Shaikh Zayed Hospital

Shaikh Zayed Hospital

Shaikh Zayed Hospital

Shaikh Zayed Hospital is situated in Lahore city of Punjab. Besides being working as a tertiary care hospital, it is also working as a teaching Hospital with the name Shaikh Zayed Medical College. It is a government college of dentistry and medicine while its College ranks 4th on the list of government medical colleges in Punjab. This article has all the information about Shaikh Zayed, including Shaikh Zayed Hospital History.

Name:Shaikh Zayed Hospital
Name in Urdu:شیخ زید ہسپتال
Location:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Name:Shaikh Zayed Hospital
In Urdu:شیخ زید ہسپتال
Coordinates:31°30′31″N 74°18′31″E
Founded :1986
Care System:Service Before Self
Affiliated University:Shaikh Zayed Medical College
Hospital Type:Public
Funding By:Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
Chairman Board of Management:Ch. Muhammad Munir
Principal SZMC:Prof. Dr. Mubarak Ali
Postal Address:Sheikh Zayed Medical College/Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, Pakistan.
Tel No :(068) 9230163-167 – 9230427
Tel Exchange :(068) 9230109 -164-165-166
Fax No :(068) 9230162 – 9230428
Email:[email protected]
Chief Security Officer:DR. Muhammad Anwar
Standards:Middle Class
Board Of Management:10 Members

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Shaikh Zayed Hospital History

The establishment of the hospital originated on 6th November 1973, and the donations of Rs 300 Million were given by Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan. The hospital started developing in 56 Acres of Land. Till the completion of Shaikh Zayed 360 beds located there. It was inaugurated on 8th September 1986, and after a few years, Zayed Hospital stepped into the education field, and on 10th March 1994, the Shaikh Zayed Medical College came into being. With time more facilities added in Hospitals, and it became one of the pre-eminent Hospitals of Pakistan. In 2010 a new medical campus was inaugurated by the President of Pakistan.


The hospital aims to provide care to patients in a friendly environment and reach heights of patient satisfaction. They ensure to provide quality based education and first-rate treatments that should be the top priority of every hospital.


  1. General Medicine
  2. Nephrology
  3. Pulmonology
  4. Cardiology
  5. Neurology
  6. Pediatrics
  7. Dermatology
  8. Rheumatology
  9. Gastroenterology
  10. Psychiatry
  11. Plastic Surgery
  12. Surgical Unit
  13. Cardiothoracic Surgery
  14. Neuro Surgery
  15. Pediatric Surgery
  16. ENT
  17. Ophthalmology
  18. Orthopedic Surgery
  19. Dental Surgery
  20. Urology
  21. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  22. Liver Transplant
  23. Kidney Transplant
  24. Radiology
  25. Haemotology
  26. Histopathology
  27. Endoscopy


The Shaikh Zayed Hospital ensures to provide various facilities to their patients. It incorporates:

247 Services

All emergency cases are facilitated at the hospital. Hospital has trauma and emergency ward. The Ambulance Service is available 24 hours a day. The competent staff at the hospital is capable of handling all types of emergency cases.

Emergency Services

The provision of high quality and effective emergency curative care to patients is the aim of the emergency department. A vast range of pediatric and adult emergencies are handled in the department. Many hospitals in the country refer patients to Shaikh Zaid Hospital.

Liver Transplantation Project

  • In July 2006, the project of the liver transplant was approved for Shaikh Zayed Hospital. Anesthetists, Surgeons, Paramedics were members of the surgical team. This team was sent to the world well-reputed centers in liver surgery and transplantation in Japan, Turkey, England, South Korea, and India. This team of surgeons observed the work of surgical teams of these liver centers. In order to make this project feasible, two competent liver transplantation surgeons who have worked and trained in well-reputed centers of China and Europe were engaged in this project. Today Shaikh Zayed Hospital is providing the latest liver surgical services. 
  • Now Liver transplantation is done on a regular basis in Shaikh Zayed. Equipment acquisition for liver transplantation is fully functional. Doctor Tariq Ali Bangash is head of the surgical team. All services like Labs, Radiology, and blood banks have been modernized to fulfill the demand for a liver transplant. The liver transplant center is equipped with 32 beds and fully operating HDU and ICU.

Rheumatology Department

The Rheumatology department at Shaikh Zayed Hospital was inaugurated in 2017. Professor Doctor Zaffurullah, President College of Physicians & Surgeons, inaugurated this department. This department offers medical care to patients of all ages, having joints and knee problems.

Nephrology Department

Nephrology and Hemodialysis department was set up in the emergency unit of the hospital. Out of a total of24 beds, ten beds are for emergency situations. Hemodialysis, renal biopsy,  peritoneal dialysis, and continuous therapies are carried out in this department. Associate Professor Doctor Abid Hussain is the first and present head of this department. Dr. Abid having eight years of experience in teaching, worked hard to establish an emergency dialysis unit, dialysis center classroom, and library in the department.


Well-experienced and highly qualified doctors are offering their services in Shaikh Zayed Hospital

  1. Doctor. Hussam Ahmad                       Liver Specialist
  2. Doctor Kashif Malik                              Gastroenterologist
  3. Doctor Farhan Shaukat                        General Physician
  4. Tamseel Fatima                                    Nutritionist
  5. Doctor M. Shaheen                              Dermatologist
  6. Doctor Babar Ali                                   Neurosurgeon
  7. Doctor Mohsin Khan                            Cardiologist
  8. Doctor Athar Mahmood                        Urologist

Waste Manangement

Shaikh Zayed Hospital generates 330-kilo tons/year or 850 Kg/day of waste. Infectious waste, which consists of syringes, plastic bags, cannulas, needles, and catheters, is about 10 percent of total waste. It is necessary to handle and dispose of infectious waste. The best way to dispose of infectious waste is incineration. Three sources of waste at the hospital are the operation theatres, the laboratories, and the wards. Non-infectious plastics, radiology chemicals, and glassware can be recovered. Fortunately, Shaikh Zayed has an incinerator for disposing of infectious material. All infectious waste is incinerated.

Contact Information

The contact information of Shaikh Zayed Hospital incorporates

  • Online Appointment = 04235865731
  • Address =  Shaikh Zayed Medical Complex, University Avenue, New Muslim Town Lahore, Pakistan
  • Telephone = 04235865731
  • Customer Care Tele = +92 42 35865731-37
  • Official Website =