Rana Muhammad Akram Khan

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan is a great lawyer and Pakistani Politician. He was famous as an Advocate. The Punjab Bar Council appointed him as the former Chairman Executive from 2010 till 2011. He played a vital role in Nation judicial policy.

His father was a traditional and rich Zamindar of his time. He faced a lot of difficulties in his lifetime. This article has all the information about him, including Rana Muhammad Akram Khan Biography.

Name:Rana Muhammad Akram Khan
In Urdu:رانا محمد اکرم خاں
Famous As:Advocate
Education:Masters in Political Science
Date:5th March 1962
Place:Chiraghabad, Faisalabad
Parents:Rana Mehar Khan was a hereditary zamindar of the Rajput background and belonged to Taoni subclan of Bhatti Rajputs.

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan Biography

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan Biography

Muhammad Akram Khan belongs to a Zamindar Rajput family and is a wealthy person. He was given the Award of Legends of the Bar. He canceled President of Rawalpindi High Court Bar Association licenses, President of Rawalpindi District Bar Association, and President of Multan District Bar Association. Rana was very much interested in Politics from childhood and optimistic about his future.

Akram Date of Birth

On 5th March 1962, he was born in a small area, Chiraghabad, Faisalabad (Pakistan).

Education of Akram

He completed his law education from S.M Law College and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Political science from Karachi University.

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan Family

His father, Rana Mehar, belongs to the Rajput family and was a traditional Zamindar. In 1947 at the time of Indian partition, his relative and ancestor migrated from Karpurthala state (British Punjab) to Faisalabad. He is happily married and blessed with one son and three daughters.

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan lawyer


Chairman Executive of Punjab Bar Council

In 2009, the Punjab Bar Council appointed him as the Chairman Executive. After some time, khan got elected as the Chairman Executive of the Council by securing 44 votes out of 75 members and for the term of 2year. Then again, he was elected as the Member of the Council for four years.

Protest against National Judiciary Policy

In Pakistan, Rana played a significant role in the Protest against the National Judiciary Policy. He rejected the Supreme Court Judiciary Policy’s execution of justice and canceled their supporter’s license.

Boycott of Policy

In 2010, the Punjab Bar Council started the partial Protest against the new judiciary policy. In Lahore, a high court association, only the emergency cases and bailed were heard. The Secretary of Lahore high court association issued a request to the chief and session judge and requested them to issue a demonstration against non-prosecution dismissal.

He was against the inappropriate dismissal of judicial policy and asked them to impose fines on the lawyers who were delaying the cases.

Rana Muhammad Akram Khan career

PBC Election 2014

In 2014 November, the PBC election was held in the country. Rana won the election by the Toba Tek Singh votes. There were 22 candidates for four seats. Unfortunately, the Faisalabad District Association Bar president lost the election. In Jhang, Ghulam Abbas Nassoana and Makhdoom Majeed Hussain Shah won the seat successfully.

Suspension of License

Khan canceled the Licenses of the President of Rawalpindi High Court Bar Association, President of Rawalpindi District Bar Association, and President of Multan District Bar Association. They were not paying attention to duties and not observing strikes made against National Judiciary Policy.

The lawyers of Rawalpindi District Bar Association criticized the Executive of RDBA for crossing their limit line.

Social Media Handles

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