallurkot Distt. Bhakkar  208-C, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 7789678
NA-74 Bhakkar-II Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Dhandla PML(N) Moza Hamoon Wala Basti Mithoo Tehsil Bhakkar  301-E, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 7789595
NA-75 Faisalabad-I Lt. Col. (R) Ghulam Rasool Sahi PML(N) Chak No 153 R.B Sahianwala Bharokay Tehsil Chak Jhumra Faisalabad  G-303, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 7616654
NA-76 Faisalabad-II Mr Muhammad Tallal Chaudry PML(N) 37-W-F, Madina Town, Faisalabad.  J-302, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 300 8666651
NA-77 Faisalabad-III Muhammad Asim Nazir PML(N) Chaudhry House 199 RB Gatwala Forest Park, Faisalabad J-206, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 300 8666666
NA-78 Faisalabad-IV Mr Rajab Ali Khan Baloch PML(N) Chak No. 455/Gb Tandlianwala, District Fasialabad  410-A,Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
NA-79 Faisalabad-V Choudhry Muhammad Shahbaz Babar PML(N) Chak No. 467 Gb Sharif Abad Samundri  H.No.16,St.No.35, F-6/1, Islamabad +92 300 8220184
NA-80 Faisalabad-VI Mian Muhammad Farooq PML(N) Chak No.247 RB Miani Faisalabad  Lyallpur Flour Mills 13 KM, Jhang Road, Faisalabad. +92 300 7215200
NA-81 Faisalabad-VII Dr. Nisar Ahmad Jatt PML(N) Chak No. 66 Jb Dhandra Faisalabad  G-301, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 5007176
NA-82 Faisalabad-VIII Rana Muhammad Afzal Khan PML(N) Saahil Hospital Building Sheikhupura Road Faisalabad. A-303, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8661055
NA-83 Faisalabad-IX Mian Abdul Mannan PML(N) P-22, St. No.2, Officer Colony 2, Madina Town, Faisalabad  A-306, Parliament Lodges,Islamabad +92 300 8663320
NA-84 Faisalabad-X Mr Abid Sher Ali PML(N) Kashmir House H No P 290 St No 05 Mohallah Khalid Abad Fsd  F-10/4, H # 27, Nazim u Din Road, Islamabad. +92 300 8666111
NA-85 Faisalabad-XI Haji Muhammad Akram Ansari PML(N) 1077/D Madina Chowk Ghulam Muhammad Abad Faisalabad  F-210, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6602549
NA-86 CHINIOT-I (Old NA-86 Jhang-I) Qaiser Ahmad Sheikh PML(N) Mohallah Rajy Wali , Chiniot 510-J, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 4092693
NA-87 CHINIOT-II Cum-Jhang (Old NA-88 Jhang-III) Mr Ghulam Muhammad Lali PML(N) Kanwain Wala,Tehsil Lalian,District Chiniot  E-110, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 9704444
NA-88 JHANG-Cum-Chiniot (Old NA-87 Jhang-II) Ms Ghulam Bibi Bharwana PML(N) Satiana, P/O Khas, Tehsil & District Jhang.  F-208, N/A
NA-89 JHANG-I (Old NA-89 Jhang-IV) Sheikh Muhammad Akram PML(N) Opp. SSP House Civil Lines Jhang  A-310, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 321 6500111
NA-90 JHANG-II (Old NA-90 Jhang-V) Sahibzada Muhammad Nazeer Sultan PML(N) 17 Zafar Road, Lahore Cantt.  F-304, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6662777
NA-91 JHANG-III(Old NA-91 Jhang-VI) Najaf Abbas Sial PML(N) Dur-I-Najaf, Ahmad Pur Sial  J-303, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 301 2404040
NA-92 T.T.Singh-I Chaudhry Khalid Javaid Warraich PML(N) Warraich House 363-Jb Gojra  C-109, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 301 8657185
NA-93 T.T.Singh-II Muhammad Junaid Anwar Chaudhary PML(N) Nayab Street, House No.01, Mohallah Kachi Kothi, Raiwind Road Lahore  J-212, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 4781478
