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Zia Mohyeddin was born in Pakistan but trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London from 1953-1956. Following important stage roles in "Long Day's Journey Into Night" and "Julius Caesar" in 1957, he made his West End bow with "A Passage to India" in 1960. He subsequently made an auspicious film debut in the classic film Lawrence of Arabia (1962) and continued with work on the BBC as well in a couple of other series. Other epic films followed with supporting roles in Behold a Pale Horse (1964) and Khartoum (1966). He returned to Pakistan at the request of the Bhutto regime in the late 60s and set up the PIA Arts and Dance Academy, which received critical merit for its classical as well as folk dances and music. Highly critical of the political regime, he returned to England within a few years and resumed his career there, appearing in the highly touted miniseries "The Jewel in the Crown" (1984), among others. He has since traveled the world promoting his Urdu poetry and prose recitations to international acclaim.[1] trained at the Royal Academy - of Dramatic
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Zia Mohiuddin

  • Famous As:

    Television broadcaster

  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Faisalabad, Pakistan

  • Religion:


  • Profession:

    Actor, producer, director and television broadcaster

  • Awards :

    Hilal-i-Imtiaz Award, [(Crescent of Excellence) Award] in 2012 by the President of Pakistan[

  • Born
  • Date:

    20 June 1933

  • Place:


  • Family
  • Ethnicity:


  • Spouse:

    Azra Mohiuddin

  • Children:

    (1 child)

  • Relatives:

    Alia Mohiuddin (daughter) Ainy Jaffri (niece) Meher Jaffri (niece) Usman Riaz (nephew)

  • Career
  • Occupation(s):

    Actor, producer, director and television broadcaster

  • Years active:


  • Appointed Director:

    PIA Arts Academy in 1973


Zia Mohiuddin
Zia Mohiuddin

Early life and career

Zia Mohiuddin Early Career
Zia Mohiuddin Early Career
Zia Mohiuddin was born in Lyallpur, now called Faisalabad, British India (now in Pakistan), in a family originally from Rohtak, East Punjab (now in Haryana), British India. He spent his early life in Kasur and Lahore. He was trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London from 1953-1956. After stage roles in Long Day's Journey Into Night and Julius Caesar, he made his West End debut in A Passage to India in 1960. He made his film debut in Lawrence of Arabia (1962), playing the role of Tafas (the Arab guide who is shot by Omar Sharif for drinking water from the wrong well). He then made numerous TV and film appearances.[2] Zia Mohiuddin was born -   in Lyallpur

International Career

Zia Mohiuddin
Zia Mohiuddin
He migrated to England at a very young age and joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London. He stayed at the Royal Academy for four years, from 1953 to 1956. Events unfolded rapidly as he developed as an artist.A film career beckoned, and he held memorable roles in numerous movies. Zia played vital roles in 'Long day's journey into night', 1957, and in 'Julius Caesar', 1957, that put him on the road to fame.Though Zia has spent most of his adult life outside Pakistan, still he has left an indelible stamp on our culture and on our society.[3] He held memorable roles in -   movies In the year 1960, Zia worked in 'A passage to India' and earned encomiums from his fans everywhere. In times due course, Zia was cast in interesting roles, most memorably in the American television series, 'Danger man.' He played 'Wasing' in episode 'The dead man walks', January 13, 1961.Through his artistry, Zia has inscribed in viewers mind a sense of humanity that is exclusively its own. Additionally, Zia may have understood better then most of us that great achievement always takes a toll.The television series 'Sir Francis Drake' had him cast in the role of the 'King Philip of Spain', in episode 'Visit to Spain', January 7, 1962.Zia has the strength, gumption and independence to show his artistic talents in various ways. The 1962 epic, 'Lawrence of Arabia', is a case in point, in which Zia was dubbed as 'Tafas'. It was a role and a performance that took Zia a few feet higher on the cliff climb.[4] Zia successfully managed -   to project Reverting to Zia's acting, it has been dramatic, uplifting and, at times, sentimental. Over and above, he can speak the tragic sense of the story, if it is part of his role.His professional aspirations took him to even greater heights in the television series, 'Armstrong Circle Theater', in episodes'The journey of Poh Lin, January 16, 1963, and August 14, 1963, respectively.[5] Zia's many roles are just -   as deluded

