Swaran Lata

Swaran Lata

Swaran Lata

Swaran Lata was a film actress who began her acting career in British India and then came to Pakistan. She showcased her acting skills in emotional, tragic roles and proved herself. She had an excellent command of dialogue delivery. Later, she got an opportunity to work in both Pakistani and Indian cinema. This article has all the details about her, including Swaran lata Biography.

Name:Swaran Lata
In Urdu :سوَرن لتا
Native Name :Saeeda Bano
In Urdu :سعیدہ بانو
Famous As:Film Actress
Education:Diploma from Delhi & Academy of Music and Arts
Date:20th December 1924
Place:Rawalpindi, British Punjab (British India)
Spouse:Nazir Ahmed Khan
Children:Three daughters and a son
Date:8th February 2008
Age :83 years
Rest Place:Lahore, West Punjab (Pakistan)
Years active :1942–1971
Movies in British India:Total of 22
In 1940s:Moved to Bombay
Pakistan’s first silver jubilee film:Pheray (1949)
Famous films:Laarey (1950), Naukar (1955), Heer (1955)

Swaran lata Biography

Swaran Lata Biography

Swaran is a pioneer of Pakistan’s film industry. She proved her mettle both in leading and supporting roles. Despite being so successful, she was an anti-social personality. After her marriage to Nazir Ahmad, she supported her in every up and down of life.

After moving to Pakistan barehanded, she worked hard to establish herself in Pakistan. She had the honor to work with renowned and celebrated names of the film industry. Her dialogue delivery was unparalleled. She performed tragic and emotional roles brilliantly. In 1971 she retired from the film industry gracefully.

Swaran Date of Birth

She was born on 20th December 1924 in Rawalpindi (British India).

Education of Swaran

After completing the Senior Cambridge diploma from Delhi, she took admission to the Academy of Music and Arts in Lucknow.

Swaran Lata Family

She belonged to a Sikh family of the Sial tribe of Rawalpindi. Her family shifted in Bombay at the start of 1940. After tying the knot with Nazir Ahmad, renowned director, producer, and actor, she accepted Islam and changed her non-Muslim name to a Muslim name Saeeda Bano.

Their couple was very creative and appeared in several films before and after the Indian Partition in 1947. They are parents to tone son and three daughters.


Early Life

She lost her parents in her teenage and used to live with her elder brother. When she was a college student in Lucknow, one day during her travel to Lucknow, some directors saw her and offered her to act in movies, but she refused because of a lack of interest. But directors asked her brother, and he agreed.

Swaran Lata actress

Acting Career

She began her acting métier as a stage artist. ‘Awaaz’ was her debut film that released in 1942. After the establishment of Pakistan, she moved to Lahore with her husband. They left all their assets in Bombay and started from scratch. She played a lead role in the 1st Pakistani silver jubilee movie ‘Pheray.’

The film was in the Punjabi language. Being an Urdu speaker, she was only comfortable at Urdu, so the Punjabi poet Baba Alam Siahposh trained her in the Punjabi language. Baba Alam was also the lyricist of this film’s Punjabi songs.

Role as Lead Actress

She played leading roles in the film ‘Nokar,’ ‘Heer,’ and ‘Laray,’ which are her famous movies of the career.

Supporting Roles

She played a supporting role in the film in ‘Sawal’ and kept supporting roles until 1971.

Work With Legendary Actors

During her acting career, she worked with Indian cinema legendary actors, including Motilal and Prithviraj Kapoor and great names of Pakistani cinema-like Darpan, Santosh Kumar, Habib, and Inayat Hussain Bhatti.

Swaran Lata Death

She died on 8th February 2008 in Lahore at the age of 83.

Swaran Lata Films

  • Awaz
  • Tasver
  • Pratigyaa
  • Ishaara
  • Us Paar
  • Ronaq
  • Rattan
  • Ghar Ke Shobhaa
  • Preet
  • Laila Majnoo
  • Pratimaa
  • Chaand Tara
  • Wamaq Azraa
  • Sham Saveraa
  • Abida
  • Gharbar
  • Sachae
  • Pheray
  • Anokhi Dastaan
  • Laray
  • Bheegi Palkain
  • Shehri Babu
  • Khatoon
  • Nokar
  • Heer
  • Sabiraa
  • Soteli Maa
  • Noor E Islam
  • Shamma
  • Billo Ji
  • Azmat-e-Islam
  • Sawaal
  • Duniya Na Manay