NA-94 T.T.Singh-III Ch Asad Ur Rehman PML(N) Chah Tibbi Wala P/O Khas Kamalia Distt. Toba Tek Singh H-307, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 7838705
NA-95 Gujranwala-I Usman Ibrahim PML(N) Gali Haji Ibrahim Wali Gulshan Abad, Gujranwala  J-301, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 9645911
NA-96 Gujranwala-II Engr Khurram Dastgir Khan PML(N) House No A-7 Satelitte Town Gujranwala  H-21, Ministers' Enclave, Islamabad. +92 300 8643864
NA-97 Gujranwala-III Chaudhry Mahmood Bashir Virk PML(N) Dc Road House#50 Gujranwala 210-A, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6420940
NA-98 Gujranwala-IV Mian Tariq Mehmood PML(N) Hawali Mian Jaan Muhammad Yousaf Hafizabad Road Ladhaywala Warraich Gujranwala  A-403, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 322 8743535
NA-99 Gujranwala-V Rana Umer Nazir Khan PML(N) Khohti Nazir G.T. Road Tehsil Kamoke District Gujranwala. House No. 105, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8434949
NA-100 Gujranwala-VI Azhar Qayyum Nahra PML(N) Mohallah Rarh Wala, Garbi Gala Mindi, Tehsil Noushehra Virkan, District Gujranwala.  H-310, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8625555
NA-101 Gujranwala-VII Justice (Retd) Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema PML(N) Kathor Kalan P/O Teh. Wzd.  G-201, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 306 6266227
NA-102 Hafizabad-I Saira Afzal Tarar PML(N) Village Kolo Tarar, Tehsil & District Hafizabad  N/A
NA-103 Hafizabad-II Mian Shahid Hussain Khan Bhatti PML(N) Street Mian Asghar Wali, Jalalpur Bhattian Tehsil Pindi Bhattian District Hafizabad.  +92 300 4025626- +92 300 6526527
NA-104 Gujrat-I Nawabzada Mazher Ali PML(N) Kothi Nawab Sb Gujrat  J-101, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 333 8405264
NA-106 Gujrat-III Ch Jaffar Iqbal PML(N) Vill. & P.O. Fatah Bhand Teh. Kharian  A-402, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 300 8511003
NA-107 Gujrat-IV Ch. Abid Raza PML(N) R.O Kotla Arabalikhan Teh. Kharian, Distt. Gujrat  H-309, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6276231
NA-108 M.B.Din-I Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Tarar PML(N) R/O Tarar House, Phalia Road, Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin District Mandi Bahauddin  +92 346 6001001
NA-109 M.B.Din-II Nasir Iqbal Bosal PML(N) Bosal Sukha Tehsil Malikwal District Mandi Bahauddin  G-410, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 5557267
NA-110 Sialkot-I Khawaja Muhammad Asif PML(N) Mehmood Ghaznawi Cantt House No. 118 Sialkot  203-F, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 4236048
NA-111 Sialkot-II Chaudry Armaghan Subhani PML(N) Village Vario Sialkot.  109-H, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8614123
NA-112 Sialkot-III Rana Shamim Ahmed Khan PML(N) Ugoki, P/O Khas, Tehsil & District Sialkot  409-C, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 8639123
NA-113 Sialkot-IV Syed Iftikhar Ul Hassan PML(N) Alo Mahaar Sharif, Tehsil Daska Distt. Sialkot  J-205,Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6158387
NA-114 Sialkot-V Zahid Hamid PML(N) House No 169-C Mohallah Alla Ud Din Road Lahore Cantt, District Lahore  E-108, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8477181,
NA-115 Narowal-I Mian Muhammad Rasheed PML(N) Village And P/O Darman Tehsil Zafarwal District Narowal  F-202, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 4821105
