Oman Currency Rate in Pakistan

Oman Currency Rate in Pakistan

Oman currency rate in Pakistani rupees

Oman is an Arabian sultanate on the southeast coast of Arabian Headland. Oman has been an independent state for more than ten years. It is an Islamic state with Muscat as its Capital and largest city. Moreover, the Omani territory is shared by the borders of Iran and Pakistan, and the UAE encircles its Musandam and Madha enclaves on their borders of land.

Apart from that, Its strategic geographic positioning formed the basis of mutual benefits between the two states as a trading hub. This article will talk about the growth of Oman economically and its development in the last 60 years. The currency of Oman is the Omani rial. Currently, the Oman currency rate in Pakistan is 444.75 Pakistani Rupee.

Oman Currency Rate in Pakistan today

Oman Currency Rate in Pakistan Today

Oman has high importance in the World’s top countries because it is a member of the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the United Nations, and the organization of Islamic Cooperation. Moreover, the Omani Empire is known for its significant reserves for oil, and it is ranked 22nd globally. In addition, Oman was officially recognized as the only country to have improved in terms of development in 2010 by the United Nations Development Programme.

The Oman currency rate in Pakistan today is 444.72 Pakistani Rupees. You can stay updated with the currency rates through foreign exchange markets such as Forex, XE, and Western Union.

Moreover, Oman has secured its position in having a significantly higher economy through tourism, agricultural produce, trading fish, and producing dates. According to the Global Peace Index, Oman0 is also ranked at 69th position for being the most peaceful country in the World.

Oman Currency Rate

Oman places a significant role in generating and receiving most of its revenues from the US dollars; thus, it has maintained steady growth in the value of its currency. The Oman currency rate in Pakistan today is 444.72 Pakistani Rupee; this is the highest value of Omani Rial currency that they have reached in the last five years. If we talk about the year 2016, the currency rate of Oman in Pakistan was 26.53 Pakistani Rupee, and now it is above 440 Pakistani Rupee.

The reason for not providing the actual rate of the Omani Rial is the frequent changes in the value of all currencies. They keep changing from time to time; therefore, the exact value is not considered. You can use different methods such as websites, software, and tools to calculate the currency rate in Pakistan of any country.

Reason for the high value of Omani Rial

The Omani Rial is the 3rd strongest currency in the World. Foreign exchange market rates 1 Omani Rial as 2.60 US Dollars; thus, a lot of people are surprised by the fact that the economy of Oman is not strong enough. Do you know that the Omani Rial, at the time of its introduction, was equal to 2.89 US Dollars? And the Oman currency rate in Pakistan is 444.72 Pakistani Rupees today on 19th October 2021.

To make things clear, having a strong economy does not necessarily mean that the country has a strong currency. Instead, the economy currently plays a vital role in determining the face value of the currency. Any country has the power to set a particular value to their currency as long as it is fair and reasonable.

Oman Currency Rate in Pakistan 100 baisa

Factors that affect the Currency Value

  • Inflation
  • Market instability
  • Devaluation
  • International policies

The countries that seem to have stable economic growth have a constant value of their currency. The US Dollar is the only country referred to by the whole World due to the stable economy of the United States of America.

Oman has been supplying its oil to the US and the rest of the World, and this is another reason why the Omani Rial is the 3rd strongest currency in the World, next to Kuwait and Bahrain Dinar.

Concept of the Omani Rial

The Omani Rial was introduced in divisions of one thousand baisa. The most common and reasonable dividing concept that some countries follow is keeping their currencies divided into 100 units. That is the first reason why the currency of Oman is so high. Moreover, to make the Baisa of Oman worthy, the country first had to put a high value on the Omani Rial.

Therefore, the Kuwaiti and Bahrain Dinar applied the same subdivision of 100 valuable units compared to the other countries subdivided into 100 divisions. With that said, Oman has maintained the value of its currency for over fifty years. Another reason for the high value of Omani Rial is the strong relationship between Oman and the United States of America.

The worth of Omani Rial since 1986 has been 2.6 US Dollars. Also, the Oman currency rate in Pakistan keeps changing with time. The economy of Oman is pegged on oil prices, as the country itself is the leading producer of oil in the World. Because oil is significantly valued in the United States, Oman receives a lot of its revenue in US dollars. Therefore, in order to maintain the high value of its currency, Oman holds on to those Us Dollars.

Muscat Oman Currency Rate in Pakistan

How to check the currency rate of any country

Nowadays, technology has significantly grown, and people have created various applications, websites, and software to calculate the currency rate in Pakistan and other countries. The tools used in calculating the rate of currency in any country operate by algorithms and changes in the rates of foreign exchange markets.

Moreover, the Oman currency rate in Pakistan can also be calculated through these tools. Also, another calculation of the currency rate of Oman in India is 195.48 Indian Rupee. You can visit some reliable and standard websites that provide fundamental changes in rates of different countries under one streamlined platform. The names for the top currency exchange markets for 2021 are given below:

1- Forex

Forex is running in the tops by providing accurate international currency rates. It also has different subcategories for Pakistan open market rates and inter Bank rates of Pakistan. Moreover, there are more than a hundred countries from top to bottom listed on their site. is Pakistan’s number one currency rates portal that keeps updating by the minute. You can view currency rates in US Dollars, Pakistani Rupee, euros, etc.

2- XE

XE is a globally known currency exchange market. The XE website has been professionally designed to give users an easy way to navigate. Moreover, they offer other financial services besides the international currency rates in the World.

Furthermore, the site is free to use and features an excellent currency rate tool. It is also multilingual and provides the users with strong support and services.  The only downside of the XE website is that the exchange rates are only offered when actual transactions take place.

3- Western Union

Western Union has its branches all across the World, and its website is available to every user as well. Western Union is common in Pakistan as well as the United States of America. Users can use this platform to get information on the currency rates of a different country. They can also use this platform to transfer international currencies at affordable rates.

For example, the Oman currency rate in Pakistan through the western union is also around 444.72 Pakistani Rupee. If anyone living in Oman wishes to send financial assistance to their loved ones living in Pakistan, they can send money through the platform of Western Union.

oman currency exchange rate in pakistan

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