Gul Bano
Gul Bano

Gul Bano also famous as Dr Gule Rana  became the first lady assistant commissioner in Kohat. She is a CSP officer who qualified for Pakistan Administrative Services and assumed the role as a district administration officer in Kohat district.It is her first posting as AC and after taking formal charge she started working in office.

Name:Dr Gule Rana
In Urdu:ڈاکٹر گلِ رانا
Famous As:Gynaecologist
Residence:Kohat Pakistan
Education:Graduated as Gynaecologist
Alma Mater:Khyber Medical College in 1981
Profession:Gynaecologist Doctor
Belongs to:Hangu District
Working as :Coordinator National Health Programme
Khuli Katchery :For Women in Urban-III Jangal Khel
Heard their Problems:Regarding Public Departments
Assigned as :Medical Superintendent of Women and Children Hospital, Kohat

Assistant Commissioner Kohat Ms Gul Bano attended Annual Sports Day as Chief Guest, of female schools in District Kohat organized in GGHS # 3In Public Place Talking to MediaAC Kohat Gul Bano Dengue Awareness Walk KohatWhile AddressingWhile Visiting a School at KDA Kohat


The qualities that will carry you through to achieve your goals are often the same ones that are necessary for becoming a great officer as well. She has qualities and traits of being brave, dauntlessness, dedication and preciseness.[1]  Biography 
She is a grade-19 officer and belongs to Hangu district.Earlier, she was working as coordinator national health programme at the office of district health officer, Kohat.The Women and Children Hospital was being run by a male administrator since 2003.Dr Gule Rana, who graduated from the Khyber Medical College in 1981 as gynaecologist, Has been assigned as the first female medical superintendent of Women and Children Hospital, Kohat.

Assistant Commissioner

She is the first women in Kohat who became assistant commissioner.She is also by her profession gynaecologist doctor.

First Khuli Katchery By Female

Ms Bano held khuli katchery for women in Urban-III Jangal Khel and heard their problems regarding public departments. She held the open court on the special directives of Deputy Commissioner Khalid Ilyas and issued on the spot directives for resolution of the problems being confronted by females.

Empowering Women

Role of women can’t be overlooked in development of any country. Gul Bano said that the provincial government was considering establishing specific markets for women only so that they could run their own business to support their families. She said the government was taking pragmatic measures to empower women and bring them in mainstream for socio-economic development of the country.[2] Empowering Women

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