NA-116 Narowal-II Daniyal Aziz PML(N) Village Kial Badwal More Tehsil Shakargarh District Narowal House No. 23, Street No. 30, F-8/1, Islamabad. +92 300 5162467
NA-117 Narowal-III Ahsan Iqbal PML(N) Jassar Bypass, Narowal.  House No. 4, street No. 2, Main Banigala Road, Banigala, Islamabad. +92 300 5012345
NA-118 Lahore-I Muhammad Riaz Malik PML(N) H# 2, St# 17, Khawaja Street, Shahdara Town, Lahore  G-407, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 321 8483565
NA-119 Lahore-II Muhammad Hamza Shehbaz Sharif PML(N) H # 41, S Block Lahore, Post Office Dha Lahore Cantt  J-401, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 42 5707141- +92 300 8441822
NA-121 Lahore-IV Mehar Ishtiaq Ahmad PML(N) H No. 4 St. 6 Multan Rd Dolanwal Lhr. 43G, Sabazazar. 209-J, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 8431987
NA-122 Lahore-V Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Speaker National Assembly PML(N) 90- B Sardar Street,Garhi Shahu, Shalimar, Lahore  +92 300 8426700
NA-123 Lahore-VI Muhammad Pervaiz Malik PML(N) House # 142-E-1, Gulberg-Iii, Lahore  C-404, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8440280
NA-124 Lahore-VII Shaikh Rohale Asghar PML(N) H.No.S-78 Phase-II, DHA,Lahore.  C-106, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 322 4755555
NA-125 Lahore-VIII Khawaja Saad Rafique PML(N) H.No.86 Block-D, DHA,Lahore, Cantt.  House. 29 Ministers' Enclave, Islamabad. +92 300 4021242
NA-127 Lahore-X Waheed Alam Khan PML(N) H.No.1 St.No.7 Ganpat Road New Anarkali Lahore  G-410, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 322 4826839
NA-128 Lahore-XI Muhammad Afzal Khokhar PML(N) Khokhar Palace Expo Center Johar Town Lahore.  C-203, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8422314
NA-129 Lahore-XII Ms. Shazia Mubashar PML(N) Village Halloke Tehsil Cantt. Model Town Lahore  N/A
NA-130 Lahore-XIII Sohail Shoukat Butt PML(N) Mohallah Kashmiriyan, Bhaseen, Postoffice Batapur, Lahore  208-H, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 2800255
NA-131 Sheikhupura-I Rana Afzaal Hussain PML(N) Muhallah Sheikhan Old Narang Road Muridke P.O Tehsil Ferozewala District Sheikhupura A-103, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 306 8884449
NA-132 SHEIKHUPURA-II-cum-Nankana Sahib (Old Sheikhupura-II) Rana Tanveer Hussain PML(N) Muhalla Sheikhan ,Old Naring Road ,Tehseel Ferozwala District Sheikhupura  E-203, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 8442255
NA-133 SHEIKHUPURA-III Mian Javid Latif PML(N) Main House Habib Colony Sheikhupura  C-307, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8438700
NA-134 SHEIKHUPURA-IV Sardar Muhammad Irfan Dogar PML(N) Kakar Gill, P/O Same, Tehsil And District Sheikhupura  A-205, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 301 8468684
NA-135 NANKANA SAHIB-I-Cum-Sheikhupura (Old Sheikhupura-V) Muhammad Barjees Tahir PML(N) Moh# Jamya Masjid Tehsil Sangla Hill Distt Nanakana Sahib  C-205, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 300 9482500
NA-136 NANKANA SAHIB-II-CUM-SHEIKHUPURA (Old Sheikhupura-VI) Chudhary Bilal Ahmed Virk PML(N) Chandi Kot P/O Warburton Tehsil And District Nankana Sahib  H-103, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 56 27944043- +92 300 4449094
NA-137 Nankana Sahib-III (Old Sheikhupra-VII) Dr. Shezra Mansab Ali Khan Kharal PML(N) Kharal House, Muhalla Rai Mansab Ali Khan, Nankana Sahib  107-G, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad N/A
NA-138 Kasur-I Salman Hanif PML(N) Green Kot P/O Lakhnakay Tehsil & Disteict Kasur  F-309, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 307 7000700
