Zulfi Bukhari

Zulfi Bukhari

Zulfi Bukhari

Zulfi Bukhari is Imran Khan’s close friend who has no position in Khan’s party PTI, but there is hardly any important event in the recent past in which his name has not been mentioned. This article has all the information about him, including Zulfi Bukhari Biography.

Name:Zulfi Bukhari
In Urdu:زلفی بخاری
Famous As:Close friend of Imran Khan
Nationality:Pakistani, British
Education:Brunel University of London
Parents:Wajid Bukhari

Zulfi Bukhari Biography

Zulfi Bukhari Biography

He is a successful business person having the ownership of a lot of companies and properties in the United Kingdom. PM considers him inevitable for his party. He also gives donations for cancer hospital Shukat Khanum. Besides political and business activities, he produced the famous film ‘Cake.’ that was selected at 91st academy awards for ‘best foreign language film.’

Zulfi Date of Birth

He was born on 3rd December 1980.


He is a successful businessman who owns a lot of property in London. Besides business activities, he works as an active and loyal member of PTI and is special assistant to PM Imran Khan.

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Role in the PTI

Whether it is to settle matters after Imran Khan divorces his second wife Reham Khan or to witness the marriage of the present wife Bushra Bibi, his name seems to be at the forefront. He is a British citizen and lives permanently in London with his wife and two sons, but his parents and other relatives are still in Pakistan.

During his stay in Pakistan, he is with Imran Khan almost all day. Bukhari is involved in the real estate business in the UK. In London too, Imran Khan is mostly hosted by him, and he has been seen repeatedly welcoming Imran Khan at London’s Heathrow Airport.

He oversees fundraising for Imran Khan in England and manages most of the events held in this regard.

Name in Black List or ECL

The issue of his departure for Saudi Arabia became heated when it was reported in the Pakistani media that Imran Khan had allegedly removed his name from the ECL to take him with him. After that, PTI supporters were seen arguing on social media that his name was not only in the ECL but in the blacklist.

The news was followed by a notification from the Interior Ministry issued by the ministry’s exit control section. Still, it was not clear on which list the name was included, for which he was given a six-day temporary permit. On media talk shows and social media, where Imran Khan was sharply criticized for taking  Bukhari with him, there was also a debate as to why Imran took him in such a situation.

In this regard, PTI Information Secretary Fawad Chaudhry told the BBC that PM was unaware that Bukhari’s name was on a list. He said that Bukhari has British citizenship so his name could not be in any such list and unnecessary controversy has been raised.

He further said that Zulfi Bukhari does not have a single rupee business in Pakistan and he has nothing to do with the financial affairs authorities in Pakistan, so how can his name be included in any list.

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Allegations of Spreading Covid-19 in Pakistan

He is accused of spreading coronavirus in Pakistan by letting Shia-Zaireen enter into Pakistan without being tested and quarantined.

Nomination for a New Post

It was reported on News Channels on 22nd August 2019 that the government has started preparations for the appointment of Special Assistant Bukhari as the Chairman of the PTDC Board. In this regard, the Cabinet Division has sent a summary to the Federal Cabinet for approval. Also, a panel of names for three members of the PTDC Board has been proposed.

Name in the Asian Style Magazine

On 14th June 2020, the UK-based ‘Asian Style Magazine’ released a list of the 5 South Asian men who wear best costumes (style icons), including actor Fawad Khan and Zulfi Bukhari from Pakistan. Bukhari is 2nd on the list, and his name has been included in the list because of his excellent style.

According to the magazine, he embellishes Eastern and Western clothing in the best possible way. Thanks to him, a new trend has been seen for Pakistani politicians.

Zulfi Bukhari and Imran Khan

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include