Kohistan Express
Kohistan Express

Advancing the legacy of kohistan, a name that used to rule the passengers minds in the decades of 80’s & 90’s. A generation before, kohistan meant lucky #76, speed & leader on the road. Today it is transforming it’s meaning as Kohistan Express which would mean convenience, technology & total customer satisfaction. Kohistan operates a large fleet of luxry buses on key national routes & plans to expand its network all accross Pakistan. Professional management, technology orientation and hospitality are key pillar of Kohistan Express.[1] Advancing the legacy of kohistan, a name that used

Type:Transport Company
Name:Kohistan Express
In Urdu:کوہستان ایکسپریس
Traded As:Private Limited
Headquarter:Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Number of employees:So Many
Head Office:In Faisalabad
Address:Near Railway Station, Faisalabad
Cell #:0311-1776444
Terminal # 1:Multan
Cell #:0313-5082810
Terminal # 2:Peshawar
Cell #:0300-3000175
Terminal # 3:Mansehra
Cell #:0321-4974299
Terminal # 4:Bahawalpur
Cell #:015-8222649
Terminal # 5:Sadqabad
Cell #:015-6790597
Terminal # 6:Rawalpindi
Cell #:0346-2874444

Kohistan Express main logo Kohistan Express Crew photo Managment of Kohistan Express Staff of Kohistan Express Kohistan Express bus services


Kohistan Express in [url=http://www.pakpedia.pk/doc/Rawalpindi]Rawalpindi[/url]

Kohistan Express Bus Service

Kohistan Express inside the bus

Kohistan Express bus service is the best Bus Travelling Service in Pakistan. You can get information and reserve your seats by just calling at Kohistan Express desired City terminal. Travel with ease, economy and respect with Kohistan Express bus service. Kohistan Bus service is an oldest transport company which have good image in all over the Pakistan. Paperpks.com is only web who give all detail about fares of every transport company and also shares their routes. Kohistan is only best service from Lahore to Faisalabad therefor mostly citizen wants to travel with this transport company.[2] Kohistan Express bus service is the best Bus Travelling


  • Dust free environment
  • Fully air-conditioning waiting halls 
  • A team of skilled guard at all terminals
  • Security checking of passengers at boarding time
  • Before boarding, carry-on belongings of each passenger is checked
  • TMovie capturing of all passengers before the departure


Kohistan Daewoo Service

Kohistan Express bus service is the best

Kohistan  Daewoo is part of Kohistan Express and a famous us service known in all over the Pakistan. Mostly people of the Pakistan like to travel with this bus service. Kohistan assure its passengers a secure & safe journey. Many things keep in mind during start any project. For this reason a divide Security Department is operational with highly professional staff. [3] Kohistan  Daewoo is part of Kohistan Express and a famous


Kohistan Express A team of skilled

The Security Department is committed to deliver quality security services to our passengers through defined procedures and measures. We have formalized and automated systems that enable us for effective and efficient results. [4] The Security Department is committed to deliver quality

Our Featured Services

Kohistan Express Luxury buses

  • Punctuality

At Kohistan, safety of this asset is guaranteed. Punctuality & regularity is the key feature of our service, which is assured by leaving no stone unturned in making timely departures and arrivals. The passengers are valuable to us, so as their time. [5] At Kohistan, safety of this asset is guaranteed

  • Courteous & Trained Crew

Our courteous and trained crew is responsible for a safe & luxurious journey. We are pioneer of introducing the concept of road hostess in the bus. Crew, which consists of Driver, Hostess and A Guard, is selected and trained in a manner to handle its duties professionally.[6] Our courteous and trained crew is responsible

  • Luggage

Every possible support is available for carrying personal luggage while traveling. Please be aware that depending on local regulations, certain items which may cause injuries may not be taken on board in your carry-on baggage. Following are some available facilities:

  1. Luggage upto 30-kgs can be carried by each passenger. 
  2. In case of extra luggage, ELT facility can be availed. 
  3. Attachment of luggage tags for safety and security. 
  4. Luggage is handled by trained loaders. 
  5. Porters providing free service.  
  • Luxury Buses

Add comfort to your journey by traveling through our luxury buses. Buses are equipped with

  1. Comfortable and spacious seats. 
  2. Latest audio visual technologies. 
  3. Online tracking system. 

Apart from this, a calm and peaceful environment is maintained in the bus for a luxurious traveling.

  • Audio / Visual Entertainment

Kohistan is committed to make your journey full of comfort & excitement. Traveling starts with recitation of  Holy Quran, then followed by Audio Visual Entertainment including: [7] Kohistan is committed to make your journey full of comfort

  1. Audio Songs. 
  2. Family Movies, Dramas, Songs and Documentaries. 
  3. Switching System with Multiple Choices of Audio & Video. 
  4. Daily Newspapers are also available in the bus. 
  5. Provision of Head Phones with every seat for an undisturbed enjoyment.
  • Newspapers & Magazine

Passengers can add to their joyful moments during the journey by reading latest newspapers and informative, entertaining and educational contents presented in Kohistan Magazine i.e. “Hamari Manzilen” addition of which has been admired on large basis by valuable customers.

Important Note

Kohistan Daewoo is part of Kohistan Express

  1. Confirm your seat after reservation.
  2. Must reached 30 minutes before travelling.
  3. Each Elite Luxury time has 50 rupees extra charges.
  4. Buy your ticket on time otherwise it will be automatically cancelled.


Blue Card

  1. Available seat issued on priority
  2. Access to all seats except first 2 rows

Silver Card

  1. Golden Pax Coupon Number
  2. Available seat issued on priority
  3. Access to select seat in 2nd row four seats

Gold Card

Kohistan Express terminal of Faisalabad

  1. Priority boarding
  2. Special protocol
  3. Seat issued on priority
  4. Golden Pax Coupon Number
  5. Lounge access throughout the Kohistan network
  6. Kohistan staff may try for guaranteed seat, even on fully booked bus in first row 4 seats till last minute[8] Kohistan staff may try for guaranteed seat


Terminals  CityPhone #  Cell #
 1 Faisalabad 041-111-776-444 0311-1776444
 2 Multan 061-111-22-4488 0313-5082810
 3  Peshawar 091-226-277-5 0300-3000175
 4 Mansehra 0997-301-699 0321-4974299
 5 Bahawalpur 062-2888-358 015-8222649
 6 Sadqabad 068-111-597-597 015-6790597
 7 Rawalpindi 051-111-287-444 0346-2874444
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