NA-139 Kasur-II Waseem Akhtar Shaikh PML(N) Circular Road, Outside Mori Gate, Kasur  C-407, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 49 2722088- +92 300 6599399
NA-140 Kasur-III Rasheed Ahmad Khan PML(N) Feteh Pur P/O Dost Pura , Teh & Distt. Kasur  106-E Block, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6599700
NA-141 Kasur-IV Rana Muhammad Ishaq Khan PML(N) Gulzar Jageer, P/O Khas, Tehsil Pattoki District Kasur  312-G, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 4511666
NA-142 Kasur-V Rana Muhammad Hayat Khan PML(N) Gala Mandi Ward No.1 Phool Nagar P/O Same Tehsil Pattoki District Kasur  G-203, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 4231155
NA-143 Okara-I Nadeem Abbas Rebaira PML(N) Chak Khan Muhammad Okara 29 Government Hostel, Islamabad +92 300 6959550
NA-144 Okara-II Chaudhry Riaz-ul-Haq PML(N) 14-C-4, Model Co-operative Housing Society, Okara  A-04, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 300 5113380, +92 321 6959595, +92 51 92133181
NA-145 Okara-III Syed Muhammad Ashiq Hussain Shah PML(N) House No.6 Al-Ashiq Mouhallah Ashiq Hussain Road Shadman Colony, Lahore  H-107, Parliament House, Islamabad. +92 300 9422200
NA-146 Okara--IV Rao Muhammad Ajmal Khan PML(N) Burj Ilyas Khan Nizam Din Depalpur  A-101, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 4665050
NA-147 Okara-V Muhammad Moeen Wattoo PML(N) Jamal Kot Teh. Depalpur District Okar  J-307, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 4002334
NA-148 Multan-I Malik Abdul Ghaffar Dogar PML(N) House No 779 L.M.Q Road Mehmood Abad Colony Multan 401-A, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333- 8734848, +92 51 9201312
NA-151 Multan-IV Skindar Hayyat Khan Bosan PML(N) Basti Bosan Hathar Multan  F-108, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 345 7212222
NA-152 Multan-V Syed Javed Ali Shah PML(N) 5-Shah Bagh, Near Aviation Base Multan Cantt.  E-104, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8636350
NA-153 Multan-VI Rana Muhammad Qasim Noon PML(N) House No.195, Mohallah Khalid Colony, Al Tamash Road, Multan Room No.20, Govt. Hostel, Islamabad N/A
NA-155 Lodhran-II Abdul Rehman Khan Kanju PML(N) Mouza Ali Kanju Tehsil Karor Pacca  C-108, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8688333
NA-156 Khanewal-I Mohammad Raza Hayat Harraj PML(N) Mouza Choki Haraj P/O Sardar Pur Kabir Wala  J-304, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 5211786
NA-157 Khanewal-II Muhammad Khan Daha PML(N) Daha House, Old Khanewal, Khanewal  Room No. 36, MNA Hostel, Islamabad. +92 300 8444499
NA-158 Khanewal-III Aslam Bodla PML(N) Johar Road, Bodla House No.1, Tehsil Mianchannu, District Khanewal.  508-J, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6336341
NA-159 Khanewal-IV Choudhary Iftikhar Nazir PML(N) Suite No. 3, 3rd Floor, Shan Arcade, Barkat Market, New Garden Town, Lahore  404-J, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 342 9111111
NA-160 Sahiwal-I Syed Imran Ahmad Shah PML(N) Sadat Manzal Nai Abadi Sahiwal Suit No. 21, old MNA Hostel G-5, Islamabad. +92 322 7007000
NA-161 Sahiwal-II Chaudhary Muhammad Ashraf PML(N) i) H.No.142/G Model Town Lahore ii)H.No.60/J Officer Colony, Near Stop No.4, Farid Town, Sahiwal  306/J, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 321 4549752,+92 42 35833870
