Waheed Murad

Waheed Murad

Waheed Murad

In the film world, Waheed Murad served as a hero, producer, scriptwriter, filmmaker, and singer. He performed in 1 Pashto movie, 115 Urdu flicks, 8 Punjabi films, and won 32 awards as the most excellent Producer and matchless Actor. ‘Chocolate Hero’ Waheed was probably the only hero of the world film industry, not just Pakistan, for whom these words were used. He is also known as the ‘Woman Killer’ because he casts a spell of his personality on the person in front of him. This article has all the information about Waheed, including Waheed Murad Biography and Waheed Murad Movies.

Name:Waheed Murad
In Urdu :وحید مراد‎
Famous As:Actor
Education:Masters in English Literature
Alma mater :University of Karachi
Profession:Actor, Producer, Screenwriter and Director
Years Active:1959-1983
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:2nd October 1938
Place:Sialkot, Punjab, British India (Now Pakistan)
Spouse:Salma Murad
Children:Adil Murad, Aaliya Murad and Saadia Murad
Parents:Nisar Murad
Siblings :None
Date:23rd November 1983
Rest Place:Lahore

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Waheed Murad Biography

Inebriated eyes on tanned complexion and superb dressing sense made the highly educated Murad the most popular film hero of his time. It is a testament to his popularity that in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, not only youngsters but also his rival heroes copied his hairstyle. He was a matchlessly modish and virtuoso Pakistani actor, and he upgraded the film industry’s image by brightening a small script with his talent. He is the recipient of numerous awards including, Sitara E Imtiaz by Pakistani Government.

Waheed date of Birth

Waheed, popularly known as ‘Vedo’ in the film world, was born on October 2, 1938, in Karachi to a wealthy family but was originally from Sialkot.

Education of Waheed

He received his early education from Karachi Grammar School, matriculated from Marie Colaco School Karachi, graduated from SM Arts, and then earned his Masters in English Literature from Karachi University.

Waheed Murad Family

His father, Nisar Murad, was a renowned film distributor. Nisar and his spouse Shirin had an only son Waheed. For their son, they liked Salma, daughter of Ibrahim Maker, a Memon industrialist from Karachi, therefore with their consent, Waheed got hitched with Salma on September 17, 1964. The couple was blessed with one son Adil and two daughters (Sadia and Alia). Sadia passed away in early childhood.

Showbiz Career

Initial Career

  • Waheed started his career as a producer with the film ‘Man Badalta Hai’ under his father’s established Film Arts. He first played a supporting role in the 1962 film ‘Olad.’ The ‘Olad’ was critically acclaimed and won the Nigar Award for year’s Best Picture. He appeared as a hero for the first time in the movie ‘Heera and Pathar’ which was marked as a great success. In 1966, he worked in his production ‘Arman’ under the direction of Pervez Malik, which surpassed all the records of box office and completed seventy-five weeks in the theater and made him the first superstar of Pakistani films. 
  • In 1967, he was starred in super hit films like ‘Dewar Bhabhi,’ ‘Doraha,’ ‘Insaniyat,’ and ‘Maa Baap.’ In 1969, the plot of his film ‘Ishara,’ which he produced, directed, wrote and starred in, failed at the box office. His 1st Punjabi movie was ‘Mastaana Mahi,’ which he made himself and directed by Iftikhar Khan. His life’s last movie, ‘Hero,’ was directed by his close friend Iqbal Yousaf and was released two years after his demise. In his 25-year career, he has teamed up with many divas, including Shamim Ara, Alia, Nelo, Zeba, Deeba, Babra Shareef, and Shabnam. 
  • He has appeared in 124 films, including 38 in black and white and 86 in color. He has also acted as a guest actor in 6 films, including ‘Saathi,’ which was released in 1959. Waheed Murad had a command in filming songs. In his songs, ‘Shararti,’ ‘Nat Khat,’ and romantic songs, it doesn’t look like he is acting. In the same way, in sad songs, the pain would be evident on his faces, while the dialogues would be performed in such a beautiful way that the viewers would be amazed.

