Shakeel Hussain Khan

Shakeel Hussain Khan

Shakeel Hussain Khan

Shakeel Hussain Khan is a talented actor, director, and producer. He has experience of working in theater, films, and television. After starting his acting career from the theater, he starred in many dramas and movies. He also got the opportunity to work in Hollywood. This article has all the information about Hussain, including Shakeel Hussain Khan Biography and Shakeel Hussain Khan Dramas.

Name:Shakeel Hussain Khan
In Urdu:شکیل حسین خان
Famous As:Actor
Profession:Actor, Producer and Director
Drama Debut:Kash Mein Teri Beti na Hoti
Film Debut:O21
Height:5 Ft 6 Inch
Date:11 March 1977

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Shakeel Hussain Khan Biography

Shakeel Hussain is a hardworking and adept actor and plays both positive and negative roles brilliantly. He has not only shown his acting competency in Lollywood but also in Hollywood. He puts life into the character he plays. Because of his serious looks, he is mostly starred in non-comedy roles, and whatever get-up he adopts, he completely justifies it. He made his debut from Lollywood movie ‘O21’ and today he features in Netflix series.

Shakeel date of Birth

On 11th March 1977, he opened his eyes in Karachi. His Zodiac is Pisces.

Showbiz Career

As a Theater Artist
He started his acting career as a theater artist and has performed several playwrights including ‘Die Rauber by Friedrich Schiller,’ ‘Les Fourberies de Scapin by Moliere,’ ‘Karachi: The Musical by Nida Butt,’ and ‘The Boor by Anton Chekhov.’

TV Dramas

His negative role in drama serial ‘Pajii’ earned him fame and recognition. His TV work includes, ‘Aik Pal,’ ‘Kaash Mein Tere Bete Na Hote,’ ‘Kisaay Apnaa Kahein,’ ‘Code Name Red,’ ‘Tootaay Hwe Taaray,’ and ‘Kharash.’


Film ‘O21’ directed by Jaami is Khan’s Lollywood debut film. O21, i.e., ‘Operation 21’, was a Pakistani espionage thriller film. It is a 1st Pakistani spy action movie starring Amina Sheikh and Shan in the lead role and Shakeel in a negative role. In Ashir Azeem’s political film, he played the role of Moosa, an army officer, and joins Ashir Azeem’s special services group to serve his country selflessly after his retirement.  

Shakeel Hussain Movies

  1. Jawaani Phir Nahein Aani
  2. Manto
  3. O21
  4. Two Plus Two
  5. Malik
  6. Altered Skin
  7. Azaadi
  8. Mind Games
  9. Rock and Raag

Shakeel Hussain Khan Dramas

  1. Kisay Apnaa Kahein
  2. Kaash Mein Tere Beti Na Hote
  3. Code Name Red
  4. Aik Pal
  5. Janat Ke Hawas
  6. Kharaash
  7. Tootaay Hwe Taaray
  8. Alif
  9. Pujaaran
  10. Heer

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include