NA-162 Sahiwal-III Chaudhary Muhammad Tufail PML(N) House No. 238, Block No.2 Chichawatni, District Sahiwal  H-06, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 321 7210786
NA-163 Sahiwal-IV Chaudhry Muhammad Munir Azhar PML(N) Chak No 46/12-L, P O 45/12-L, Tehsil Chichawatni District Sahiwal  G-106, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 302 3148231
NA-164 Pakpattan-I Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar PML(N) Chak 30Sp P.O Betiu Form Tehsil And District Pakpattan  J-511, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 308 7770777
NA-165 Pakpattan-II Syed Muhammad Athar Hussain Shah Gillani PML(N) Darbar Baba Mohsin Shah Qaboola Pakpattan  C-310, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6994466
NA-166 Pakpattan-III Rana Zahid Hussain Khan PML(N) House No. 64 Gulshan Iqbal Colony Teshil Arifwala District Pakpattan  312-H, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 457 832095-+92 300 4537087
NA-167  Vehari-I Chaudhary Nazeer Ahmad PML(N) 55-E, Block, Tehsil Burewala 110-C, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 4409372
NA-168  Vehari-II Sajid Mehdi PML(N) H.No. 16, Civil Line I-Block Tehsil Burewala District Vehari E-102, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8448984
NA-169  Vehari-III Tahir Iqbal Ch PML(N) Chak No. 47/Wb Vehari. Dob 1969  J-409, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 7729347
NA-170  Vehari-IV Saeed Ahmed Khan Manais PML(N) Tibba Sultanpur Post Office Khaas, House No. 4-A, Street No. 15, Cavalry Ground Ext. Lahore Cantt.  H-303, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8474546
NA-171  D.G.Khan-I Sardar Muhammad Amjad Farooq Khan Khosa PML(N) Bahadur Gar House Churatta, Sind Janoobi, P.O. Tehsil & District D.G.Khan.  J-108, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 4545555
NA-172  D.G.Khan-II Hafiz Abdul Kareem PML(N) House No. 30-A, Khaya Ban-E- Sarwar  No. 22, Govt. Hostel, Islamabad. +92 321 6785555
NA-173  D.G.Khan-III Sardar Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari PML(N) Bmp Post Pahar Fort Munroo P.O Khas Teh, & Distt. Dera Ghazi Khan  House No.3, Main Korang Road, New Bani Gala, Islamabad +92 333 5221111
NA-174  Rajanpur-I Sardar Muhammad Jaffar Khan Leghari PML(N) Chak Bakhar Tehsil Kot Chutta District D G Khan  24-Main Gulberg Colony, Lahore. +92 333 6499999
NA-175  Rajanpur-II Doctor Hafeez Ur Rehman Khan Drishak PML(N) Ward No.3 Kot Mithan Sharif, Tehsil And District Rajan Pur  E-209,Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 345 8470333
NA-176  Muzaffargarh-I Malik Sultan Mehmood Hanjra PML(N) Hunjra House Tibba Mustaqil Darmiyani P/O D.D.Panah Tehsil Kot Adu  H-301, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 300 4248900
NA-179  Muzaffargarh-IV Makhdoomzada Basit Bokhari PML(N) Kandh Sharif P/O Kotla Raham Ali Shah, Jatoi, Distt. Muzaffargarh  H-209, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8731414
NA-180  Muzaffargarh-V Sardar Ashiq Hussain Gopang PML(N) Gopang House Circular Road Alipur District Muzaffargarh  G-105, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 333 7676909
NA-181  Layyah-I Sahibzada Faiz Ul Hassan PML(N) Chak No, 102/TDA Tehsil Karor District Layyah  26 Government Hostel, Islamabad +92 300 6768200
NA-182  Layyah-II Syed Muhammad Saqlain Shah Bukhari PML(N) Darbar Peer Jaggi Sharif, Chak No.170/TDA, Tehsil & District Layyah  H-112, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 6347648
