Zahid Ahmed

Zahid Ahmed

Zahid Ahmed

If talent had a face then it would definitely look like Zahid Ahmed who besides all the ups and downs of life never lose hope and through his struggle, he became an inspiration for millions of people. He is one of the successful actors of the Pakistani showbiz industry and is improving with each performance. This article contains detailed information about him including Zahid Ahmed Biography and Zahid Ahmed Dramas.

Name:Zahid Ahmed
In Urdu:زاہد احمد
Famous As:Actor
Education:Graduation in Marketing
Alma Mater:Preston University
Profession:Actor, Rj and Model
Debut Drama:Mehram
Years Active:2006-present
Awards :Best Actor in a negative role
Date:20th September 1984
Spouse:Amna Zahid
Children:Zaviyar Zahid and Zayan Zahid
Parents:Not known
Siblings :None

Zahid Ahmed BiographyZahid Ahmed epic transformationZahid Ahmed with his wife at lux style awardsZahid Ahmed with his adorable sonsZahid Ahmed Dramas

Zahid Ahmed Biography

He is a delightful and irresistible actor who is fully devout to his career and is popular among people because of his melodic and sweet-sounding voice. Whatever he has achieved today is the result of his diligence of many years. He is indeed an inspiration for so many people who lose hope after failure. He has worked as an RJ and in theater in the past. He is married and is blessed with 2 sons.

Zahid date of birth

He was born on 20th September 1984 in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently he still resides there with his family.

Education of Zahid

He holds the degree of Graduation in Marketing that he attained from Preston College.

Zahid Ahmed Interview

He gave a guest appearance in Faysal Qureshi’s show Salam Zindagi in which he demonstrated his life experiences, his ups, and downs of life, his disappointments, his failures, his financial issues, his marital issues, his courage, his will power, and his determination. His story inspired thousands of people and made him recognizable more.

Career Details

Initial Career

He started his professional life by working in an IT company designated as a Chief Operating Officer in 2011. The same year he got married and went on his honeymoon trip to Malaysia but that trip proved to be disfavor for him as he came to know that the company in which he was working is a fraud. He came back to Pakistan with empty hands and an empty mind where his marital life was about to collapse. In 2012 he met with a horrible accident which results in spine damage which put him on the bed for almost 4 months.

Worked as an RJ

In 2012 he got a radio show The Bumper2Bumper Gaming Show which broadcasted on drive Fm 89.9. He got the show because of his voice but unfortunately after doing this show, his spinal got more damage due to which he had to left the show. Prior he also did a show on Fm 89 from 2002 to 2003.

Spinal Surgery

In 2012 he was recommended the spinal surgery by the head of PIMS Islamabad after which he got able to move and walk finally. The same year he again got a job in the office of PTV where the Head of PTV noticed his  English and hired him full time to launch PTV WORLD the English channel but unfortunately, in 2013 the head got fired from his job and he left in the company without a boss. 

Theater Work

In 2013 he did theater with legendary Anwar Maqsood where he played the role of Jinnah in ‘SAWA’ 14th August for which his wife also supported him. He did great hard work for that role and also lost 22kgs and went with the hair solution to get himself fit in the role. He did theater for almost a year but left that job too because of his corrupt producer and once again his fate left him on the roads of Karachi with empty hands. Prior to this he first did his theater play in 2006 in Islamabad.

As an Actor

After all, the miseries of life 2014 proved to be a blessed year for him as he got noticed by a lady from a production house. He called him for the auditions in which he got selected. He gave a debut on a small screen in drama serial “mehram’ in which he did a splendid job opposite Ayesha Khan. After this serial, he got recognized by many producers and directors. He was also honored with the Best Actor in a negative role Award for his acting in drama serial ‘Alvida’ opposite Sarah Khan and Sanam Jung. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that today he has achieved the heights of success with his patience, hard work and dedication. 
He is a versatile actor who never afraid to accept the challenging roles and ‘Ishq Zah e Naseeb’ is proof of his versatility. He is currently busy shooting a number of projects and soon going to make a debut on a big screen.

Zahid Ahmed dramas

  1. Mehram
  2. Alvida
  3. Jugnoo
  4. Tum Mere Pass Rajo
  5. Sangat
  6. Zara Yaad Kar
  7. Besharam
  8. Kitni girhain baqi hain
  9. Mor Mahal
  10. Naimat
  11. Mera Kia Qasoor Tha
  12. Dil e Janam
  13. Tou Dil ka kia hua
  14. Pujaran
  15. Gustakh Dil
  16. Daldal
  17. Pukaar
  18. Visaal
  19. Dil dia gallan
  20. Ishq Zehnaseeb
  21. Mein Na Janon

List of Movies

  1. Jhol
  2. Sorry: A Love Story

List of Radio Shows

  1. The Breakfast Show 
  2. The Rush Hour 
  3. The Bumper2Bumper Gaming Show 

Stage Shows

  1. It Runs in the Family
  2. Bombay Dreams
  3. Home is where your Clothes Are
  4. Phantom of the Opera
  5. Run for your Wife
  6. Sawa 14 August
  7. Half Plate
  8. Pawnay 14 August

Social Media Handles

His social media handles include

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