Talat Hussain Warsi

Talat Hussain Warsi

Talat Hussain Warsi

Talat Hussain Warsi is a leading figure in the drama industry of Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan. The reason for their fame is the art of broadcasting. He also did broadcasting radio dramas and numerous commercials. He achieved prominence in theater, radio, television, and film. Talat Hussain is the recipient of various awards that he received for his contribution to the entertainment industry. This article has all the information about Warsi, including Talat Hussain Warsi Biography and Talat Hussain Warsi Dramas.

Name:Talat Hussain Warsi
In Urdu :طلعت حسین وارثی
Famous As:Actor
Education:Theater Arts
Alma Mater:London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Profession:Actor and Director
Years Active:1964-present
Height:5 ft 6 inches
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:18th September 1940
Place:Delhi, India
Children:Tazeen , Roohaina, Ashar
Parents:Altaf Hussain Warsi and Shaista Begum

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Talat Hussain Warsi Biography

He is one of the proud artists of our country, whose artistic talents have been recognized worldwide and known worldwide as a trained artist. Legendary actor pays special attention to the delivery of words during performances. He has the status of an academy in the field of acting and is the second artist after Zia Mohi-ud-Din to show the essence of his acting in European films. In August 1982, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan.

Talat date of Birth

He was born on 18th September 1940 in Delhi, India. Currently, he is living in Rawalpindi.

Education of Talat Hussain

After completing Graduation in English Literature, he went to London to train in the Theater Arts at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and won a gold medal.

Talat Hussain Warsi Family

  • He belonged to an educated and enlightened family. His father was a government employee before the partition of India, and his mother used to do amateur programs on the radio. His family migrated from Delhi to Pakistan. When he was three years old, his father posted in Rawalpindi. His father contracted asthma, and one of his legs was paralyzed by an overdose injection, leaving him bedridden. 
  • When Karachi Radio started, his mother got a job and remained associated with the radio until the end. In 1972, he married Professor Rakhshanda. They have two daughters and a son. His daughters Roohania and Tazeen have also appeared in some T.V. serials, and son holds a degree in MBA and is doing a job in a multinational organization.

Showbiz Career

Initial Career

  • His mother was strongly opposed to Hussain’s entry into the field. He wanted his son to join the civil service. Then, on the persuasion of her relatives, she took him to the radio. He auditioned. In those days, there was a program for children ‘School Broadcast,’ which used to have exciting features based on the curriculum. That’s how he started working on the radio, and people started liking it. 
  • He started working in Studio 9, and his mother couldn’t stop him, and he kept working. At the start of his career, he worked as a gatekeeper in cinema. Later, when the cinema owner learned of his ability to speak English, he hired him as a gate booking clerk, the first development of his life.

Work on T.V.

  • He started working on Pakistan Television in 1967. On TV, he gave an excellent performance in the first drama serial ‘Arjumand.’ In this role, the audience liked him immensely. In addition to acting on television, he also served as a newscaster and announcer. On his brilliant performance in drama serial ‘Panaah’ made on the true story of Soviet Army Arrival in Afghanistan and the Afghan War, he received immense applause from viewers.  
  • His popular television dramas include ‘Hawaiin,’ ‘Eid Ka Joraa,’ ‘Kashkool,’ ‘Thori Se Khushi Thora Thora Gham,’ ‘Ghora Ghaas Khaata Hai,’ ‘Des Pardis’ ‘Anso,’ ‘Tariq Bin Ziad,’ ‘Parchaaiyan,’ and other memorable dramas. During the 1971 war, he did a program on the radio, ‘Kiaa Kartay Ho Maharaaj?.’

Work in Stage Plays

Besides T.V., he also performed in stage plays, which include ‘Andheraa Ujaala,’ ‘Raaz O Niaz,’ ‘Guriyaa Ghar,’ ‘Lao Tu Qatalnama Mera,’ and some others.


His performance as a lawyer in Indian director Sawan Kumar’s Hindi film ‘Sautan Ki Betti’ was unparalleled. In this film, he acted brilliantly opposite to Indian actors Rekha and Jatinder. In 1970, he was cast as the son of actor Muhammad Ali and Zeba in the film ‘Insaan Aur Admi.’ He was awarded the Best Actor Award for his role as a doctor in the movie ‘Gum Naam’ and Best Supporting Actor in the film ‘Laaj.’ He acted brilliantly in the film ‘Chupan Chupai’ and ‘Project Ghazi.’

Work in Foreign Media

  • He also worked in the international showbiz industry, including T.V. serial ‘Family Pride,’ and ‘Traffik’ of Channel Four. In the U.K., he performed in T.V. series ‘Jimmy Perry,’ ‘It Ain’t Half Hot Mum,’ ‘Do not Take the Mickey,’ ‘Fight to Jovani,’ and ‘Cabaret Time.’ He performed in the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio play ‘Crown Coat.’ He also performed in a stage show ‘Comedian’ held at ‘Nottingham Play House’ and ‘West End.’ 
  • Talat Hussain was awarded the Amanda Award for his outstanding performance in the film ‘Import Export.’ The Amanda Award is recognized in Norway as an Oscar, given annually at the Norwegian International Film Festival since 1985. In this film, he played the unforgettable role of a man named Allah Ditta.

Services to NAPA

He guides the new generation in acting at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA), a cultural institution run by Zia Mohi-ud-Din.

Talat Hussain Movies

  1. Isharaa
  2. Chiraagh Jaltaa Rahaa
  3. Gumnam
  4. Import Export
  5. Insaan Aur Admii
  6. Jinnah
  7. Laajj
  8. Qurbaani
  9. Kamyaabi
  10. Sautan Ke Betii
  11. Bandagii
  12. Muhabbat Mar Nahin Saktii
  13. Actor in Law
  14. Chupann Chupae
  15. Project Ghazi
  16. List of Stage Plays
  17. Andheraa Ujala
  18. Raaz O Niaz
  19. Guriyaa Ghar
  20. Lao Tu Qatalnaama Meraa
  21. Sufaiid Khoon
  22. Khalid Ke Khalaa
  23. Jo Chalaay Tu Jan Say Guzaar Gaye

Talat Hussain Warsi Dramas

  1. Arjumand
  2. Dais Pardes
  3. Bandish
  4. DoorDesh
  5. Fanoni Latefay
  6. Eid Kaa Joraa
  7. Hawaeiin
  8. Aik Naye Mor Pay
  9. Kashkool
  10. Parchaiyaan
  11. Paanchwan Mosam
  12. Tariq Bin Ziad
  13. Thorii Khushe Thoraa Gham
  14. The Castle: Aik Umeed
  15. Typist
  16. Traffic
  17. Night Constable
  18. Rabtaa
  19. Riyaasat
  20. Dard Kaa Shajjar
  21. Anaa
  22. Mehrun Nisaa
  23. Anso
  24. Mann Mayaal

Social Media Handles

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