Shiblee College

Shiblee College

Shiblee College  is a private network of the educational institute. Campuses are air-conditioned and well furnished. The computer labs, laboratories, and libraries are up to the modern standards of education. Additionally, all campuses are situated at primary points of the city so students can easily access the campus. This article has every information about the school, including Shiblee College History.

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Name: Shiblee College
In Urdu:شبلی کالج
Type: Public
Founded: 1988
Chairman: Muhammad Hanif
Branches: Dijkot, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Chiniot, and Jaranwala

Shiblee College History

Shiblee College History

It was founded in 1988 to enhance student’s skills and promote education. It has grown into a vast network and is attracting students from all the areas of Pakistan. Shiblee College has an affiliation with many universities. The purely educational atmosphere is provided at all the college


To make an evolving and innovative academic experience that equips students to make excellent lifelong careers, they promote excellence and knowledge in all the fields of life.


To be a progressive and innovative agent to maximize opportunities for academic success.

Board of Directors

Prof. Ch. Muhammad Hanif is chairman of this network. Farukh Hanif is Vice Principal and lecturer.


At present, this network has many branches in various cities to help female and male students satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Its campuses are situated in Dijkot, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Chiniot, and Jaranwala.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

College’s management is well aware of the importance of extra-curricular activities along with educational activities. A wide range of recreational activities like sports day, cultural day, spring festival, quiz contests, and prize distribution ceremony is arranged to motivate and refresh the students.

These activities help students in raising their morale, reducing worries, lessen stress.

Rules and Regulations

Clearance of Dues Timely

Students must clear their dues before the due date, fees once submitted wouldn’t be refunded. Delayed payers have to deposit fine for late submission of fees.

Respectful Behavior

Students have to show respect for teachers, administration, and class fellows. Bullying or harassment in any form is not acceptable. The use of slang, foul language, and offensive behavior is considered gross.

No Violation of Rules

Students have to abide by all the rules set by the college administration. A fine is imposed on the violation of rules and regulations.

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ID Card

Display of student ID card during college timing is a must.


Attendance percentage should be maintained throughout the academic year, and attendance shortage would make students ineligible for sitting in the examination hall.

Involvement in Undesirable Activities

All types of illegal and undesirable activities like smoking, supplying illegal materials (alcohol, chars, etc.), and political activism are not allowed inside and outside college premises.

Courses Offered


  • FA (IT)
  • FA
  • FSc (Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering)
  • ICS
  • I.Com


  • ADA
  • ADS
  • ADP


  • BSCS
  • BBA
  • BS-Physics
  • BS-English
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Economics
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Islamiyat

Contact Information

Address: Shahr-e-Faisal, Block C People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab