Amanat Chan
Amanat Chan

Amanat Ali known as Amanat Chan is a Pakistani comedy theater artist.Chan is one of the leading comedy artist in a Pakistan.Chan also appeared in number of Television dramas and comedy shows.Chun is affiliated with Aaj TV.He worked also in Pakistani Movies.Now he is working in funny show Hasb e Haal programme.

Name:Amanat Chan
Real Name:Amanat Ali
In Urdu:امانت چن
Famous As:Comedian
Residence:Karachi Pakistan
Profession:Comedy Theater Artist
Fan Base:Pakistan and throughout the World
Famous Show in Abroad:London
Performed:Number of Television dramas and Comedy Shows
Affiliation(s):Aaj Tv
His Favourite Personalities:Mastana Saheb and Miraj Babral
Interview :On Punjab TV and in London
Famous Dramas:Muhabbat CNG 2,Raaj Khaan Deyian Mastian,Jab Dagh Nazar Aya
Occupation(s):Comedy Theater Artist

Amanat Chan with iftikhar Thakur in a Stage ShowWith other Comedian in a Stage ShowAnother Stage Show PerformancePakistani Comedy Theater ArtistProgram at ATV


As a Police Man Character
He Performed in many Punjabi stage dramas in Lahore .He is very popular on stage .He worked in Punjabi stage shows in different cities of Punjab .Amanat Chun is very popular comedian because of his different and unique style on stage .He has a fan base in Pakistan and throughout the world.He always use clean dialogues and Jugats .Amanat Chan is a Famous Pakistani Stage actor.[1] Comedian

Reason of Popularity

Amanat is a very popular due to his unique style on stage,he use clean Dialogues called as Jugat.[2] Reason of Popularity

Interview at Punjab TV

bQbWho Decide Your name Chan

My real name is Amanat Ali,even i too think that who decided my name chan.

bQbTell us your feelings when you come on stage

When i come on stage,i really feel happy, actually i’s feeling of heart.I completely respect all those who come to watch our drama and that’s the reason that people love me and respect me.

bQbDo you miss all great people who left us

It’s all the will of Allah that every one have to leave us.Yes, i do miss them especially Mastana Saheb, Miraj Babral and many others.

bQbAny Message

 I really wish to see Pakistan always safe and sound.We keep on doing programs like this and make people happy.when people will be happy from us than ofcourse we will be too.

Performed Abroad

He performed in many different countries like London too.He always tried to complete the show even in the presence of 10 people.Every one loves him so much even across the border.

List of Stage Drama

  1. Muhabbat CNG 2
  2. Raaj Khaan Deyian Mastian
  3. Jab Dagh Nazar Aya
  4. Umrao Jaan Adda 2
  5. Easy Load
  6. Ik Anparh
  7. Reshman Jawan Ho Gaye
  8. Lara Zero Meter
  9. Kali Chaddar
  10. Shoukan
  11. Dil Ki Lagi
  12. Nakhray Waliyan
  13. Mangey Teddy
  14. Shurli
  15. Lal zero Meter
  16. Goga Jee
  17. Ishq Schoolay
  18. Kukre Chore
  19. Ashiq china Made
  20. Toofan Mail
  21. Doctor a gaya
  22. Dil Da Chor
  23. Paon Ka Zaywar
  24. Karo Dhamal
  25. Lucky Dear
  26. Kotha
  27. Dil ki Lagi
  28. Tedi Behan Da Khayal Rakhen
  29. Silki
  30. Tabdori Badshah
  31. Abhi Abhi Baja Bajata Hai
  32. Hello Partner
  33. Udas and Megha
  34. Best of Koddu
  35. Lyla Phans Gaye Mirasyun Main
  36. Ketchup
  37. Disco Dewany
  38. Nawab Zada
  39. Darbar Lagao
  40. Luck Dear
  41. Khatta Mettha
  42. Kuch Na Kaho Part 2
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