Naeema Butt

Naeema Butt

Naeema Butt

Naeema Butt is one of the best addition to the Showbiz Industry, who is a perfect example of beauty with the brain. She is an Artist, Activist, and a Changemaker who owns her Theatre company with the name ‘Pehlaj,’ where she organizes various shows based on tactful yet important issues that no one bothers to discuss. This article contains a blend of information about her, including Naeema Butt Biography and Naeema Butt Dramas.

Name:Naeema Butt
In Urdu:نعیمہ بٹ
Famous As:Actress
Education:Media Studies
Alma Mater:West Liberty University
Profession:Social Entrepreneur, Actor, CEO of Pehlaj
Years Active:2010-present
Debut Drama:Bhook
Height:5 ft 4 inch
Date:11th July 1990
Parents:Not known

Naeema Butt BiographySocial Activist, Changemaker and Artist Naeema ButtNaeema Butt with the team of AccountrapreneurNaeema Butt DramasNaeema Butt on sets of Ehd e Wafa

Naeema Butt Biography

There are very few people who manage to grab the attention of people in a short time. A young, extremely talented and versatile Pakistani actress is one of them who has become the talk of the town with her few performances on a small screen for all the right reasons. Other than an actress, she is also an international theatre artist and an activist since 2010 and is globally representing Pakistan and making all of us proud. She is likewise the CEO of ‘Pehlaj’ theatre.

Naeema date of birth

She was born in 1990 on 11th July in Lahore. She lived abroad for many years for her education. Currently, she is in Pakistan.

Education of Naeema

She has obtained the degree of Media from the United States at West Liberty University in West Virginia on a Scholarship. She has studied theatre and also worked in theatre during her studies. During her school, she also selected for the all-school soccer competition where she won a gold medal.

Career Details

As a Social Activist

She was sensitive about the issues happening with the women since her childhood. She had the spark in her to do something for the social rights of women. She wanted to let women get rid of mental, physical, and physiological abuse. Because of her passion and dedication towards the social change, she made the President of the World Merit Pakistan Country Council that emphasizes the promotion of Young leaders or Entrepreneurs who are willing to do something for a better change in society.
The following positions where she is working or has worked includes

  • Accountrapreneur at the Accountability Lab in Washington
  • General Secretary of Pakistan US Alumni Network
  • Head of extra co-curricular activities at ITUP (Information Technolgy Unversity Punjab)
  • Youth Peace Ambassador at the International Human Rights Commission

As a Theatre Actor

After studying theatre from the US, she thought of pursuing it as a career. For theatre acting, she got training from Mandala Centre for Change situated in Washington. Currently, she is a CEO, founder of ‘Pehlaj’ Theatre, where people come up with different social issues based on education, women’s rights, or women empowerment. She has organized several successful shows till now that depicts the sensitive issues of our society. She is indeed pride in our country who still has a long way to go.

Showbiz Career

After doing theatre for many years, she thought to make her debut on a small screen. Unsurprisingly she receives immense acknowledgment and praise from everyone for her supporting yet powerful performance in a few serials. Her currently ongoing serial ‘Ehd e Wafa’ is becoming one of the all-time successful series. In spite of having many actors, including Ahad Raza Mir, Alizey Shah, Zara Noor Abbas, Ahmad Ali Akbar, Osman Khalid Butt, and Wahaj Ali, her acting can’t go unnoticed.

Naeema Butt Dramas

  1. Bhook
  2. Main Khuwab Bunti Hoon
  3. Daasi
  4. Ehd e Wafa

Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts are