Bhalwal is the capital of Tehsil Bhalwal of District Sargodha in Punjab’s center. According to the census of 2017, it is Pakistan’s Ninety-Ninth largest city. Bhalwal Town is the headquarters of Tehsil Bhalwal and is adjacent to Motorway M-2. The city is known for Orange production. This article has all the information about the city, including Bhalwal History.

Location:Punjab Pakistan
In Urdu:بهلوال
Local Language Name:Punjabi, Urdu
Coordinates :32°15′56″N 72°53′58″E
Production of :“Kinno” (Orange)
Nearby Village:Purana Bhalwal (Old Bhalwal)
Lies in:An Agricultural Area
Close to:M-2 Motorway
Number of Union Councils :4 Urban
Time Zone :PST (UTC+5)
Tehsil :Bhalwal Tehsil
District :Sargodha District
Country :Pakistan
Postal code:40410
Dialing code:04866(old) New:04862

Bhalwal history

Bhalwal History

Bhalwal is also called ‘California of Pakistan’ and is famous for citrus production. It was established in 1919, and before its creation, Bhera was the ‘Tehsil Headquarter.’ Bhera has a rich social and cultural history. In its north, the Jhelum River flows. Conquerors and invaders entered the sub-continent along Jhelum.

The popular character Ranjha was from ‘Takhat Hazara’ that was Bhalwal’s part. Sir Malkin planned the creation of town Bhalwal, the 1st colony assistant as Bhalwana tribe resided here, so its name was kept Mandi Bhalwal. Initially, Non-Muslims acquired this area via auction and started business and market.

After Partition, Rajput, Kamboh, Araein, and other castes inhabited this area. In 2003 old sub-division was split, and ‘Kotmomin’ Tehsil formed. Later in 2011, Bhera Tehsil was created from the Bhalwal sub-division.

Area and Population

Now, the area of sub-division is 124261 acres, and the 104765 area irrigated. The Tehsil has a population of 193257. The Tehsil has Eighteen Patwar Circles, Three-Revenue Circles, and Fifty-Eight Moazajat.


The climate here remains hot in Summers, and with occasional rains, Winters are cold.


Khareef crops include Rice, Sugarcane, and Citrus, while the Rabi Crops are Barley, Maize, and wheat.

Major Industries

Major industries are Dairy, Textile, Sugar Mills, and Citrus-Processing Plants.

Bhalwal Postal Code

40410 is the postal code of Bhalwal.

bhalwal weather


Administratively the Tehsil is sub-divided into the following union councils

  • Chabba Purana
  • Ali Pur Syedan
  • Baba
  • Bhalwal-I, II, III, IV (Urban)
  • Bhera-I, II (Urban)
  • Butcha Kalan
  • Chak No. 02, 10,9,15,15,8 /Nb
  • Hazoor Pur
  • That Noor
  • Kalyan Pur
  • Gurna
  • Kot Ahmed Khan
  • Dhal 
  • Doha
  • Fateh Garh
  • Ghulla Pur
  • Garhi Kala
  • Ratto Kala
  • Salam
  • Raja Aslam Colony
  • Chak Saida
  • Kot Raja
  • Lillian Shumali
  • Mia
  • Mandela
  • Purana Bhalwal
  • Davis put
  • Khan Muhammad Wala

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