Shafi Muhammad Shah

Shafi Muhammad Shah

Shafi Muhammad Shah

Shafi Muhammad Shah was a famous Pakistani television and film actor who showed his acting skills in many notable serials. He remained active in the industry from 1960 to 2007 and worked as an actor, politician and radio presenter. He also did social work by being associated with WHO and UNICEF.

Shafi was an active member of Pakistan Peoples Party who contested 2002 General Elections but couldn’t win. His sudden death in 2007 due to liver failure left his fans in tears. He was awarded the best actor many times for his remarkable acting. This article contains all the information about him, including Shafi Muhammad Shah Biography.

Name:Shafi Muhammad Shah
In Urdu:شفیع محمد شاہ
NickName :Shah-jee
In Urdu:(شاہ صاحب / شاہ جی )
Famous As:Actor
Residence:Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Awards :Best actor award from Pakistan Television (PTV)
Date:1st January 1949
Place:Kandiaro, Sindh, Pakistan
Spouse:Batool Muhammad
Children:Ali Asghar, Zainab Muhammad, Alina Muhammad, Sheherbano Muhammad, Arsalna Muhammad
Parents:Ali Asghar Shah
Date:17th September 2007
Age :(aged 58)
Rest Place:Karachi, Sindh
Years active :1960–2007

Shafi Muhammad Shah Biography

Shafi Muhammad Shah Biography

Shah was a notable and an exemplary Pakistani actor who also served as a politician while being associated with Pakistan Peoples Party. He started his career as a radio presenter and with time started acting in dramas and movies. He was also in social work and provided his service in reminding parents for polio vaccination.

After his death, an author Nagina Hasbani wrote a book on his life titled ‘Wo Admi Tha ya Moti Dana.’ The book was launched on his first death anniversary. He was also given the best actor award in 2005 for his series ‘Maa Aur Mamta.’

Shah Date of Birth

He was born on 7th September 1949 in Kandiaro, Sindh, Pakistan. Later he moved to Karachi.

Education of Shah

He received a postgraduate degree from the Sindh University, Jamshoroo.

Shafi Muhammad Shah Family

He was married and had 4 daughters and 1 son. His son Ali Asghar has worked with Herald, a notable political magazine.

Showbiz Career

Shah began his career as a radio presenter and took part in different plays in the 1960s. During that time he completed his degree and came to Karachi to start his acting career. He made his debut with PTV channel in drama serial ‘Urta Asman’ He showed his talent in many serials and made sure to give his 100%.

Shafi Muhammad Shah son

Shafi Muhammad Shah Dramas

  • Bund Ghulab
  • Jungle
  • Urta Asman
  • Teesra Kinara
  • Deewarain
  • Chand Giraihan
  • Kali Dhoop
  • Adam Hawa Aur Shaitan
  • Marvi
  • Zeenat
  • Dairey
  • Tapish
  • Mohabbat Khuwab Ki Soorat
  • Zehar Baad
  • Mannat
  • Kantoon Sai Agai
  • Dhori

Political Career

Shah was an active member of Pakistan Peoples Party. He ran for the seat of the National Assembly in 2002 General Elections but couldn’t win.

Social Career

Shah was also a social activist who was attached with WHO and UNICEF. He made sure to alarm parents about polio vaccination and played an essential part in this regard.

Shafi Muhammad Shah Death

On 17th November 2007, he died while sleeping in his Karachi house due to liver failure.