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2017-03-13 10:50:38The City School
Established in Karachi in 1978, The City School is today one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan with branches in all the major cities across the country. It currently has 185 schools in 52 cities with over 126,000 students in 458 owned and franchised schools. The City School continues to expand its reach to meet the demands for quality education.[1]TCS About
  • Details
  • Motto:

    I am to Learn

  • In Urdu:

    سٹی سکول

  • Type:


  • Group Chairperson:

    Farzana Firoz

  • Enrollment:


  • Campus:


  • Established:


  • Students:

    126 000+

  • Colors:

    Maroon , Blue , Yellow , White , Grey

  • Aim:

    develop each one of our students into true learners, individuals who always seek to broaden their perspective and to face life’s challenges with courage and conviction.

  • Provide Course:


  • curriculum builds:

    sound foundation for future learning

  • vision:

    defines our goals and ambitions

  • Location:

    Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Oman

  • In Cities:


  • Number Of schools :


  • Branches:


  • TCS Acheive:

    personal satisfaction and progress

  • Campus:


  • Campuses provide:

    essential academic and recreational facilities

  • Nickname:


  • Affiliation:


  • Mascot:


  • Athletics :


  • Faculty:

    8 000+

  • Website:

The City School Overview and History

Established in Karachi in 1978, The City School is today one of the largest private school networks in Pakistan with branches in all the major cities across the country. It currently has 185 schools in 52 cities with over 126,000 students in 458 owned and franchised schools. The City School continues to expand its reach to meet the demands for quality education. The knowledge and skills-based curriculum derived from the UK national curriculum guides students from Nursery to Cambridge International Examinations (for the 16 and 18 year age group), qualifying them for the IGCSE, and O and A Level examinations. The uniform implementation of the curriculum gives parents, students, and teachers the advantage of a smooth and efficient transfer from one school to another within the system.[2] TCS Overview

Academic Philosophy

Graduates from The City School secure positions in top universities worldwide. Our students, according to Cambridge International Examinations annual results analysis, are amongst the highest achievers in their city, their country and, in some cases, in the world. The curriculum encourages a student-centred approach where learners have an active role in their learning process and develop the skills and ability to make a significant contribution to society. Its particular strength lies in the integration of digital media and ICTs in an array of learning programmes. The City School provides more than 120 courses each year across the age ranges and revises them in accordance with the cumulative experience of its teachers and pupils. The selection of teachers is based on their experience as curriculum developers and syllabus writers. In addition, we regularly appoint curriculum consultants from the UK to lead teams of The City School teachers in revising their curriculum and syllabi. The City School curriculum and methodology is designed specifically to ensure a smooth transition in teaching and learning from the primary sector through the middle years and on to the final two years of the public examinations’ syllabi. Digital media and ICTs in The City School Network are shaping the methodology of delivering online education and adding efficiency, convenience, interactivity and outreach to the array of learning programmes we offer. The City School has taken the initiative of implementing a state-of-the-art Classroom/ Learning Management System capable of providing its students with academic resources anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstances. The City School promotes and encourages co-curricular activities in all of its campuses. Students are encouraged to learn new skills, take responsibility, assume leadership, work under a leader, organise events, conduct programmes and experience real-life situations.[3] TCS Philosphy Overview

Mission Statement

  • Oor Philosophy
  • Continuous Human Resource Development
  • Our Goal
  • Academic Excellence
  • Our Commitment
  • Total Satisfaction
  • Our Culture
  • Professionalism[4] TCS Statement 

Group Chairpersons Message

Millennia ago, Socrates claimed that, “To say ‘I know’ is to close one’s mind to knowledge”. Channelling that spirit at The City School, our motto is ‘I Am To Learn’, because we too believe that learning is limitless. We aim to develop each one of our students into true learners, individuals who always seek to broaden their perspective and to face life’s challenges with courage and conviction. For us, education is a pursuit that goes far beyond a qualification. While we aim to help our students excel in the course they are studying, we also hope to instil in them a thirst for learning throughout their lives.  At The City School, our teachers, students, and parents work together to realise this goal.[5]  Group Chairperson’s Message 

The City School Facilities

The City School
The City School

Purpose-built Campuses

All purpose-built campuses provide the essential academic and recreational facilities.


Practical classrooms are available for art, science, design, technology and music lessons.


Science laboratories are equipped with modern scientific equipment to facilitate practical work necessary for senior examinations.


