Salma Mumtaz
Salma Mumtaz


Salma Mumtaz was a Pakistani Actress, Director and Producer who ruled Pakistani industry for a long period of time. She always gave her best with her versatile acting in number of Films that’s the reason that her name is still alive in Pakistani industry even after her death.

Name:Salma Mumtaz
In Urdu:سلمہ ممتاذ
Famous As:Actress
Profession:She was a Pakistani Film Actress, Director and Producer
Children:Nida Mumtaz
Siblings :Pervaiz Nasir (Brother) and Shammi (Sister)
Date:20 January 2012
Cause of Death:Diabetes
Rest Place:Lahore
Occupation(s):Actress, Producer, Director
Film Debut:In 1960 with a movie Neelofar
Notable Work:Dil Mera Dharkan Teri, Puttar Da Pyar, Heer Ranjha and Sheeran Di Jodi

Pakistani Film actress Salma mumtazSalma Mumtaz in her young ageNida Mumtaz Daughter of Salma MumtazSalma mumtaz movie ' Sheeran de putar sher'


Salma Mumtaz was born in 1926 in Jalandhar, Punjab, British India. She was an actress and producer, known for Meri Dharti Mera Pyar (1970), Genterman (1969) and Heer Sial (1965). She died on January 21, 2012 in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. She is the mother of  super hit Pakistani actress Nida Mumtaz who is now-a-days ruling Showbiz industry with her acting and is the sister of Shimmi who is also in the field of showbiz and is a Film Actress and Pervaiz Nasir who is a producer of Pakistani Film Industry. She died at the age of 85 after fighting from a long battle of Diabetes. [1] Biography Biography


 Actress Year
 Bhai Bhai 1972
 Mere Humsafar 1972
 Att Khuda Da Wair 1970
 Rangeela 1970
 Mere Dharti Mera Pyar 1970
 Lara Lappa 1970
 Genterman 1969
 Dhee Rani 1969
 Sheran De Puttar Sher 1969
 Lachhi 1969
 Diya Aur Toofan 1969
 Nai Laila Naia Majnoo 1969
 Awara 1968
 Chann Makhna 1968
 Zalim 1968
 Heer Sial 1965
 Neelofar 1960
 As A Producer 
 Meri Dharti Mera Pyar 1970

 [2] Filmography Filmography


Nida Mumtaz

Nida Mumtaz is a Pakistani actress. She is a daughter of Salma Mumtaz who was a Pakistani director, producer and actress. She is a very famous Pakistani actress. Now a day she worked in number of hit Tv serials during her career.  Mumtaz will also appear in Lollywood movies. [3] Nida mumtaz


Younger sister of actress Salma Mumtaz, Shammi belonged to very poor family. Shammi (Shimmi) was introduced by director Munshi in the Punjabi film of the same name Shammi (1950), opposite Santosh Kumar, Ajmal and Shola. At that time Pakistani film industry was at its nascent stage and was generally unable to compete with the technically superior Indian films. Even then, Shammi did average business because if its soulful music composed by Master Inayat Hussain. Shammi was produced by Malaika Pukhraj and her husband Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah. Malaika Pukhraj sang an Urdu song in this film “Kia sunain majboor zindagi ka afsana”. Other popular songs from this film were “Suhe chorey walie” by Inayat Husain Bhatti and “Meri Akh  Mustani Pharhke” by Iqbal Begum. [4] Shammi Shammi

Death of Salma Mumtaz

Pakistani Film Actress Salma Mumtaz who was one of the top actresses of Pakistan during her Filmy career die on 20th January 2012 after battling diabetes for several years. Her family moved to Pakistan after partition in 1947. She made her acting debut in 1960 with a Urdu Film ‘Neelofar’. She also directed and produced number of Films and always entertain her fans with her acting. Number of people showed deep condolences over the death of Salma Mumtaz. [5] Death of Salma Mumtaz

Reviews about Salma Mumtaz

Film writer Pervaiz Kaleem said though she had been off screen for the last 20 years, Mumtaz’s character roles in different films were still fresh in filmgoers memories.
Film actress Bahar said when she entered the industry that was the last phase of Mumtaz’s career. “She was a nice woman and a good actress,” said Bahar. She said like her, Mumtaz was also known for the role of mother in films. Mumtaz played mother roles to many heroes such as Muhammad Ali, Waheed Murad, Shahid and Akmal.  [6] Reviews Reviews

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