NA-183  Bahawalpur-I Makhdoom Syed Ali Hassan Gillani PML(N) Mohallah Ghounce Ul Azam House Uch Sharif Tehsil Ahmadpur East.  J-309, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8686888
NA-184  Bahawalpur-II Mian Najeebuddin Awaisi PML(N) Mohallah Awaisian Khangah Sharif Tehsil & District Bahawalpur  F-303, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 9681512
NA-185  Bahawalpur-III Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman PML(N) Rehman Wala Bohar Gate Multan Road Bahawalpur Minister’s Enclave, House No 34 +92 321 6801112
NA-186  Bahawalpur-IV Mian Riaz Hussain Peerzada PML(N) Seikhwain P.O Same Tehsil Kherpur Tamewali District Bahawalpur  Pirzada House, Korang Road, P.O Bhara Kahu, Islamabad. +92 300 5007649
NA-188  Bahawalnagar-I Syed Muhammad Asghar PML(N) Said Ali Po Minchan Abad Dist Bahawal Nagar  +92 300 4406262
NA-189  Bahawalnagar-II Alam Dad Laleka PML(N) Joyia House Haroonabad  J-204, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 4542094
NA-190  Bahawalnagar-III Tahir Bashir Cheema PML(N) House # 2 Block Z Sattilite Town Chishtian Distt.Bahawalnagar  J-412, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 303 4491700
NA-193  R.Y.Khan-II Sheikh Fayyaz Ud Din PML(N) Mohallah Saddi Wall, Ameer Ud Din Road, Ward No 21, Khanpur A-404, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8670701
NA-194  R.Y.Khan-III Makhdum Khusro Bakhtyar PML(N) Mianwali Quraishian Teh. Rahim Yar Khan  31 Government Hostel, Islamabad +92 333 5223000
NA-196  R.Y.Khan-V Mian Imtiaz Ahmad PML(N) Old Officers Colony Rahim Yar Khan  J-211, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8671155
NA-197  R.Y.Khan-VI Muhammad Arshad Khan Leghari PML(N) Rahim Abad, Sadiqabad  J-509, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 8412313
NA-238  Thatta-II Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sheerazi PML(N) R/O. Village Syed Pur, Taluka Sujawal District Thatta  H-203, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 300 2400032
NA-265  Sibi-cum-Kolhu-cum-Dera Bugti Mir Dostain Khan Domki PML(N) Mohallah Sardar Chakkar Khan Domki Tehsil & District Sibi  G-304, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad +92 333 2128882
NA-266  Nasirabad Zafarullah Khan Jamali PML(N) Rojhan Jamali, Jafarabad  H-308, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad N/A
NA-267  Kachhi Khalid Hussain Magsi PML(N) Jhal Magsi  J-112, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 334 8385566
NA-270  Awaran-cum-Lasbella Jam Kamal Khan PML(N) Jam House Shuresh Pat Bela Districct Lasbela  H. # 25, Minister Enclave, Islamabad +92 51 9103979
NA-271  Kharan-cum-Panjgur Lt.G.(R) Abdul Qadir Baloch PML(N) Killi Qadir Abad Chanal District Kharan  H.No.30, Minister's Enclave, Islamabad +92 51 9212463 (Office),

Reserved Seats For Women PMLn

Khuber Pukhtunkhwa

Begum Tahira Bukhari PML(N) Aman Housing Society, Warsak Road, Peshawar.  N/A


1 Anusha Rahman Ahmad Khan PML(N)  F-308, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. +92 51 9201990 (Office), +92 51 9209090, (PS)
2 Zeb Jaffar PML(N) House No.105-P, Rahim Yar Khan  House No. 257, Street No. 23 E/7, Islamabad. N/A
3 Tahira Aurangzeb PML(N) House No.F-780, F-Block, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.  N/A
4 Parveen Masood Bhatti PML(N) House No.C-A-35, Aziz Bhatti Road, Model Town-A, Bahawalpur  F-105, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
5 Mst. Kiran Imran Dar PML(N) House No.304/G, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore  N/A