Later career Return to Pakistan

Zia Mohiuddin in Pakistan
Zia Mohiuddin in Pakistan
This noted character actor paid a visit to his native Pakistan in the mid 1960s. He presented 'Zia Mohyeddin Show' which was telecast from the Pakistani television. Hence, Zia is the voice of Pakistan's first talk-show host.Also, Zia's 'Theka' and 'Shakira ki Maan ye boli, apni larki kay leye bur chaheye' in his singing voice, is still fresh in the minds of millions of Pakistanis.In 1970, Zia became the actor - producer - director - of the first and the last Urdu film of his movie career, 'Mujrim kaun', which was released in Pakistan. The popular song, 'Hoantoan pay tabassum nazar sehmi, sehmi, ho gaye ray mujhay kyon ghalat fehmi' was rendered by Ahmed Rushdi and pictured on Zia.Soon Zia went back to England and made his presence felt in more English movies and television programs. He played 'Hari' in the 'Bombay talkie' 1970.Zia accepted an invitation to visit Pakistan by the Pakistani government in the late 1960s. He is the founder - cum - director of the Pakistan international airlines Arts And Dance Academy. This Academy presented classical, folk dances and music.Moreover, Zia began a liaison with the highly talented dancer, Naheed Siddiqui, and offered her roles in the P.I.A. Arts Academy, which she gladly accepted.In 1973, at forty years of age, Zia married Naheed Siddiqui.However, due to conflict of interest with the then Pakistani government, Zia returned to England and resumed his movie career.Zia is an unobtrusively brilliant man. The hallmark of his acting is fierce concentration and intensity. The three examples below are perhaps a testament to his exceptional acting prowess:[6] Zia played 'Ibrahim'in - television program

TV Shows

  •    The Adventures of Sir Francis Drake (7 January 1962 episode "Visit to Spain"). - King Philip of Spain
  •    Danger Man (1966) - Dr. Sawari / Sinclair Jones / Mr. Sen / Khan
  •    The Avengers (1966) - Prince Ali
  •    Adam Adamant Lives! (1967) - Sheikh Abdul
  •    Jackanory (1967) - Storyteller
  •    Man in a Suitcase (1968) - Rafael
  •    The Champions (1969) - Prengo
  •    Hadleigh (1969) - Major Savvas Stylianos
  •    Detective (12 October 1969 episode Inspector Ghote Hunts the Peacock) - Inspector Ghote
  •    Gangsters (1978) - Iqbal Khan
  •    Z-Cars (1978) - Anwar Chowdry
  •    Minder (1980) - Tajvir
  •    Death of a Princess (1980) - Marwan Shaheen
  •    The Jewel in the Crown (1984) - Mohammad Ali 'Mak' Kasim
  •    Bergerac (1984) - Adnan Rashid


Zia Mohiuddin many Films
Zia Mohiuddin many Films
  •    Rahguzar (1960)
  •    Lawrence of Arabia (1962) - Tafas
  •    Sammy Going South (1963) - The Syrian
  •    Behold a Pale Horse (1964) - Luis, Guide of Paco
  •    Khartoum (1966) - Zobeir Pasha
  •    Deadlier Than the Male (1966) - King Fedra
  •    The Sailor from Gibraltar (1967) - Noori
  •    They Came from Beyond Space (1967) - Farge
  •    Work Is a Four-Letter Word (1968) - Dr. Aly Narayana
  •    Bombay Talkie (1970) - Hari
  •    Mujrim Kaun (1971)
  •    Ashanti (1979) - Djamil
  •    The Assam Garden (1985) - Mr. Lal
  •    Partition (1987)


Hilal-i-Imtiaz Award, in 2012 by the President of Pakistan

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