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Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali

The name of Sajjad Ali, a well-known Pakistani singer with equal command of pop and classical music, needs no introduction. He is a Pakistani rock & pop singer, poet, film producer, and director. The nineties were peak times for his career. The year 2000 was also a journey of success. Apart from ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Paniyon Pay Chal Rahe Hain,’ ‘Adikaan,’ ‘Chal Rahn Dey’, and ‘Teri Yad Staundi’ are two songs that can hardly be erased from the minds of the fans. This article has all the information about Sajjad, including Sajjad Ali Biography and Sajjad Ali Songs.

Name:Sajjad Ali
In Urdu :سجاد علی
Famous As:Singer
Alma Mater:National College of Arts
Profession:Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Years Active:1979-present
Labels:EMI Pakistan and Sound Master
Height:5 ft 6 inches
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:24th August 1966
Spouse:Naureen Sajjad
Children:Zaw Ali
Parents:Shafqat Hussain

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Sajjad Ali Biography

Sajjad started singing at an early age. His songs became acknowledged not only in Pakistan but also in India, the U.K., and the USA. Just as he sings ghazal skillfully, his art in a pop song is on the rise. Every album and every song of Ali becomes a super hit. This music star is still making a name for himself in the music world with his art of singing. He is ruling in the hearts of his fans. Whenever he performs a song, he always keeps his culture in mind. On 23rd March 2019, the Government of Pakistan awarded Sitara E Imtiaz for Best Singer.

Sajjad date of birth

On 24th August 1966, Sajjad was born into a family of classical music artists in Karachi.

Education of Sajjad

After completing his F.A. from NCA (National College of Arts), he started receiving music education from his uncle Tasaduq Hussain. During training, Tasaduq used to play classical music from Sajjad’s granduncles, including Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali, Ustaad Mubarik Ali, and Ustaad Barkat Ali. Son of Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali, Ustaad Munawar Ali, also trained Sajjad.  

Sajjad Ali Family

He is the son of Shafqat Hussain, a Pakistani cricketer and film artist. ‘Baadal Aur Bijli,’ released in 1971, was the debut film of Hussain. Hussain’s other sons Lucky Ali and Waqar Ali, are also part of the music industry. Sajjad tied the knot in 1989 with his college fellow Naureen. The couple has two daughters and 2 Sons. Her elder daughter Zaw Ali has also stepped into the music industry. She made her debut performance in Coke Studio season 10.

Music Career

Initial Career

  • His 1st album ‘Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics’ was launched in 1979 by Electric and Music Industries (EMI) Pakistan. Poet of  Mughal era Momin Khan and Indian activist Hasrat Mohaani wrote most songs of this album and Ustaad Bade Ghulam Ali,  Ghulam Ali, Amanat Ali and Mehdi Hassan were musicians. Before debut show ‘Ap Janaab by Athar Shah’ Ali appeared on many T.V. shows. 
  • Renowned music artist Sohail Rana starred him in his show ‘Rang Barangii Duniyaa.’ In 1980 he brilliantly performed in ‘Raag Rung.’ He was 14 at that time. He sang Noor Jehan’s song ‘Banwari Chakori’ on the event of Pakistan Television’s stage show’s 25th anniversary by Shoaib Mansoor. This performance made him popular. In a show held on 26th November 1983, he sang ‘Laagi Ray Lagann Ye He Dil Main’ and Bawarii Chakurii.’ 
  • He created albums with the titles ‘Chief Saab,’ ‘Babiaa 93,’ and ‘Sohnii Lg Di.’ He wrote lyrics for many songs of his album with his brother Waqar.  Some songs of the album were written by lyricists Muhammad Nasir, Sabir Zafar, Ali Moin, and Nadeem Asad. In July of 2006, he released a classical song ‘Chal Rain Day.’ On 3rd September 2006, he collaborated with Meloscience Corp and released a song called ‘Sajjad Ali Sinsym Fligh’ with jazzy, Sufi, and experimental beats. In 2008 he launched album ‘Chahar Balish,’ which consisted of some new as well as old tracks from previous album ‘Chal Rain Day.’ 
  • On 22nd May 2011 Tips music released Ali’s two new compilations from Shoaib Mansoor’s movie ‘Bol’ in India and was released in Pakistan by Fire Records on 30th May 2011. He performed the song ‘Kir Kir’ in Coke Studio’s 2nd episode. This performance was on aired on prime T.V. channels in Pakistan on 5th June 2011. In 2017 his 1st collaboration with rapper Bohemia became mega-hit on social media networks and YouTube.

