Pakistan Defence Day

Pakistan Defence Day

Pakistan Defence Day

Pakistan commemorates the sacrifices and efforts made by the Pakistan army in safeguarding the country’s boundaries on Pakistan Defence Day that is observed as a national holiday. On 6th Sep 1965, Indian forces crossed the border to attack Punjab, Pakistan in retaliation for Operation Grand Slam conducted by Pakistan, which targeted Jammu.

Despite its fewer weapons and smaller size, the Pakistan Army was able to repel India’s unjustified surprise invasion. Pakistani critics have criticized the storyline for portraying a fake history. This article contains all the information about this day, including Pakistan Defence Day History.

Urdu language:یوم دفاع ۔ یوم تفکر
Norwegian language:Forsvarsdag
German language:Tag der Verteidigung
Date:6 September
Type :National
Observed by :Pakistan
Also called :Youm-e-Difa
Celebrations :Flag hoisting, Parade, Military exhibitions, award ceremonies, singing patriotic songs, entertainment and military programs, speeches, etc.
Next time :6 September 2017
Frequency :Annual

Pakistan Defence Day History

Pakistan Defence Day History

War Background

The 1965 war between India and Pakistan featured the world’s largest tank war after WWII. In Sialkot city, a major tank fight took place, in which both India and Pakistan lost a large number of tanks. Major Aziz Bhatti (Shaheed) was also martyred in this sector while defending the country.

He fought valiantly, and many more brave Pakistan Army soldiers fought valiantly and sacrificed their lives for their beloved country Pakistan. Although this was the 2nd war between Pakistan and India, the Pakistan Air Force played a pivotal role in the 1965 conflict. This was the 1st time that the air forces of both countries faced each other.

Entry of Indian Army

On 6th Sep, the Indian Army managed to cross the international border in the province of Punjab with the goal of shutting off the Grand Trunk Road adjacent to Lahore, as part of its “pre-declared riposte strategy.” The Pakistani commanders were taken by surprise by the attack.

And according to Air Marshal Noor Khan, on the 2nd day of the battle, Army Chief Gen Moosa Khan informed the President that the army had run out of weapons.  He stated that the Army suffered a lot of losses throughout the war. Pakistan agreed to a United Nations-mandated ceasefire on 23rd Sep.

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Brilliant Performance by Pakistani Forces

The PAF pilots not only established an example of skillful air combat, but they also set world records. Sqn Leader M.M Alam provided the best example when he shot down five Indian jet fighters in less than a minute. He merely took thirty seconds to shoot the 1st four planes. The Pakistan Navy played an important role in the 1965 war.

The Navy is a state’s military force that protects the country from threats by keeping or maintaining the country’s seas safe. On 7th Sep 1965, the Pakistan Navy, led by Commodore S. M. Anwar, launched an attack on a naval radar station of India established up off the Dwarka coast, about 320 km far from Karachi. Pakistan succeeded in this operation.

This victory boosts the morale of the battling warriors who were fighting in this war and gave them a strong hope of victory.

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Operation Grand Slam

Pakistan launched the Indo-Pakistani War in 1965 by sending seven-thousand to eight-thousand highly trained and skilled Mujahid invaders into Kashmir with the goal of encouraging the population to revolt and disrupting Indian Army sites and installations. On the 1st of September, it launched Operation Grand Slam, a tank strike against the Akhnoor Bridge located in the Jammu Division.

Views of Shuja Nawaz

According to Shuja Nawaz, a competent scholar, the goal of the Pakistani general was to seize the Akhnoor Bridge and turn towards Jammu, effectively cutting off India’s connection with the Kashmir Region the Pakistanis have disregarded Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s warnings that if Kashmir was targeted, India would reciprocate.


Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Corps, Army Air Force, Signals, Army Medical Corps, and Army Service Corps show display their latest missiles, guns, tanks, military aviation helicopters, and weapons. Everybody is permitted to watch such events live by heading to certain locations.

These shows are also broadcasted on national television networks. On television, there are national songs, exclusive documentaries about 6th Sep 1965, along with the stories of martyred individuals. The facts about how people gave their lives for the sake of the country are told, as well as the responsibility of the children and younger generation, who are Pakistan’s future.

The PAF (Pakistan Air Force) Academy cadets present the Guard of Honour and assume their charge at the guard change ceremony in Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi.