Zohaib Hassan

Zohaib Hassan

Zohaib Hassan

Zohaib Hassan is an Asian pop star, singer, and producer. He is also serving as Chief Executive Officer of a media company B&H International and advisor to Governor Sindh. His elder sister Nazia Hassan was also a successful and famous pop singer. The siblings sang many songs together, and their every album and song won people’s appreciation. Their song ‘Ap Jesa Koi’ paved the way for the pop music industry in Pakistan. Zohaib married a writer Ghina. This article has all the information about Zohaib, including Zohaib Hassan Biography and Zohaib Hassan Family.

Name:Zohaib Hassan
Birth name:Syed Zoheb-u-Din Hassan
In Urdu:زوہیب حسن
Famous As:Artist
Alma Mater:Richmond College of London
Profession:Singer, Producer and Advisor to Governor of Sindh
Date:18th November 1966
Spouse:Gina Hassan
Children:Allyana, Mia and a son Azmeer
Parents:Muneeza Hassan, Basir Hassan
Siblings :Nazia Hassan, Zahra Hassan

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Zohaib Hassan Biography

  • Being a successful music composer, singer, and pop star, he ranks in the list of those celebrities who were born in the year 1966. Zohaib and his sister Nazia resides in the heart of every Pakistani. The music they gave to the music industry is eternal. As a kid, Zohaib was a timid and introverted type. On his sister and parents’ insistence, he gave an audition for a kid’s program ‘Kaliyon Ki Malaa’ under the supervision of Sohail Rana. He failed in this audition, but because of his mother’s friend Shireen Khan got a chance to be a part of the show. 
  • Being a chubby and cute kid, he was seated in the first row. He wasn’t assigned any task when one day, Nazia forced her to sing with him. When he sang, people got amazed and applauded a lot. From this debut performance, a thriving music journey began. This sibling power also contributed to the welfare of humanity. Zohaib is running a charity foundation in the name of her sister. 
  • Because of the quality work and hard work, he received enormous success with 4-5 albums. Throughout his métier career, he received twelve gold, four platinum, and two double platinum discs. He was also awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from Pakistan’s UN Association and is also received an award from the University of Oxford for his achievements in the area of South Asian hymn.

Zohaib date of birth

Zohaib was born on 18th November 1966 in Karachi, Pakistan. His childhood period was spent both in Karachi and London.

Education of Hassan

He did B.B.A from Richmond College of London.

Zohaib Hassan Family

He belongs to a well educated Syed family. His father was an established businessman and mother, Muniza, an active socialist. His sisters Zara and Nazia Hassan also belonged to the music industry. He married a writer Ghina, and the couple has two daughters Allyana and Mia, and a son Azmeer.  

Music Career

Initial Career

  • Zohaib and Nazia did their projects together until the death of Nazia. Both the siblings made an album ‘Disco Deewanay’ which took them to heights of fame. They got the status of South-Asian 1st pop stars. Series of successful albums made this sibling pair the pop music’s pioneers in their region. They hold the record of selling 85 million of records all around the globe and also ranked on the top of the music charts in various countries such as Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, and South Africa. 
  • Zohaib’s folk song ‘Chaehraa’ is still known as a romantic anthem. In 1982 Zohaib launched his 2nd album ‘Star’, which gained much popularity. The series of successful albums continued with the release of other mega-hit albums like ‘Hot Line’ and ‘Young Tarang’. The sibling pair made all these albums. They together sang the songs ‘Dum Dum De De’, ‘Teray Qadmoon Ko’, and ‘Dostii’. In 1989 Zohaib, along with Nazia, hosted a hugely famous music show named ‘Music 89’, on which all the eminent Pakistani pop stars came to light for the first time, including ‘Vital Signs’, ‘Strings’ and ‘Jupiters’. 

Break From Music

After the demise of her beloved sister Nazia Hassan, he took a short break from music activities. He gave his time and concentration to their business in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. 

Re-Entry in Showbiz

In 2017 he released his album with the title Signature; he made this album in association with Indian ‘Saa Ray Gaa Maa’ and ‘EMI Pakistan’. This album includes the last song sung by Nazia. The album also includes proxy versions of ‘Disco Deewanay’, ‘Boom Boom’, and ‘Koi Nahe’ in the voice of Nazia. Zohaib told in an interview about this album that it revolves around his incidents and all that which he and his family faced in the last ten years. He released 1st music video of the album ‘Always on My Mind’ with the title in English and Lyrics in the Urdu language. Music video by featuring Zohaib depicts the life of a celebrity who loses his beloved family after reaching the peak of success.

Zohaib Hassan Albums

  1. Dreamer Deewanai
  2. Our Love Last Forever
  3. Young Tarang
  4. Don’t think Twice
  5. Qismat
  6. Camera Camera
  7. Hotline
  8. Signature

List of Movies

  1. Dil Wala
  2. Ilzaam
  3. Star / Boom Boom
  4. Sayaa
  5. Sheela

List of Solo Songs

  1. Ankhain Band Karo
  2. Medley
  3. Sathi Ray
  4. Khoobsurat
  5. Star of Asia

List of Television Appearances

  1. Disco Deewanai
  2. David Essex
  3. BBC News
  4. Young Tarang Show
  5. David Sole
  6. Neelam Ghar
  7. TV Hits
  8. Youth Festival
  9. Aap Ka Zameer
  10. Aap Kai Liye
  11. PTV Election Transmission
  12. PTV Awards
  13. Music 89
  14. Private Eye
  15. PTV 25
  16. Aap Kai Mehman
  17. Zohaib Nazia Dubai Show
  18. Mehman-e-Khassosi
  19. PTV Silver Jubliee
  20. Kaaliyaan
  21. Eid Shows
  22. Studio 2
  23. Pro Audio Show
  24. Zee TV
  25. Tribute Concert to Nazia
  26. Face of the Year
  27. Subha Sawarai With Shaista

Social Media Accounts

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