Sikandar Lashari
Sikandar Lashari

Sikandar Lashari was a session judge who was removed from this post after murdering a nineteen-year-old boy in a personal clash. Since 2014 he was in jail and after four years of imprisonment he was sentenced to death on 29 September 2018. This article has every detail about him, including Sikandar Lashari Biography.

Name:Sikandar Lashari
In Urdu:سکندر لاشاری
Residence:Hyderabad, Sindh
Profession:Session Judge
Children:Barkat Lashari, 1 daughter

Sikandar Lashari Biography

Sikandar Lashari Biography

Sikandar was a judge by profession but failed to keep his profession. He insulted his profession of giving justice to others by killing a teenager boy due to some personal reasons. Although he has complete knowledge of the law, still he took the law into his own hands.

He was arrested by police and remained in prison for four years, and after the decision to execute, he was hanged.


Sikandar with the help of his crime fellow Irfan Bengali murdered another judge’s son Aqib Shahani. Aqib was studying law from a Karachi’s private university. On 19 February 2014 on his way back to hometown along with his two sisters, cousin, and mother he was fired.

Aqib’s family told that reason for his murder was a love affair between Aqib and Sikandar’s daughter. Tracing the phone calls between Sikandar and target killers exposed the murderers.

Death Sentence

After his arrestment in 2014, he spent four years in prison. After four years on 29 September 2018, he was sentenced to death along with his crime partner.