Films and T.V.

In 1989 he did the direction of his 1st telefilm titled  ‘Love Letter,’ and in 1998 he directed ‘Aik Aur Love Story,’ which was his 1st full-length movie. Before direction, he appeared as a singer and actor in the film ‘Mundaa Teraa Dewaana’ directed by Zahor Hussain. He also sang OST of drama ‘Thorii Khushe Thoraa Gham’, and ‘Na Bolun Ge’ in ‘Naa Tm Janoo Na Ham Janaain.’ Waqar also helped him in making these songs.  

Sajjad Ali Songs

List of Albums

  1. Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics
  2. Love Letter
  3. Goldies Not Oldies
  4. Silver Jubilee Star Sajjad Ali
  5. Sajjad Aliin Gold Sartaaj Volume 2
  6. Golden Jubilee 2 Sajjad Ali Volume 2
  7. Diamond Jubilee
  8. Golden Jubilee 84 Sajjad Ali
  9. Remix Sajjad Ali
  10. Sajjad Ali Volume 1&2
  11. Babia 93
  12. Wachan
  13. Chief Saab
  14. Aiik Aur Love Story
  15. Mundaa Teraa Dewaana
  16. Moody
  17. Tere Yaad
  18. Cinderella
  19. Sohnii Lagg Di
  20. Sajjad’s Rangeen
  21. Kooi Tu Baat Ho
  22. Chal Raiin Day
  23. Best of Sajjad Ali Collection 2
  24. Chahar Baalish

List of Songs

  1. Babiaa
  2. Chal Urrjaa
  3. Chief Saab
  4. Kuch Larkiyaan Mjhe
  5. Mahiwaal
  6. Tasveerain
  7. Jaadoo
  8. Abhe Mood Nahe Hei
  9. Jhoollay Laal
  10. Chal Jhootii
  11. Payar Hei
  12. Laari Addaa
  13. Pataa Bataa do
  14. Paaniyoon Mein
  15. Sohnii Lagg Dii
  16. Cinderella
  17. Tere Yad
  18. Aisaa Lagaa
  19. Koii Nahein
  20. Chaiti Chaiti
  21. Naa Bolun Ge
  22. Chal Rain Dey
  23. Pekaar
  24. Din Pareshaan Hei
  25. Kir Kir
  26. Rang Lagaa
  27. Qeemaay Aalaay Poorayy
  28. Hr Zulam Teraa Yad Hey
  29. Tasveer Banaa Kay
  30. Bhoolaa Na Yeh Dil
  31. Yad Tu Atii Ho Gi
  32. Tm Naraaz Hoo
  33. Naa Tm Samjhay
  34. Nakhuun
  35. Tamaasha
  36. Lagaaya Dil
  37. Dost
  38. Bhejoo Darood o Salaam
  39. Raavi
  40. Baarish

List of Dramas Featuring Sajjads Voice

  1. Mere Khudaa OST
  2. Tmhare Mariam OST
  3. Watan Kahaani OST
  4. Niyat OST
  5. Ashk OST
  6. Aisaa Kiyun OST
  7. Mere Beti OST
  8. Thori Khushe Thora Gham OST
  9. Hm Pay Jo Guzarti OST
  10. Saheliyaan OST


As a Director

  1. Ik Aur Love Story
  2. Love Letter

As a Composer

  1. Bol
  2. Naa Maloom Afrad
  3. Love Letter
  4. Ik Aur Love Story
  5. Mjhe Chaand Chahye

As an Actor

  1. Mundaa Teraa Deewanaa
  2. Love Letter
  3. Ik Aur Love Story

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include