Tania Aidrus

Tania Aidrus

Tania Aidrus

Tania Aidrus, a former Google executive, has amazed everyone within a few days with her initiative of leading Pakistan into the Digital Age. She is back in Pakistan after 20 years to serve the country for their bright future. She left her job in Singapore to head Imran Khan’s ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative. This article contains all the information about her incorporating Tania Aidrus Biography.

Name:Tania Aidrus
In Urdu:تانیہ ایدرس
Residence:Singapor, Pakistan
Alma Mater:MIT Sloan School of Management
Profession:Former Google Executive
Parents:Not known

Tania Aidrus BiographyTania Served as a Google executive for many yearsTania left Google job for better future of PakistanTania adresses at Digital Pakistan Inauguration Ceremony

Tania Aidrus Biography

Tania Adrees or Tania Aidrus, who spent almost all her life abroad, has returned to Pakistan and has grasped the attention of every Pakistani with her vision to lead Pakistan’s digital transformation. A former Google executive who had a bright future in Singapore abandon her job to make a future of Pakistan bright. While living abroad, she never missed representing Pakistan globally whenever she got a chance. She is unmarried.

Education of Tania

She has studied from one of the top schools and universities in the country. She did Bachelor’s (BSc) from Brandeis University (situated in Waltham, Massachusetts). She obtained the degree of MBA that she acquired from MIT Sloan School of Management. During her Masters, she got a chance to write the Case Study on Pakistan for the first time through the MIT platform.

Career of Tania

  • She left Pakistan 20 years ago in 1999 with a mission to contribute to it globally. During her 20 year stay, she never missed an opportunity to represent Pakistani culture internationally. At the start of her career, she worked as a co-founder in the ‘Click Diagnostic’ company based on the health diagnosis. The company’s vision was to connect the people or patients of rural areas with doctors around the world..
  • Later she started functioning at Google in the Global Business Organization as a leader. In 2014 she got a chance to start the business of Google in Pakistan for which she left the US and moved to Singapore. She launched the google products in Pakistan, after which Facebook started focusing on Pakistan. Still, she wasn’t satisfied with the contribution that she was doing for the Progress of Pakistan. She had a dream to set Pakistan up on the Map to the extent innovation and advancement were concerned.
  • In 2018 after the Government of Prime Minister Imran Khan came, she saw the spark in his eyes for a better future of Pakistan. She emailed one of the members of the PTI government. Later she got an opportunity to discuss her ideas directly with Imran Khan. They insisted her to come back to Pakistan and implement her visions here. She left the Job of Google, where she was working as Google Executive.
  • On 5th December 2019 During the Digital Pakistan Inauguration Ceremony, she addresses a few points in front of Imran Khan and the whole world, which she wants to implement here. The points incorporate:
  1. Access of the Internet to all the Soldiers who can’t connect with their family more often.
  2. Pakistan needs to Build a digital Infrastructure to advance in the Technology world.
  3. Digitize the processed of the Government. 
  4. Digital Skilling and Literacy. We need to embrace Science and Technology.
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. Social Media Handlesol

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