6 Shaista Pervaiz PML(N) House No.142, E-1, Gulberg-III, Lahore  C-402, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
7 Nighat Parveen PML(N) House No.110-J, Kanari Bazar, Jhellum  F-101, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
8 Begum Majeeda Wyne PML(N) House No.5/13, Wyne Street, Tehsil Mian Channu, District Khanewal.  C/O Prof. Gul Raiz Akhtar, H.No.14-B, Quaid-e-Azam University Colony, Rawalpindi N/A
9 Khalida Mansoor PML(N) House No.18, Street No.1, Block-X, Madina Town, Faisalabad.  F-102, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
10 Asyia Naz Tanoli PML(N) B-III, Lal Rukh, Wah Cantt., District Rawalpindi.  N/A
11 Rida Khan PML(N) House # 40/C, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Residential Colony, New Campus, Lahore Apartment No.3-A, Minister's Enclave, Sector F-5/2, Islamabad N/A
12 Seema Mohiuddin Jameeli PML(N) House No.577-N, Gali No.23, Mohallah Waris Khan, Rawalpindi.  House No. 406, Street No. 34, I-8/2, Islamabad. N/A
13 Shahnaz Saleem Malik PML(N) House No.2, Block-B, Khayaban-e-Sarwar, D.G.Khan. F-103, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
14 Leila Khan PML(N) House No.9E, Sui Gas Colony, Lahore  N/A
15 Arifa Khalid Parvez PML(N) House No.189/9-A, Asad Jan Road, Lahore Cantt.  N/A
16 Surriya Asghar PML(N) Village Chanda, Post Office Ramitry, Tehsil Zafarwal, District Narowal.  House No.390, Chaklala Scheme No. 03, Rawalpindi. N/A
17 Shazadi Tiwana PML(N) House No.193 Street No.7, Sarwar Colony, Sarwar Road, Lahore Cantt.  C-402, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
18 Maiza Hameed PML(N) Chak No.72/NP, Rahim Yar Khan  House No.6, Main Nazim-ud-Din Road, F-11/4, Islamabad N/A
19 Farhana Qamar PML(N) Qamar House, Dhok Chatoor, P.O.Chattar, Tehsil and District Islamabad.  N/A
20 Shaheen Shafiq PML(N) Chowk Kamranwala, Qaiser Abad, District Multan.  E-304, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
21 Iffat Liaqat PML(N) Bhoon Chowk, Chakwal.  N/A
22 Shazia Sohail Mir PML(N) 13-B, Garden Town, Gujranwala  E-109, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
23 Romina Khurshid Alam PML(N) 37/A, Dastagir Road, Sattelite Town, Gujranwala  F-402, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
24 Zahra Wadood Fatemi PML(N) H.No.38, St. No.4, Chaklala Scheme-III, Rawalpindi  House No. 02, Hussain Road, Banni Gala. N/A
25 Dr. Asma Mamdot PML(N) 111-G Block, Model Town, Lahore  N/A
26 Marriyum Aurangzeb PML(N) Benglow 1, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Residential Area, GT Road, Jhelum  (Postal Address) 202-C Block, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad N/A
27 Sabiha Nazir PML(N) 12-A Muhammadia Colony, Bahawalpur  N/A
28 Amra Khan PML(N) C/O Mahmud Ahmad Khan, H. No. 97-B 1/1, Nisar Road, Lahore Cantt, Lahore  C/O Agha Sher Hamid Zaman, H.No.382, St.14, G-10-2, Islamabad. N/A
29 Phyllis Azeem PML(N) Christian Hospital, Bara Pathar, Kashmir Road, Sialkot  H-404, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad. N/A
30 Shaza Fatima Khawaja PML(N) 118 Mehmood Ghaznawi Road, Sialkot Cantt, Sialkot  409-A, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad N/A
31 Tahmina Daultana PML(N) H. No, 8-B, B-Block, Phase-I, DHA, Lahore  N/A
32 Shakila Luqman PML(N) 63/3/C-Block, DHA, Lahore  N/A


1 Marvi Memon PML(N) Jhokia Mohallah, Near Baba Bokhari Darga, Gharo, Mirpursakro, Thatta.


1 Kiran Haider PML(N) Seven star Banglows, House No. 46-A, Jinnah Town, Quetta.  N/A

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