The City School
The City School
Art is the medium of instruction at primary level and is also thoroughly enjoyed by students at the middle school level.

Computer Labs

State-of-the-art computer labs provide access to advanced interactive technology throughout our schools at all stages. Students are acquainted with Information and Communications Technology at grass-roots level. The latest software as per the requirements of IGCSE curriculum is also available for students.


TCS Libraries are run by qualified and experienced librarians. Our well stocked libraries support the curriculum programmes in our schools while encouraging students to carry out their own research work.


The City School
The City School
Music is offered as a subject at various levels and is an important component of our Early Years Programme.

The City School Pakistan Campuses

CitySchool NameClass LevelSchool AddressTelephoneEmailGenderRegion
AbbottabadTCS Senior Section Abbottabad Class 6 - O LevelHouse No. CB-01 Rehmatullah Khan Road Oposite CMH Family Wing-Abbottabad Region
AbbottabadTCS Junior Abbottabad Class 3 - Class 5House No. 233-A,Street No 1, Jinnahabad- Abbottabad0992-385307, Region
AbbottabadThe City Nursery AbbottabadPG - Class 2House No. 407, Street No 3, Jinnahabad- Region
AttockAttock Campus PG - O Level & MatricKamra Road, Near Takbeer Colony Attock City 057-2703577, Region
BahawalpurBahawalpur Campus PG to Class 11, A-Level & MatricYazman Road, Bahawalpur062-2023196-98 To Class 5 & A Level (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 & Matric (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
BahawalpurThe City Nursery, Bahawalpur PG to Class 2Noor Mahal Road, Dubai Chowk Behind Circuit House, Bahawalpur062-2874912 region
BannuBannu CampusPG - O Level & MatricKatchry Road, Sokari Karim-Bannu0928-620353, Region
BurewalaBurewala Campus PG to Class 11Bangla Canal Link Chichawatni Road Burewala To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
ChakwalChakwal Campus PG - O LevelNear Murid Airbase, Talagang Road, Region
ChashmaChashma Nursery PG - Class 5Gernali Road, Near Green Lagon Hotel, Kundian-Chashma Region
D.G. KhanD.G Khan Campus PG to Class 11 & MatricNew Defence View Housing Society, Jampur Road near Indus University, Dera Ghazi Khan064-2471127 to Class 5 (Co-Education) Class 6 - 11 & Matric (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls)Central region
D.G. KhanThe City Nursery, Civil Line PG to Class 217-18, Block 23, Civil Lines, Dera Ghazi Khan region
D.I. KhanD.I. Khan CampusP.G. - O level & MatricNear Zakori Grave Yard, Darban Road, Dera Ismail Khan0966-852165, Region
FaisalabadThe City School Junior Section, Civil Lines P.G. to Class 5P-57/3, Bilal Street, Bilal Road, New Civil Lines, Faisalabad region
FaisalabadThe City School Junior Section, People's Colony P.G. to Class 5House # 146-B Chen-One Road, Peoples Colony # 1, Faisalabad 041-8547563 region
FaisalabadChenab Campus, Faisalabad PG to Class 11, A-Level & MatricEast Canal Road, Near Raza Garden, Faisalabad 041-8522490 041-8522890 to Class 2 & A Levels (Co-Education), Class 3 to Class 11 & Matric (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
GujranwalaThe City Nursery, DC RoadPG to Class 211 D.C, Road Gujranwala region
GujranwalaThe City School Junior Section, Gujranwala Cantt PG to Class 7H#CB 137, (new 79), Quaid Azam Avenue Allama Iqbal Town,  Gujranwala region
GujranwalaThe City School Junior Section, Gujranwala CanalPG to Class 5Main Sialkot Bypass Road, Gujranwala055-3204646 region
