Taha Siddiqui
Taha Siddiqui


Taha Siddiqui strated his career in 2006 while he was completing his studies. During his career he work with many different companies. Currently he  reports for France 24 and is the Pakistan bureau chief of Indian television channel WION. He is married and has 3 siblings including 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Name:Taha Siddiqui
In Urdu:طہٰ صدیقی
Famous As:Journalist
Education:Studied Finance
Alma Mater:Institute of Business Administration, Karachi
Profession:He is a Bureau Chief Pakistan at WION.
Fav Quotes: If opportunity doesn’t knock.. Build a door..
Started Career:In 2006
Awards :Albert Londres Prize
Siblings :2 brothers 1 sister

On a trip to South WaziristanWith his sister and brothersAt Colosseo, Roma, ItaliaFamily photo of Taha SiddiquiBureau Chief Pakistan Taha Siddiqui


He is The Christian Science Monitor’s Islamabad-based correspondent, covering Pakistan since 2012. He reports about rising terrorism, persecution of minorities, economic instability, corruption, civil-military affairs in a nuclear-armed country rife with extremism. He frequently travels to the tribal areas of Pakistan, next to the Afghanistan border. Taha hails from the southern port city of Karachi and grew up in Saudi Arabia. He moved back to Pakistan in 2000. As finance graduate, Taha landed in journalism accidentally, taking his first job with CNBC Pakistan as a financial journalist. But journalism became his passion and now he has contributed to several renowned international and local TV, print, and online news organizations including De Welt, The Daily Telegraph, France24, Arte, and Express Tribune. He has also worked at Pakistan’s mainstream news channels including Geo News, Express News, and Dunya TV. [1] Biography Biography


On a reporting trip to salt mines
He started his career in 2006 by joining Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC). In 2007 after completing his education he left job and started job at Geo Television Network. After 1 year he joined Express Media Group and Arabian Radio Network. Again in 2009 he started new job at Dunia Tv and also worked at SZABIST. Than in 2011 he joined Express Tribune. In 2012 he joined 3 companies including The Christian Science Monitor, France24 and WELT and he also worked at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung,Pakistan. In 2013 he joined ARTE, The daily Telegraph and The New york Times. In 2015 he left The Daily Telegraph and joined Iqra University Islamabad Campuss than in 2016 he left university and joined WION. [2] Career Career  

Appreciation Award

The Albert Londres Prize is the highest French journalism award, named in honor of journalist Albert Londres who is credited for having ‘invented’ investigative journalism. It was first awarded in 1933 and is considered the French equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. The award went to Pakistani journalist and IBA Alumnus of 2006, Taha Siddiqui along with his colleagues Julien Fouchet and Sylvain Lepetit for their documentary, La guerre de la polio (The Polio War) for France 24 a television channel based out of Paris. Siddiqui is the first non-French speaking journalist to have won this award. On receiving the accolade, Siddiqui expressed his bittersweet feeling to DAWN News in these words “I felt strange because I won the award in the same week that the WHO announced putting restrictions on Pakistanis travelling abroad, making it mandatory for them to get a certification of vaccination,” [3] Appreciation award

Petition Filed By Taha

According to a petition filed by journalist Taha Siddiqui, FIA deputy director Bodla on May 18 2017 called him and asked him to appear in person at the FIA headquarters for interrogation. The petitioner alleged that the FIA official tried to harass him and also extended threats. IHC had restrained the FIA from harassing the journalist in May. However The investigating officer of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), accused of harassing journalist Taha Siddiqui, informed the Islamabad High Court (IHC) that he had become irrelevant to the case as it had been transferred to the cyber crime circle. FIA’s deputy director Noman Ashraf Bodla  in a written reply to the IHC in response to Siddiqui’s petition said he was tasked to probe the activities of Siddiqui on social media and in this connection he made a call to him. According to Bodla, he spoke to Siddiqui politely and never tried to harass him. [4] Petition filed by taha

Attack on Taha Siddiqui

Taha Siddiqui escaped from kidnapping
An Islamabad-based journalist said on 10th January he had narrowly escaped being kidnapped by armed men, in an incident that came months after he complained of being harassed by security services. Taha Siddiqui, who reports for France 24 and is the Pakistan bureau chief of Indian television channel WION, said the attempted abduction took place while he was being driven by taxi to the airport. “I was on my way to airport today at 8:20 am when 10-12 armed men stopped my cab & forcibly tried to abduct me. I managed to escape. Safe and with police now,” Siddiqui tweeted from a friend’s Twitter account early in the morning. In a police statement, seen by Reuters, Siddiqui said during the kidnap attempt he appealed for help from a military vehicle that was passing by. “I saw a military vehicle and shouted for help but one of the abductors gestured (the vehicle) to move on and they did,” Siddiqui said in the police statement, adding he had previously been ‘intimidated’ by civilian and military security officials. [5] Attack Attack  

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