Shoaib Mansoor

Shoaib Mansoor

Shoaib Mansoor

Shoaib Mansoor is a name known to everyone. He is a striking and well-recognized Pakistani television and film Director, Writer, Producer, Musician and lyricist. People for the first time acknowledged his work when he wrote down the lyrics of all-time favorite Pakistani anthem ‘Dil Dil Pakistan,’ back in the 1980s.

Afterwards, he keeps on doing tremendous work for which he became one of the most recognised and loved Pakistani artists. He has directed many notable serials including ‘Alpha Bravo Charlies’ and ‘Ankahi.’ Shaoib bagged various awards in different award functions for his unforgettable work.

Moreover, he is the recipient of Sitara i Imtiaz that he bagged in 2008 from then President of Pakistan. This article has all the information about him, including Shoaib Mansoor Biography.

Name:Shoaib Mansoor
Alternate name:Shoaib
In Urdu:شعیب منصور‎‎
Famous As:Director, Writer, Producer, Lyricist, Musician
Residence:Lahore, Pakistan
Profession:Direction, Production
Height:5 ft 9 inches
Awards :He bagged various Awards
Date:19th August 1952
Place:Lahore, Pakistan
Ethnicity:Punjabi, Pakistani
Spouse:Anila Mansoor
Children:Zohaib Mansoor, Maham Mansoor, Sahib Mansoor
Occupation(s):Director, Writer, Producer, Lyricist, Musician

Shoaib Mansoor Biography

Shoaib Mansoor Biography

When we talk about direction, Shoaib Mansoor is the first name that appears on our mind because of the incredible work he did in the past few decades. Shoaib who calls himself Shoman is a celebrated Pakistani artist who is multi-talented and has shown his talent in various fields of the Showbiz.

He gained fame in the late 1980s for his songwriting and music composing. Later he stepped into Direction side and directed various notable Pakistani evergreen serials. The movies he directed gave a huge boost to his fame. Every celebrity eagerly waits to work under his direction.

Despite several years of presence in the Showbiz field, he is still one of the acclaimed Pakistani artists not only among the public, among Celebrities too. His long list of trophies is proof of his popularity.

Shoaib Date of Birth

He was born on 4th April 1952 in Lahore. Currently, he is still living there along with his family.

Shoaib Mansoor Family

He belongs to an ordinary and non-artistic family. He is married to Anila Mansoor and has 3 Children Zohaib Mansoor, Maham Mansoor, Sahib Mansoor.

Showbiz Career

As a Lyricist

Shoaib entered in the Showbiz industry in the early 1980s and gained huge popularity in 1987 by writing the lyrics of blockbuster Pakistani anthem ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ sung by late Junaid Jamshed. He introduced a Pakistani pop and rock ‘Vital Band.’ Junaid Jamshed, Rohail Hayat and Shehzad Hassan were the members of this band.

Since then, Junaid Jamshed considered Shoaib Mansoor his mentor. He wrote numerous songs for this band that became a huge hit. He didn’t stick to the musical side as he experimented with other niches including Drama Direction and Film Direction. A famous music video ‘Ishq Mohabbat Apna Pan’ is directed by Shoaib.

shoaib mansoor and junaid jamshed

As a Director


He first moved to television side and directed many famous Pakistani dramas including ‘Ankahi,’ ‘Alpha Bravo Charlies,’ etc. His drama Alpha Bravo Charlies is still remembered and appreciated by people across the globe. He also directed a few comedy shows and only achieved success in return.


In 2007, he, for the first time, tried his luck in Movie direction and critically acclaimed by the viewers. His movie ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ starring Fawad Khan, Iman Ali and Shan Shahid got a massive response and became one of the loved movies of all time. It became the first movie that released in India and officially selected at the International Film Festival of India.

Later, his other film ‘Bol’ starring Mahira Khan, Atif Aslam and Humaima Malik released in 2011 broke all the records at the box office. Apart from Director, he was also the Producer, Screenwriter and Music Composer of the movie. In 2017, his other film ‘Verna’ starring Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid released in Cinemas.

The movie highlighted the sensitive topic of Rape. The movie didn’t receive a Certification by the Censor Board due to its central theme. A war begins on Social media to unban Verna that resulted in unban. However, the film failed to impress the audience like his 2 other films released before.

shoaib mansoor and kareena kapoor

Shoaib Mansoor and Kareena Kapoor

In 2015 he offered a movie to the leading lady of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor who is a big fan of Mansoor’s direction. Once in her interview, she showed her wish to work with Shoaib for which he went to India and offered a movie. However, later Kareena refused to work in any Pakistani movie

Shoaib Mansoor Awards

Because of his exceptional work, he has been awarded several times in different award functions. For his film ‘Bol’ he received the best director award in Best Hindi Film Awards. Moreover, in 2008, he managed to earn Sitara-i-Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan.

Shoaib Mansoor Movies

As a Director

  • Khuda Ke Liye
  • Bol
  • Verna

As a Producer

  • Khuda Ke Liye
  • Bol
  • Verna

As a Screenwriter

  • Khuda Ke Liye
  • Bol
  • Verna

As a Music Composer

  • Bol
  • Verna

As a Cinematographer

  • Chor Machaye Shor

shoaib mansoor latest movie

Shoaib Mansoor Dramas

  • Fifty Fifty
  • Ankahi
  • Sunehray Din
  • Alpha Bravo Charlies
  • Dhundle Rastai
  • Leadings from the front ( Documentary on Imran Khan)

Social Media Handles

His social media account include