UAE Currency Rate in Pakistan

UAE Currency Rate in Pakistan

UAE Currency Rate in Pakistan

Every country has its own unique currency that is used in exchanging goods and products. The currency is only valid in its parent country and cannot be used in a different country unless through money exchange branches. For example, the currency for the United States of America is US Dollar. The US Dollar can only be used in America and not any other country.

Thus, a currency is unique for every country, and it can only be defined as a system of money. Each currency is defined by the government of that country and can be traded between different countries through foreign exchange markets.

Foreign Exchange Market

The foreign exchange markets determine the exact value of the different countries. There are different currency converters in the foreign exchange markets such as Skrill, the Western Union, MoneyGram, and XE that help people, tourists, and businessmen in converting currencies of different countries at reasonable rates.

The Pakistani Rupee, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Pounds Sterling, US Dollar, Euros, Canadian Dollar, and Australian Dollar, are all an example of currencies and these currencies can only be used in their respective country, thus they are not valid in other countries.

For the United Arab Emirates, the currency is Dirham, and the UAE currency rate in Pakistan is 46.46 Pakistani rupee. As of 2nd October, the rate of UAE currency in Pakistan will not be the same any other day as the currency rates for every country change every hour. Currently, 1 AED to PKR is equal to 46.49 Pakistani Rupee.

                     Title                  Description
Name:UAE Currency Rate in Pakistan
Pakistani Currency:PKR
UAE Currency:AED and Dirham
1 AED to PKR46.49 Rupee ( 7th October 2021)
AED to PKR Currency Converter:

UAE currency rate


The currency of the UAE is also known as the Emirati Dirham, and it is denoted by AED. Dirham Coins were introduced in UAE in 1973; they came in the forms of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and so on. However, the UAE government issued the order for currency notes instead of coins in 1976.

After two years, in 1978, Dirham became an officially pegged note for the special drawing rights of the IMF. The UAE Currency rate in Pakistan today is equal to 46.46 Pakistani Rupee. Furthermore, the Currency rate of UAE in Pakistan has always been changing, just like any other currency of a country. In 2000, the UAE currency rate in Pakistan was 43.04 Pakistani Rupees, and since then, we have seen only a 3.42 difference in the increase in the UAE Dirham.

The reason between the decline and incline is due to the country’s monetary policies and high inflation. When the interest rates of a country are low, the demand for investments in the home country for foreigners decreases, and therefore, the currency rates decrease and vice versa. These two are the main factors that cause an increase and decrease in the Currency rate of UAE in Pakistan.

Currency Converter

A currency converter is a website that allows anyone to convert one currency of a country to another currency. The website works by using exchange rates to show similarities in the values of two currencies. Moreover, there are different types of currency converter software and websites to convert currencies. For example,

  • UAE Dirhams can be converted to Pakistani Rupees,
  • US dollars to Canadian Dollars, and so on.

It takes the software less than ten seconds to determine the value of a currency in another country. For example, the UAE currency rate in Pakistan today is 46.46 Pakistani Rupee and the US currency rate in Pakistan today is 170.75 Pakistani Rupee. The US dollar has always had a higher value in Pakistan. This is because the United States of America has always been the highest currency holding competitor for Pakistan.


The currency converter is very useful for tourists who visit other countries for business overseas or the people involved in imports and exports. They can use a universal currency converter to quickly determine the value of a currency and convert it into any other currency. The software or website of currency conversion uses the most recent market prices.

Western union tracking

Western Union

Western Unions are an example of currency exchange. It is available in countries such as the United States of America, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates, making it easier for people to convert one currency into another quickly.

Apart from that,

Currency converters are a big help for international import and export businesses. The websites help people in business in determining the sale and purchase profits of different goods and services in a country. One of the primary uses of currency conversion is in Forex trading.

The software offers the power to record and track significant changes in the valuations of exchange rates in real-time. Common currency converters are offered by Yahoo! and XE.

Fun Fact; Currency converters are common in airports!

UAE currency to PKR

Any tourist, businessman, or a common person can visit the nearest foreign exchange markets such as Western Union to get their currencies converted into another country’s currency. For example, suppose they are visiting Pakistan and have come from UAE, and they need to convert UAE currency to PKR. In that case, any nearest foreign exchange market can help them in converting UAE Dirham to Pakistan.

If you send Dirhams to your loved ones in Pakistan, you can do so with the help of the Western Union. They offer the best exchange rates that are currently at 1 AED = 46.4879 PKR. Other popular foreign exchange service providers include Skrill, MoneyGram, and XE.

Pakistani currency

Pakistan vs. UAE currency

There is a huge value difference of Pakistani Rupee in UAE. The Pakistani Rupee is only worth 0.022 United Arab Emirates Dirham, whereas UAE Dirham’s value in Pakistan is 46.46 Pakistani rupee. The reason for such a high difference is due to the monetary policies and inflation rates in Pakistan being hefty.

The high inflation rates in certain items in Pakistan, such as food and oil, are the main reason why the currency of Pakistan is lower than the United Arab Emirates. The UAE currency rate in Pakistan in 2018 was 37.88, and it increased by a figure of 8.58 by the year 2021.

Apart from that, people coming to visit from UAE to Pakistan are at an advantage due to the high value of Dirham in Pakistan. Therefore, they have a great opportunity to invest in the country and gain huge profits. But, on the other hand, people who go from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates have a very hard time making money and growing profits because it is very difficult to earn in the UAE.

Frequently asked questions 

Q: What is the Currency of UAE?

A: The currency of UAE is Dirham which is also denoted by AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham). The Dirham is in the form of fils, and the coins are divided into 100 fils. Also, the UAE currency is in coins as well as notes.

Q: How to write UAE currency?

A: The UAE currency is in Dirham, and it is denoted by AED, which stands for United Arab Emirates Dirhams.

Q: How much currency can I take to UAE?

A: A person traveling from a different country is allowed to carry no more than 100,000 AED; any amount exceeding the limit will be added to customs.

Q: What is the UAE currency rate in Pakistan today?

A: The UAE currency rate in Pakistan today is 46.46 Pakistani Rupee, and it will increase or decrease any other day depending on the country’s conditions. There are two major factors that determine the changes in currencies of a country; monetary policies and inflation rates of a country.

Q: What is the currency rate of 1 United States Dollar in UAE?

A: 1 US dollar is currently equal to 3.6725 United Arab Emirates Dirham. The currency rates of the individual countries change each day and hour. You can look up currency exchange rates online for more details.

UAE Currency Rate in Pakistan

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