Rukhsana Shah

Rukhsana Shah

Rukhsana Shah is a politician hails from Pakistan who has served as a Provincial Assembly member twice. She is a candidate of the Pakistan Peoples Party and associated with the party for a long time. Rukhsana belongs to Thatta city and contests her elections on the reserved seat.

Besides a politician, she is also a landlord who has been Women Welfare Organization’s president. She is a strong and impactful politician who is active in politics since 1985. She has done Masters in Islamic Culture from Jamshoro university. This article has complete information about her, including Rukhsana Shah Biography.

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Name:Rukhsana Shah
Date Of Birth:1st June 1959
Party:Pakistan Peoples Party
Marital Status:Married

Rukhsana Shah Biography

Rukhsana Shah Biography

Rukhsana is a senior Pakistani politician who currently is a part of the Pakistan Peoples Party. In 1985 she made her entry into politics and till today conducts many important Ministries. She has visited many countries for different political reasons and has made a notable place among the public.

She emphasized the education of women after being made the president of an NGO. Rukhsana is a well-built and gripping lady politician who is acknowledged among her party and is known for being substantial throughout her tenures. She will also elect for Senate Election 2021 held on 3rd March 2021.

Rukhsana Date of Birth

On 1st June 1959, she was born in Thatta.

Education of Rukhsana

She did Bachelor in Education from the Jamshoro Sindh University. Later, from the same university, she completed a Master’s in Economics and Islamic culture.

Rukhsana Shah Family

She is married and has 5 Children.

Political Career

As a General Secretary

From her District Thatta, she was made the General Secretary of Women wing in 1985. She served on the post for the next 5 years till 1990.

Rukhsana Shah party

As a President

In 1990, after completing her tenure as General Secretary she was appointed as a president of her district for the next 9 years. Till 1999, she served on that post.

Sindh Council Member

In 1999 she was elected as a Sindh Council member of the women wing till 2003.

Public Relation Secretary

In 2003, she was given the post of the Public Relations Secretary of the women wing.

2008 General Elections

Rukhsana Shah elected for the 2008 General Elections on the ticket of PPP on the reserved seat and luckily got the highest votes. For the next 5 years, she served as an MPA. In the 2008 Elections, the PPP government came into power, and Rukhsana was given many important Ministries to conduct.

2013 General Elections

After finishing her tenure she once again tried her luck and again ran for the same seat from the same party and again faced victory.

2021 Senate Elections

She will contest the 2021 Senate Elections on the ticket given by the PPP. The elections will occur on 3rd March 2021.