Husaini blood bank

Husaini Blood Bank

Husaini Blood Bank

Husaini Blood Bank is a non-profit, holistic healthcare organization that makes high-quality medical facilities accessible for Pakistan’s people. The services here range from diagnostic laboratory, blood banking, blood transfusion to the clinical consultation.

This organization also has set up an educational institute entitled ‘Institute of Hematology.’ Husaini is serving with care and empathy in accidents, emergencies, and tragedies in the region.

This blood bank collects blood donations at several locations, screens it, stores the blood donations safely, verifies compatibility, and separates collected blood into its components utilizing the latest techniques and technology. The article carries every detail about the bank, including Husaini Blood Bank History.

Type:Blood Banks
Location:Nishter Park Soldier Bazar No.2, Karachi,
TEL:+92-21-32237734, 32237736, 32238405, 32238406, 32238407, 32238408
Owned By:Dr Hasan Ali Wajid
Business Hours:7 Days a Week [24 Hours]
Business Type:Services
Care System:SUPER
Hospital Type:BLOOD DONATE
support of Late:Mr. Hamid D. Habib, chairman
units of blood:Annually around 200,000 units
Beds:Clean Bed Sheets
Standards:Provides special services

Husaini Blood Bank History

Husaini Blood Bank History

It was established in 1979 and strived to provide safe blood to patients who need blood due to any cause while advancing VNRBD (Voluntary Non-Remunerated Blood Donation). Since its inception, the bank is overgrowing with blood donations of 125,000 units and storage space of 5000 units.

The bank receives blood donations from donors at its branches and via educational institutes, corporate entities, and non-profit organizations.

Husaini Blood Bank Founder

Dr Hassan Ali Wajid founded this bank in 1979 in Soldier Bazar with Mr Hamid Habib’s assistance the Chairperson of ‘Habib Group of Companies Trust.’ The pioneering efforts, dedication, and foresight of trustees paved the way to the foundation of ‘Husaini Hematology & Oncology Trust, that has grown to a leading healthcare institute helping and facilitating individuals across over thirty locations. 


The vision of Husaini Blood Bank is to offer gentle care via pioneering and world-class healthcare services. 


The head office of this blood bank is a multi-story building situated in North Nazimabad. It is equipped with an advanced diagnostic lab, a blood-transfusion centre having a capacity of treating a hundred patients, blood bank with the storage space of three-thousand blood bags, and eight rooms for the clinic.

The training and educational wing have an auditorium and 2-classrooms with space for sitting of eighty persons. The extended network is made up of more than thirty well-equipped branches in all over the Sindh for blood-banking divisions and laboratory. All diagnostic tests needed for Hemophilia and Thalassemia are conducted at the laboratory.

Qualified and Well-Trained Staff

The blood bank has a team of skilled and well-trained staff hired on proper criteria. Whether it is a lab technician or pathologist, doctors and nurses in transfusion clinics and wings, it is assured that they are trained and educated from renowned institutes.

The diploma courses at Husaini Hematology Institute are an additional platform to prepare and train competent, and valuable individuals to become part of this organization.

Husaini Blood Bank numaish

I.T. Infrastructure

Husaini utilizes an ERP system consisting of Financial Laboratory, Human Resources, Transfusion and Blood Banking related modules. The I.T. department assures the smooth and seamless performance of software while handling the local server.

All data of branches is stored centrally. The I.T. department supports all the branches 24/7 to provide efficient solutions. 

Tools & Equipment

Husaini has equipment approved by the FDA for the diagnostics department and blood screening. At laboratories, innovative diagnostic procedures are followed, and research is continuously conducted for developing new methods that can increase results accuracy. 

Benefits of Blood Donation

Blood donation has several benefits for the physical and emotional health of the individual, such as:

  1. Stimulate the production of blood cells
  2. Maintains healthy liver and heart
  3. Create harmony among community members
  4. Risk of hemochromatosis is reduced.

Eligibility Criteria for Blood Donation

  1. Patients are having no long-term history of any transmissible disease.
  2. The donor should be 8-50 years, and weight should be above 50 kg.
  3. The donor should not be suffering from Respiratory Diseases.
  4. The haemoglobin level of the donor should be above 12.5g/dL.
  5. Blood Pressure, pulse, and temperature should be standard.

Husaini Blood Bank number

The procedure of Blood Transfusion


The donor has to fill a registration form to assess his/her donation history and eligibility.

Evaluation of Health

A medical checkup of the donor will be conducted to check his or her health status.

Blood Donation

The procedure of blood donation is completed in 8-10 minutes. 


After donation donor is provided with some refreshment to increase his/her energy level.

Transfusion Services

The blood transfusion department offers free treatment and supports 1,150 patients suffering from blood diseases, including Hemophilia, and Thalassemia. A panel of able doctors supervises the treatment plans given to patients and a highly trained and competent team of technicians and nurses implement the treatment plan. 

Husaini Thalassemia Center 

The Thalassemia centre is providing blood transfusion regularly and iron chelation-therapy to Thalassemic patients. The Thalassemia patients getting treatment at Husaini have a life expectancy of more than thirty years more than patients’ life-expectancy at other centres.

Husaini Hemophilia Center 

The Hemophilia Center is providing plasma transfusions to its registered patients. A team of competent doctors support the patients and assure them that their life quality wouldn’t be compromised.

Certifications and Affiliations

Well-reputed international and national healthcare and educational bodies have accredited Husaini. 

National Affiliations

  1. Sindh Blood-Transfusion Authority 
  2. Pakistan’s Thalassemia Federation
  3. National Blood-Transfusion Program
  4. Sindh Medical-Faculty
  5. NGO Network of AIDS at Sindh
  6. Board of the Technical Education at Sindh
  7. Affiliation with Pakistan’s Medical and Research Council
  8. The University of Karachi for Training
  9. Pakistan’s Hepatitis Advisory-Board 
  10. Dow University of Health Sciences
  11. Affiliation with Baqai University
  12. Pharmacists Association of Pakistan
  13. Sindh Health-Care Commission

International Affiliations

  1. AABB-American Association of Blood Banking
  2. CAP-College of American Pathologists
  3. EQAS-External Quality Assurance 
  4. WFH-World Federation of Hemophilia
  5. ISBT-Intl Society of Blood-Transfusion
  6. TIF-Thalassemia Intl Federation
  7. FDA-Food & Drug Administration

Husaini Blood Bank Karachi

Husaini Institute of Hematology

This institute is an academic program providing Diploma courses in Lab Technology, Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine. The institution has an affiliation with Sindh’s Board of Technical-Education and Sindh’s Medical Faculty.

The programs taught are designed to increase knowledge and understanding of diagnostics lab practices, blood banking, and recent research in the healthcare field. 

Program Details

The diploma focuses on these points:

  1. Blood donor’s management with practical knowledge
  2. Collection of blood samples & processing theory.
  3. Responsibilities and roles of Phlebotomy Technician.
  4. Blood grouping, Du test theory, and cross match.
  5. Process the blood samples for blood banks and laboratory.
  6. Quality Control Procedures and Standards.
  7. Maintenance of data and record of patients. 
  8. Screening of donor’s blood for TTI’s (Transfusion Transmissible Infections).

Contact Information

Head Office: Plot Street Number 2, Qalandaria Chowk, North-Nazimabad, T Block, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. 

Telephone# +92-213-6798010-19

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