Talha Talib

Talha Talib

Talha Talib weightlifter

Talha Talib is one of the inspirations for those who lose hope when obstacles hit them hard. He showed to the world that whatever comes your way, never lose hope and keep going. He is a brilliant Pakistani weightlifter who set various records. With his hard work and persistence, he made his name. At quite an early age, he started practicing.

Despite having a few resources, he kept going, and today, he is exercising the fruits of his enthusiasm, hard work, and steadiness. He is pretty active on his social media accounts, where he keeps giving tips on health. This Gujranwala-born weight-lifter is making the entire country proud with his records. This article comprises all the information about him, including Talha Talib Biography.

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Name:Talha Talib
Date of Birth:3rd October 1999
Education:Computer Sciences
Father:Muhammad Islam Natiq
Social Media Handle:https://www.instagram.com/_talhatalib_/


Talha Talib Biography

Talha is among the few ones who know how essential it is to keep moving in order to complete the path. He is surely blessed with compatibility, hard work, devotion, the steadiness that make him stronger and stronger with time. At the age of 8, he started studying weight-lifting. His dream turned into a passion for which he is working day and night.

In Tokyo Olympics 2020, he lifted 320 kilograms. Though he couldn’t win the medal yet, he won the entire nation’s heart. Previously, he grabbed a silver medal in one of the international matches. Talha had to face numerous barriers throughout his career due to having less support, yet he didn’t lose hope and kept going forward. He yet has a long way to go, and he is all set for it.

Talha Talib age

He was born on 3rd October 1999 in Gujranwala. Currently, he is still living there,

Education of Talha

From Gujranwala Superior college, he studied Computer Science.

Talha Talib Family

He was born in an ordinary family but his passion and work made him extra-ordinary. His father Muhammad Islam Natiq served as a weightlifting coach on a national level. He is the one who let his son be in the same field.



Initial Career

Talha Talib remained one of the worth appreciating performers throughout his weight-lifting journey. He has always been a source of inspiration for youth who lose hope instantly. At the age of 8, he started practicing with the support of his father. He used to do practice in his hometown for approximately 6 hours where he had a small gym. There was a local school that became his source of training.


He has seen various ups and downs throughout his career that made him stronger. In the start, he missed out Asian Junior Championship that was held in South Korea. Later, he was keen to be a part of international competitions that he couldn’t because of not having enough resources. Similarly, he had to miss a lot of events for one reason or another.

Gold Medalist

After a lot of hustle and bustle, he was finally able to grab a gold medal in the 2020 International Solidarity International championship. He always had high hopes and wanted to be a gold medalist.

Bronze Medalist

On an international level, he remained able to won a bronze medal by lifting 315 kg weight in the Asian championship held in Uzbekistan. It was the result of the hard work that he did for a long time. However, after receiving the medal he felt to have done much better in the match.


2020 Tokyo Olympics

In 2020 he again participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, due to pandemics, the matches were postponed. In July 2021, the matches were rescheduled and he went to Tokyo along with his fellow colleagues. On 25th July 2021, he made the entire country proud by lifting 320 Kilograms. However, he couldn’t win any medal yet people couldn’t stop praising his struggles.

He was only 2 kilograms away from winning Bronze Medal yet fate had something else for him. The Gold medalist Chen Lijun from China lifted 322 kilograms.

Talha Talib Medals

Here is a complete list of all his achievements:

  • 4 times National Champion
  • Gold Medalist 2019 in SAF games
  • 2019 Best South Asian weight-lifter
  • Bronze Medalist 2018 in Commonwealth Games

Social Media Handle

His social media account include