Sardar Sherbaz Khan Mazari

Sherbaz Khan Mazari

Sherbaz Khan Mazari

Sherbaz Khan Mazari was a Pakistani politician who supported Fatima Jinnah against Ayub Khan. It is how his political journey started. He remained the head of a political party, National Democratic Party. At a young age, his parents died due to which he and his siblings remained under the custody of the British Government.

In 1999 he launched his memoir with the name ‘A Journey to Disillusionment.’ On 5th December 2020, he died at the age of 90. Throughout his political career, he gained immense love and respect. This article has all the information about him, including Sherbaz Khan Mazari Biography.

Name:Sherbaz Khan Mazari
In Urdu:سردار شیرباز خان مزاری
Famous As:Politician
Education:He studied at Aitchison College at Lahore and until the independence of Pakistan in 1947 at the Royal Indian Military College at Dera Doon
Date:6th October 1930
Place:Rojhan, British Raj (now Pakistan)
Ethnicity:Baloch, Mazari tribe situated in Rojhan-Mazari
Children:Sherazam Mazari
Parents:Mir Murad Baksh Khan, Chief of the Mazari Tribe
Siblings :Sardar Mir Balakh Sher Mazari
Political Party:Independent (Before 1975) National Democratic Party (1975–1977) Pakistan National Alliance (1977–1981) Movement for the Restoration of Democracy (1981–1988)
Serve As:Opposition Leader
Proceeded by:Khan Abdul Wali Khan
Time Period :17 August 1975 – 5 July 1977
Member of the National Assembly
MNA:He was elected as a National Assembly member in 1970 for the first time,
Role:Opposition Leader
Dates:17 August 1975 – 5 July 1977
Political Party:National Democratic Party (NDP)

Sherbaz Khan Mazari Biography

Sherbaz Khan Mazari Biography

Sherbaz Khan was a Pakistani politician who has served as a member of the National Assembly in 1970 General Elections. He became noticeable after supporting Fatima Jinnah opposite Ayub Khan. He remained head of the Democratic National Party for many years.

One of his brothers Mir Balakh Mizari was likewise a politician and Mazari Tribe’s Chief. His father Murad Baksh Khan was also the chief of Mazari tribe who died when Sherbaz was only 2 years old. On his death, many people showed immense sadness.

Sherbaz Date of Birth

He was born on 6th October 1930 in Rojhan British Raj. After the partition, he moved to Pakistan.

Education of Sherbaz

He studied at Royal Indian Military College. Later, after the partition, he enrolled in Aitchison College, Lahore.

Sherbaz Khan Mazari Family

He was born to Mazari tribe’s chief Murad Khan who died when Mazari was 2 years old. His mother died when he was 1 year old. Hence his 2 brothers and 3 sisters remain under British’s custody. One of his brother Mir Balakh later became the chief of Mazari tribe.

Sherbaz Khan Mazari Book

Political Career

Joined Politics

He joined politics in 1965 by supporting Fatima Jinnah when she was contesting opposite Ayub Khan in the presidential elections.

1970 General Elections

He elected as a member of the National Assembly in 1970 General Elections for the first time as an independent candidate. In 1973 he became the head of an independent group. Till 1977 he served as a National Assembly member. After the 1977 coup, he became active in politics.

National Democratic Party

In 1976 a new political party, National Democratic Party came into being, and he was made the head of the party later. In 1986 the party collaborated with other parties in order to found a new party with the name ‘Awami National Party.’

Sherbaz Khan Mazari Book

In 1999 he released his memoir with the name ‘A Journey to Disillusionment.’ Surprisingly it received a huge positive response by the critics not only in Pakistan, internationally too.

Sherbaz Khan Mazari politician

Sherbaz Khan Mazari Death

On 5th December 2020, Mazari died at the age of 90 after fully living his political life. He earned huge respect throughout his career by being on the right path.