GujranwalaGujranwala Campus Class 3 to A LevelMain Sialkot Bypass Road, Near GIFT University, Gujranwala055-3892475 Sections for  Boys & GirlsCentral region
GujratGujrat Campus PG to Class 11In front of Caltex Petrol Pump, Near Airport Chowk Bhimber Road Gujrat To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
HyderabadJinnah Campus Class 3 to O Level, A-Level & FScPlot#201, Sehrish Nagar, Qasimabad, Region
HyderabadLiaquat Campus Kohsar PG to Class 11 & FScPlot No. 505 & 506, Kohsar Housing Scheme, Phase-V, Airport Road, Hyderabad Region
HyderabadNursery Branch (Latifabad)PG, Nur & KGPlot No. A-17, Beside: BBQ Tonight, Main Road, Latifabad, Region
HyderabadPre Junior Branch Latifabad Class 1Bungalow # A-5, Unit No. 3, Latifabad, Region
HyderabadJunior Branch (Latifabad) Class 2 & 33-A/113, Unit#3, Latifabad Hyderabad 022-2100322, Region
HyderabadNursery Branch QasimabadPG, Nur & KGBunglow No 8 & 12, Block II, London Town Housing Society, Qasimabad, Region
HyderabadPre Junior Branch QasimabadClass 1 & 2A-6, Block II, London Town Near Jinnah Campus, Qasimabad Region
IslamabadCapital Campus, Islamabad Class 1 to A levelsPitras Bokhari Road (Near Shifa International Hospital), Sector H-8/1- Islamabad. 051-4939280,, 1 to 6 & A-level (Co-Education), Class 7 to Class 11 (Separate Classes)North Region
IslamabadE-11 CampusPG - O level & MatricPlot No 891, St 59, Sector E-11/3-Islamabad Region
IslamabadF-8 NurseryPG - Class 5House no 34, main Margalla road F-8/3 Islamabad Region
IslamabadG- 10 Nursery P.G - Class 2H#337 main sawan road, G-10/3 Islamabad. Region
IslamabadThe City Nursery, I-8/2 PG - KGHouse 21, Main Service road, Sector I-8/2-Islamabad Region
IslamabadThe City Nursery, PWD PG - KGHouse # 233-A, Block-A, Main PWD Road, PWD Housing Society, Islamabad Region
IslamabadPWD Junior Class 1 - Class 5House # 773, Street B 3-2, Block B, Police Foundation, PWD, Islamabad Region
IslamabadDHA CampusPG - O LevelAl Hajj Sher Sakhi Tower , Gul Plaza, Opposite DHA 2, Gate 1, Islamabad., Region
IslamabadG-15 NurseryPG - Class 2House No 70, Main double road, Khayaban-e-Kashmir, G-15/1- Region
JhangThe City Nursery, Civil LinesP.G to Class 23-A, Civil Lines, Jhang region
JhangJhang Campus Class 3 to Class 11 & MatricToba Tek Singh Road, Jhang Sections for Boys and GirlsCentral region
JhelumJhelum BranchPG - Class 11Opp. ARY2 CNG Station, GT, Road Kala Gujra, region
KarachiPAF Chapter PG to A-LevelShaheed-e-Millat Extension, Off Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi 021- ;(A-Level)Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiDefence Junior CampusClass 3TC 2 / I, Street 34, Khayaban - e - Rahat, Phase V, DHA, Karachi.021-3583904, Region
KarachiTCN Tipu Sultan PG - Class 214- Al Hamra Society, Tipu Sultan Road021-34383593 Region
KarachiKAECHS CampusPG - Class 5House No. D-11, Block 1, Karachi Administration Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Karachi.021-34376405, Region
KarachiPECHS TCN-III PG - Class 2147 Q, Block 2, PECHS, Region
KarachiTCN BahadurabadPG - Class 2398/3, Block 3, Siraj-ud-Dullah Road, PECHS, Karachi.021-34938746, Region
KarachiPECHS Junior A Class 3Plot No. 419, Block 3, BYJCHS, Bahadurabad, Karachi.021-34927859, Region
KarachiPECHS Junior B Class 4154 - N, Block 2, Khushal Road PECHS. 021-34555792, Region
KarachiPECHS Junior Boys Class 5 & 6144-C, B2, Hali Road, PECHS021-34558463, Region
KarachiPECHS Girls CampusClass 5 to Class 11Bungalow # 2,Block 3 Dar-ul-Aman Cooperative Housing Society, Shaheed-e-millat Road, Region
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School Inspection

The Department of Inspection and Quality Assurance (DIQA) was established in 2002. Since that time, the department has gone through a number of phases. It has moved from quality control and compliance to quality assurance and school improvement. Though mainly grounded in open inquiry, as are OFSTED Inspections, the system is unique and very pertinent to The City School Network. The framework of school inspection ascribes special significance to the rigour and quality of school self-review and subsequent school improvement planning. The Inspection Department aims to provide high level evaluation to ensure high quality education for all students in The City School.

Teams of inspectors

Teams of inspectors visit the schools and conduct an in-depth study of the activities that take place in the schools before making their assessments. Schools are expected to measure up to what is considered to be good practice at The City School (as detailed in the Handbook of School Inspection and Quality Assurance). The main focus of inspection is on student engagement, progress and achievement; quality teaching and curriculum implementation; a safe and caring environment; support and governance provided by the Regional and the Head Offices, and the role of the Head as an instructional leader. The assessment of a school is based on a variety of telling evidences that are collected by observing the lessons, examining the school environment and available resources, talking to students and teachers and analysing the relevant documents. Parents, being the third and complementary side of the triangle of learning, are also consulted and spoken with, to ascertain their expectations of the school. All information collected is recorded, analysed and compiled into a School Inspection Report. The first draft of the report is sent to the School Head who confirms that the facts mentioned in the report are correct. After confirmation of the report, copies are forwarded to the Regional Directors and senior management, who in turn are expected to initiate follow-up action for maintaining their areas of strength and overcoming any inadequacies mentioned in the reports. The schools are aware of this procedure and have great faith in the inspection process to generate an unbiased and comprehensive report of the school activities. School inspection reports provide schools with an external perspective of how they are performing so that they can set requisite targets and strive to achieve them before the next inspection cycle begins, as they are aware of what the inspection teams will look for. The schools are also supported to strengthen their self-review practices which help them to identify areas where improvement is needed and plan accordingly. The Regional Office academic staff supports the School Heads. All inspectors are senior academicians who are trained in the school inspection procedures and practices. Their professional development is given utmost importance and in-house training is organised during every academic session. The inspectors are also engaged in professional debate to enhance their analytical and evaluative skills.[6] TCS Inspection

Alumni Overview

Since the establishment of The City School in 1978, the TCS Alumni community has seen an exponential growth.  Throughout Pakistan and all over the world, TCS Alumni are making meaningful contributions to the societies they live in. The City School recognises the TCS Alumni community as a highly valuable asset, as it is the manifestation of the school’s excellence and competence. The TCS Alumni Association aims to cultivate a lifelong connection between the TCS Alumni and the school. In this regard we aim to provide opportunities for TCS Alumni to reconnect with their alma mater, to recognise their contributions towards the professional world, and encourage them to be involved with TCS in building a stronger alumni community.[7] TCS Alumni  

Academic Development

At TCS, academic and career guidance focuses on having up-to-date information and developing resources for higher education opportunities and career options, making important information more accessible. Each senior branch in the network has a guidance counsellor who can help you with these choices whether it is about local or international study, or career choices.[8] TCS Career


Students and their experiences are at the heart of The City School’s vision which defines our goals and ambitions. Students deserve a high quality education with an accessible and innovative curriculum. We believe that education should enhance students’ abilities to explore and question the nature of phenomena in the world around them. For all school years, we provide a knowledge and skills-based curriculum framework, which shares some common aims and objectives with the UK national curriculum for England. Our curriculum builds a sound foundation for future learning. The curriculum delivery methodology in the secondary school classrooms encourages a student-centred approach that, in keeping with Cambridge International Examinations’ (CIE) expectations, puts “the student at the heart of the learning process enabling them to play an active role in their own development”. Our expectation, therefore, is that when students have completed their secondary school studies, they do not have just a mastery of content but are also able to analyse, look at texts critically, make connections between subjects, and write effectively. With such skillsets and values, our students are valued highly by universities and employers in Pakistan and abroad. TCS curriculum documents for various subjects adopt a skills-based approach to teaching and learning. The curriculum, as such, is spiral in nature, i.e. the same concepts and skills will be taught at various times across the grades, but with increasing levels of complexity and sophistication as we move up.[9] TCS Curriculum

The City School Pakistan Campuses


Contact Info

The City School Head Office

  1. 31-Industrial Area, Gurumangat Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. Call : +92 42 35773069-77
  3. U.A.N: +92 42 111444-123
  4. Fax : +92 42 35773065

Central Region Office

  1. 31-Gurumangat Road, Industrial Area,
  2. Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.
  3. Call : +92 42 35773069-77
  4. Fax : +92 42 35773065

Northern Region Office

  1. Street 7, National Police Foundation, E-11/4, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  2. Call : +92 51 2228878-9, 2228937, 2228939
  3. Fax : +92 51 2228944

Southern Region Office

  1. Smart Tower
  2. Plot # C-10/2, Off Shahrah-e-Faisal, Lines Area, Sector 8/A, Opp. Finance & Trade Centre, Karachi
  3. Call : +92 21 32802976-80
  4. Fax : +92 21 34546895

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