Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka is a Pakistani television host, Former Radio Jockey, Social media influencer, Tech Influencer and Satellite television Content Creator. Waqar is a part of this industry for a long time and has garnered a huge popularity and criticism as well. This article has all the information about Waqar, including Waqar Zaka Biography and Waqar Zaka Shows.

Name:Waqar Zaka
In Urdu :وقار زکا
Famous As:Champions with Waqar Zaka
Alma Mater:NED University of Engineering and Technology
Profession:Singer, Television host and RJ
Years Active:2005-present
Height:5 ft 7
Date:17th July 1986
Place:Sargodha, Pakistan
Parents:Zaka-ud-Din and Samia Yaseem
Siblings :3 sisters

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Waqar Zaka Biography

Waqar is a fierce and blunt Pakistani television host, Radio Jockey and Social media influencer who took the start of his career by releasing a  song that became quite popular among youth. Despite his non-artistic background Waqar joined the Showbiz Industry at a very young age and despite immense criticism, his popularity keeps on growing with time. Waqar often indulge himself in different controversies. Waqar likewise tried his luck in Politics but faced defeat by securing only 31 votes.

Waqar date of birth

He was born on 17th July 1986 in Sargodha. He has visited various countries during his childhood because of his father’s job. Currently, Zaka is residing in Karachi for his work.

Education of Waqar

Waqar did his schooling from B.V.S Parsi High School, Karachi. Later he went to Adamjee College, Karachi from where he completed his intermediate. Zaka holds the degree of Civil Engineering that he obtained from N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology.

Waqar Zaka Family

Zaka belongs to an educated and talented family. His father Zaka-Ud-din served for the United Nations because of which Zaka lived in various countries while his mother is a housewife. Waqar has 3 younger sisters who don’t belong to the Showbiz industry. Apart of Zaka, no one became a part of this Glamour world. He is currently unmarried.

Showbiz Career

Initial Career

In 1997 Waqar gave a start to his career and released a song ‘Nahi Padha Meine Poora Saal’ that became popular among students and everyone accepted it. Waqar likewise got an award from BBC Asia for his first release. Later Zaka started hosting various television shows.

As a Host

  • In 2002 he kicked his career as a host with the show on ARY Digital. Waqar, originated a different television show format in ‘Living on the Edge’ where random people used to perform dares on the streets. The show made Waqar famous and he became the only television host who, performed deadly dares himself. He kissed 20 cobras by giving his head in a crocodile. Various people participated in his show. Though he likewise received condemnation yet he kept on moving forward.
  • Later he hosted various other shows. In 2019 he came with another surprising show ‘Champions with Waqar Zaka’ where a few Pakistani youths lived in a room like an Indian Big Boss untill the 4 finalists emerged. The show aired on BOL Network. However  the show banned by PEMRA because of making fun of religion and values. He later again came with another online show on Youtube ‘Headphone Show.’

Political Career

In 2013 Waqar contested the Pakistan General Elections from Karachi NA-253 Constituency as a member of the National assembly but unfortunately faced defeat. Waqar later claimed that he contested elections because of his next show ‘Main Banoonga Minister’  to show everyone that how they can become a part of the system. In 2019 he again came with shocking news to launch a political movement with name ‘Tehreek-e-Tech.’

Social Media Activist

He is also acknowledged for serving many needy people. He has rescued various females against harassment cases and Acid victims. He is Pakistan’s pre-eminent content creator for Social media campaign and Marketing who is serving for Pakistan’s leading and highest rated Satellite television network, Ary Digital. As a social media influencer, he practically help humanity using his reach.

Waqar Zaka Shows

  1. Living On the Edge
  2. Xposed
  3. King of Street Magic
  4. Desi Kudiyan
  5. The Cricket Challenge
  6. Main Banoonga Minister
  7. Champions With Waqar Zaka
  8. Headphone Show

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include