Sajid Hasan (Artist)

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Sajid Hasan is Known as Pakistani senior and most talented actor. He has appeared in Pakistani Most watching and famous drama 1 is Mera Naseeb. He is a very tallest actor with very good looking and stylish body. His birth sign is Capricorn because his birth date is coming in the month of January. [1] Summary Summary

Title Description
Name: Sajid Hasan
In Urdu: ساجد حسن
Famous As: Actor
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Karachi
Education: Graduate
Religion: Islam
Profession: He is a well-known Pakistani Actor
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch
Hobbies: Reading Books
Drama Debut: Agar
Film Debut: Salakhain (2004)
Zodiac: Capricorn
Years Active: 1980 - Present
Awards : Best Sitcom Drama Writer in 1st Indus Drama Award
Nomination: Best Director for Sitcom in 1st Indus Drama Award
Date: 5 January 1958
Place: karachi, Pakistan
Spouse: Shakila Chapra
Children: 1


Sajid Hasan is a well-known actor from Pakistan. Hasan has two sisters.He lives in  Karachi. He is married and has one son. He is also a writer, and has written several different plays such as Kuchwa aur Khargosh and Gum.He started off as a theater personality and then moved to television. Sajid Hasan's first major drama series was Khalij. He became more recognized from his involvement in the play Dhoop Kinare in which he played a comedic role. He has written many plays which include Kuchwa Aur Khargosh and Gum. He is also the first Pakistani actor to work in an Indian television series Tanha in 1997 on Star Plus.

Notable Movies

Hasan made his film debut in 2004 with the movie Salakhain in which he played the antagonist. He then also acted in Pehla Pehla Pyar. He also had a role in the Angelina Jolie film A Mighty Heart

Hollywood Movie A Mighty Heart

A Mighty Heart Hollywood Movie
A Mighty Heart Hollywood Movie
Hasan Sajid worked hollywood movie A Mighty Heart with famous actress Angelina Jolie as Mariane Pearl and Sajid Hasan as Zubair name characters.

Bollywood Movie Azaan

Azaan Bollywood Movie
Azaan Bollywood Movie
 Aazaan bollywood movie is a 2011 action spy film directed by Prashant Chadha starring Sachiin J Joshi and South African model Candice Boucher.Sajid Hasan play a role of doctor.Hasan is ex-CIA and into biological warfare and is determined to carry out the absolute annihilation of India. 

Injured in 2009 Bomb Blast

Sajid Hasan
Sajid Hasan
He was injured in 2009 in Karachi on 10th of Muharram's Ashura blast during the public procession, where he lost his elder brother and sister in law. [2] Introduction Introduction  

List of TV Dramas

In Dhoop Kinarai
In Dhoop Kinarai
  1. Chaahatain
  2. Dhoop Kinaray
  3. Kachwa aur Khargosh
  4. Sitara Aur Mehrunnissa
  5. Jaaye Kahaan YEH Dil
  6. Thori Si Wafa Chahiye
  7. Nijaat
  8. Masuri
  9. Hum Tum
  10. Daddy
  11. Tan Sen
  12. Agar
  13. Lahasil
  14. Aashti
  15. Khoi Khoi Si
  16. Aa Mere Pyar ki Khusboo
  17. Tanha
  18. Jab Jab Dil Milay
  19. Aakhri Barish
  20. Dhoop Kinarey
  21. Khataa
  22. Jannat Se Nikali Huee Aurat
  23. Unsuni
  24. Paiwand
  25. Choti Si Ghalat Fehmi (Daily Soap)
  26. Koi Nahi Apna
  27. Beqasoor as Shehryar
  28. Mera Naseeb
  29. Anokha Bandhan
  30. Koi aur Hai
  31. Aur Ghanti Baj Gayi
  32. Kaisay Kahoon
  33. Thori Si Wafaa Chahiye
  34. Jab Hatheli Per Chand Likhna 
  35. Hua Kuch Yoon[3] Popular Shows  

List of Movies

A mighty Heart
A mighty Heart
 Movie  Year
Salakhain  2004
Pehla Pehla Pyar  2006
A Mighty Heart  2007
Aazaan  2011
Jalaibee  2015
Rahm  2016
Maalik 2016
Abdullah: The Final Witness 2015  / 2016
Kaaf Kangana 2018
 [4] Filmography Filmography  

Awards and Nominations

  1. Winner: Best Sitcom Drama Writer in The 1st Indus Drama Awards 2005
  2. Nominee: Best Director for Sitcom in The 1st Indus Drama Awards 2005

Hassan Sajids Wife Shakila Chapra

Shakila Chapra
Shakila Chapra
Over the past 20 years or so, yoga and fitness have not only changed her physically, but also the way she perceives and approaches life emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.Silver-haired with warm sparkling eyes, a generous smile and an enviably lithe, toned body, Shakila Chapra is no ordinary 60-year-old — a proud mother of three sons, actor Sajid Hassan’s wife and yoga instructor. So who is the real Shakila? “The real Shakila is a warrior. I am a jihadi, I fight my own wars,” she said, settling down on a couch right after her morning yoga session was over, clutching a family album (to show me family pictures) and a cup of green tea. I don’t go poking my nose in other people’s business. Yoga has taught me to discipline myself in many ways and these are the best years of my life. Never felt so happy, so strong — I’m not fighting myself na! Wisdom, tolerance, acceptance, it is here. And when you are happy from within, you emanate that happiness, it is that simple.” Her eyes twinkling, she calls herself ‘the grandmother of fitness in Karachi’ and laughs. “It seems that I was one of the first few people in Pakistan especially of the female gender to think that women were worth being fit and strong. I started when I was way younger and now I am a grandmother in real life.” [5] Shakila Chapra  

Sajid Hasan Shares Botched Hair Transplant Result

Actor Sajid Hasan shares botched hair transplant result on social media
Actor Sajid Hasan shares botched hair transplant result on social media
Veteran actor and writer Syed Sajid Hasan has shared a horrifying story of medical negligence on social media, according to a report.In a video message, Hasan begins from the start by narrating how an old acquaintance, a medical doctor, had been pleading him for nine years to get a hair transplant done from him. “So around two months ago, I accepted ” said Hasan.

Transplant Process

The actor-writer recalled that prior to his ‘surgery’, the doctor did not conduct any tests, something he now knows is necessary and normal practice.Hasan stated that a day after the transplant process began, he fell sick and suffered an infection on his head as well as severe fever for 10 days. “However, the doctor kept assuring me that ‘all is well’ and this is normal procedure,” he complained.He added that during this ordeal, he remained passed out for 15 days but even then the doctor did not consider it a big deal and “kept cleaning the wound with saline water”.

Wound Inflicted

A dejected Hasan then bows his head and shows the wound inflicted on the top of his head during the surgery, saying “now the scene is this. I am suffering a lot, for his doctor’s negligence and not cleaning the wound properly. So is my family. I have been facing extreme problems for the last two months and had to suffer professionally too”.

Message to People

Message to People
Message to People
The actor-writer concludes the message by saying that by sharing his ordeal, he just wants to spread awareness and warn others seeking hair transplants.“Go to the right surgeon and do a lot of research beforehand,” he says, and pointing to the wound, says “this is what happens when you go to the wrong guy”.[6] Botched Hair Transplant Result