Shifa Blood Bank

Shifa Blood Bank

Shifa Blood Bank

In Shifa Blood Bank, the blood-transfusion services are available 24/7, conducting almost fifteen-thousand blood donations per year, making 4-blood components. Blood donation is beneficial not only for the receiver but also for the donor.

It reduces the risk of cancer, maintains the heart and liver’s health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps in weight loss, and stimulates blood cells’ production. The donated blood is useful to treat patients suffering from chronic anaemia, cancer, hereditary blood-abnormalities, and sickle cell anaemia.

Type:Blood Banks
Location:Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. Pitras Bukhari Road H-8/4, Islamabad
Tel:+92 -51 – 8463126,+92 -51 – 8463837
Website:[email protected]
blood donations a year:10,000 blood donations a year
blood products:providing around 2,000 blood products
emergency basis:35 transplant patients in one year.
Who Can Donate Blood :Weight: 50 kg . Age: Above 17 years to 65 years.
services at :Diagnostic services at Shifa International Hospital
Blood Bank services:Chemical Pathology, Microbiology and immunology
After donating blood:can safely 2 months
Shifa International:ensure world-class standards by coordinating
instrument:CI 8200X by 4th generation ELISA
Care System:SUPER
Hospital Type:BLOOD DONATE
Beds:Clean Bed Sheets
Standards:Provides special services

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Blood Transfusion Department

The blood-transfusion department provides services like single-donor plateletpheresis, Plasmapheresis, and stem cell harvest and running 24/7 for regular donation & issuance service. The blood-transfusion services at Shifa Intl Hospital take over ten-thousand blood donations per year and conduct viral screening on over twenty-five thousand samples each year on efficient Abbot instrument ‘CI-8200X’ by fourth-generation ELISA.

Blood transfusion department conducts testing for several rheumatic and some infectious diseases besides the basic immunology for anti-body screening. BTS at SIH has also supported first live donor transplantation of liver program in Pakistan by giving about two-thousand blood products for thirty-five transplant patients per year.

Blood Donation

There are many emergency cases where blood donation is required to save the lives of patients. Those patients mostly include accident patients, delivery patients, and transplant patients. Only four per cent of the Pakistani population donates blood.

Most of the times, donors are available for donation, but their blood doesn’t match donation criteria and sometimes blood donation results in allergic reactions in the body of acceptor.

Criteria for Blood Donation

  1. Mentally and physically healthy people can donate blood.
  2. The people aged above seventeen years to sixty-five years can donate. 
  3. Weight of the donor should be 50 kg or above 50 kg. 
  4. The donor shouldn’t have Hepatitis or Jaundice history.
  5. The donor shouldn’t be a drug-addicted. Pregnant women aren’t allowed to donate blood.
  6. A person suffering from long-term or some severe illness couldn’t donate blood.
  7. Individuals intending to undergo significant surgery shouldn’t donate.

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Blood Donation is a Safe Procedure

  1. A healthy individual doesn’t suffer permanent weakness after donating blood.
  2. White cells are formed in five days.
  3. The blood volume donated is created again in 24-36 hours.
  4. Red cells are formed in twenty-one days.
  5. Blood could be donated safely after two months.

Contact Information

Telephone # (051) 8464646