Fall Time

  • The beginning of the ’80s brought him misfortunes. In 1983, he had a terrible accident and suffered severe facial injuries. He stayed in the hospital for months, his beautiful face did not stay as fresh and attractive as before, and the film’s world started turning away from him. As soon as he crossed the 40, his stardom began to wane, even though he could still do a lot with his talent. Attempts were made to limit him to supporting roles, on which he made his film, ‘Hero, with high hopes.  
  • He thought that this film would make him a hero again, and it was possible, but he could not see it and was found dead in a room in Karachi on November 23, 1983, before its release. He had eaten betel leaf shortly before his death, but no one knows what was in it because the dead body was not analyzed or postmortem. The film was later released in 1985.

Waheed Murad Death

Waheed, who maintained his popularity and fame in the film world for 25 years, passed away on November 23, 1983, when he was 45 years old. He was embedded in Gulberg Graveyard in Lahore. News of his death spread like wildfire, and the studios in Lahore were closed. Many showbiz artists and his fans attended his funeral.

Waheed Murad Movies

Diamond Jubilee Movie

  1. Shabaana

List of Platinum Movies

  1. Awaaz
  2. Anjumann
  3. Armaan
  4. Ishq Meraa Naa

List of Golden Jubilee Movies

  1. Daaman
  2. Olaad
  3. Kaniz
  4. Heera Aur Pathar
  5. Ehsaan
  6. Dewar Aur Bhabhi
  7. Salgiraa
  8. Dil Mera Dhadkan Tere
  9. Andaleeb
  10. Mastana Maahi
  11. Neend Hamaari Khuwaab Tmhaare
  12. Bahaaro Phool Barsaao
  13. Khalish
  14. Tm Salamat Raho
  15. Dolat Aur Duniyaa
  16. Dushman
  17. Phool Meray Gulshan Kaa
  18. Shamaa
  19. Jogi
  20. Muhabbat Zindagii Hei
  21. Soorat Aur Seerat
  22. Parakhh
  23. Jb Jb Phool Khilaay
  24. Behan Bhai
  25. Khudaa Aur Muhabbat
  26. Payari
  27. Kiran Aur Kalii
  28. Kalaa Dhanda Goray Log

List of Silver Jubilee Movies

  1. Josh
  2. Eid Muabarak
  3. Baho Begham
  4. Bhaiya
  5. Jag Utha Insaan
  6. Phr Subhaa Ho Ge
  7. Doraaha
  8. Maa Baap
  9. Insaaniyat
  10. Rishta Hai Payar Kaa
  11. Isharaa
  12. Jahan Tm Wahan Ham
  13. Samandar
  14. Afsaana
  15. Ladlaa
  16. Aik Nageena
  17. Bewafaa
  18. Chaand Suraj
  19. Hill Station
  20. Nasib Apna Apna
  21. Jaal
  22. Dolat Aur Dunya
  23. Zindagii Aik Safar Hei
  24. Payar He Payar
  25. Anhonii
  26. Nanha Farishtaa
  27. Haqiqat
  28. Waqat
  29. Zubaidaa
  30. Dedaar
  31. Wadaa
  32. Gonj Uthi Shehnae
  33. Nazraana
  34. Apkaa Khaadim
  35. Apne Hwe Paraaye
  36. Waaday Ke Zanjeer
  37. Nishaani
  38. Taraana
  39. Yahaan Say Wahaan Tak
  40. Chotaay Nawaab
  41. Zameer
  42. Gun Man
  43. BadNaam
  44. Gheraao
  45. Mere Apnay
  46. Hero
  47. Maang Mere Bhar Do
  48. I Love You
  49. Ahaat
  50. Dil Nay Phir Yaad Kiyaa
  51. Pakhtoon Pay Wilaayat Kamba

Guest Appearance

  1. Baaji
  2. Sathiyaa
  3. Be Gunaah
  4. Parwah Nahein
  5. Khushyaan
  6. Aj De Taaza Khabar

As a Producer

  1. Insan Badaltaa Hei
  2. Heera Aur Pathar
  3. Jab Say Dekha Hei Tmhain
  4. Samndar
  5. Ehsaan
  6. Armaan
  7. Naseeb Apna Apna
  8. Hero
  9. Jal
  10. Mastaana Mahi

As a Director

  1. Ishaara
  2. As a Writer
  3. Hero
  4. Ishara
  5. Ehsaan Armaan

Social Media Handles

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