Yashma gill

Yashma gill

Yashma gill

If we talk about style Diva, then Yashma Gill inevitably would be at the top of the list who knows how to carry the eastern and as well as western style with full grace and confidence. She started her acting career probably in 2016, yet with time, Yashma has made millions of fans across the globe in a short time. Her spiritual journey made everyone speechless and could stop themselves from praising this young actress. She is also running her Youtube channel. This article has all the information about Gill, including Yashma Gill Biography and Yashma Gill Dramas.

Name:Yashma gill
In Urdu:یشما گل
Famous As:Actress
Profession:Model, Vj and Actress
Debut Drama:Mari Saheli Meri Bhabhi
Years Active:2016-present
Debut Movie:Wrong Number 2
Height:5ft 6 inch
Date:20th November 1989
Parents:Not Known

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Yashma Gill Biography

Yashma, a name which was introduced in 2016 in the Pakistani Television industry, is now known to almost everyone because with her talent she has enhanced her fan following. Apart from the actress, she is also a model and Vj. Very few people know that she also appeared as a child star in a few commercials before becoming Vj. Her journey from being an atheist to Muslim is commendable. With time Yashma has succeeded in establishing her place in the industry with having any links in the industry.

Yashma date of birth

Gill was born on 20th November 1989 in Karachi. She has spent a few years abroad, but currently, she is living in Karachi.

Education of Gill

Yashma has a degree of Bachelors in Psychology that she acquired from Australia.

Yashma Gill Religion

  • In 2019 she introduced everyone with her spiritual journey from an atheist to Muslim when she revealed the details in Rewind with Samina. There was a time when she didn’t have believe in God due to the family problems she went through during her childhood. She had a lot of questions related to religion and Islam that remained unanswered until she met a Hijabi girl in her university that changed her life in the best possible way.
  • Her friend insisted her to fast the whole month of Ramzan and give her 100% to it on which she wholeheartedly agreed on just to prove her wrong. After straight one month she didn’t feel satisfied and left everything again. A few days later, she found that anxiety coming back that vanished for the past one month that she couldn’t realize. Soon Yashma found a job in Australia that would be the solution of half of his problems. Suddenly she realised that what one month of prayer has done to her. Currently, gill is a practising Muslim.

Showbiz Career

  • It’s been a few years when she started her career in 2016 with the drama serial ‘Meri Saheli Meri bhabhi’, though her role was short in that drama. Yet, she won the hearts with her lively acting, and after that, we got to see her in several serials one after another. Yashma has worked with many polished actors from the industry and received equal appreciation. In 2017 her drama serial ‘Qurban’ and in 2018 her serial ‘Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta Hai’ gave her fame, and people started praising her acting.
  • Yashma also became a part of one of the spiritual dramas ‘Alif’ opposite Hamza Ali Abbasi. Her romantic comedy serial ‘Pyar Ke Sadqai’ starring Yumna Zaidi and Bilal Abbas Khan is a treat to watch. In 2019 Gill made her big-screen debut in the movie ‘Wrong Number 2’ in a supporting role.

Yashma Gill Dramas

  • Meri Saheli Meri bhabhi
  • Iltija
  • Ghar titli ka par
  • Kahan ho tum
  • Ki Jaana Mein kon
  • Ab daikh Khuda Kia Karta ha
  • Umme Haniya
  • Haara Dil
  • Kab Mere Kehlaogai
  • Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja
  • Kis Din Mera Viyah Hoga 2
  • Ghari Do Ghari
  • Do Tola Pyar
  • Gustakh Dil
  • Alif
  • Piya Naam Ka Diya
  • Khataakar
  • Pyar Kai Sadqai

List of Movies

  • Wrong Number 2

Social Media Handles

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