Rana Afzal Khan

Rana Afzal Khan

Rana Afzal Khan

Rana Afzal Khan was a politician associated with the Pakistan Muslim League N. He was also an Army officer who spent his life for the sack of democracy and served as a Minister of State for Finance and Economic Affairs. Apart from his political career, he was a very successful businessman as well. Rana took his last breath in September 2019. This article has all the information about Afzal Khan, including Rana Afzal Khan Biography.

Name:Rana Afzal Khan
In Urdu:رانا افضل خان‬‎
Famous As:Politician
Alma Mater:NED University of Engineering and Technology
Profession:Politician and Businessman
Date:22nd February 1949
Spouse:Dr. Najma Afzal Khan
Parents:Fazal Muhammad Khan
Date:27th September 2019
Rest Place:Faisalabad
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League N
Serve As:Minister of State for Finance and Economic Affairs
Time Period :2018 – September 2019
Old Political Affiliations:Pakistan Muslim League (N)

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Rana Afzal Khan Biography

He had a very diverse personality. In business and politics, he experienced success. The practical life of Afzal started as a captain in the Army, where he served for 5 years. He had a successful business both in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He also founded his business group named ‘Saahil Group.’ It was his successful career that made his importance as a politician. In 2017, Afzal was inducted into the cabinet of Khaqan Abbasi and became the Minister of State for Financial and Economic Affairs. He died on 27 December, 2019 due to angina pain in Faisalabad.

Afzal date of Birth

Rana Afzal was born on 22nd February, 1949 in Faisalabad. Till his death, he resides in the same city.

Education of Khan

He was one of the most educated politicians in Pakistan. He got his early education from Dhaka. Later, Rana got his B.S.c degree from NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi in 1971. He also attains an MA degree in Political Science.  

Rana Afzal Khan Family

He was born to Fazal Muhammad Khan. Afzal married Dr. Najma, who was also a member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab. They have two daughters and two sons. His son, Inaam Afzal, runs a school network while his second son is Ihsan, who looks after the business. His two daughters, Aliya and Hina Afzal, are also successful in their life. Aliya is a businesswoman and a politician in the UK while Hina Afzal is a doctor in the USA.

Military Career

Afzal joined Army in 1971. He joined it through commission and became a Captain in the Army. He served as a Captain for 5 years from 1971 to 1976. After he quit this job, Afzal pursued a career in business and politics.

Political Career

Provincial Level

  • Rana Afzal lived his life for a democratic system in Pakistan and associated himself with PMLN and contested his first election for the Provincial Assembly of Punjab.  In the 1997 general election, he contested from PP-55 Faisalabad against the candidate of Pakistan People’s Party, Raja Riaz, and defeated him to become a member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab for the first time. He got 34487 votes.
  • In the next election in 2002, his Party was under immense pressure as its leader was in exile. Most of his party members had changed loyalties and joined PMLQ. He was the one who remained with PMLN. He contested the election for the provincial assembly from PP-66 Faisalabad against Riaz Shahid of PPP but could not win the election. He received only 17799 votes.
  • Afzal was re-elected for the Provincial Assembly of Punjab in 2008 from PP-66 Faisalabad. He contested against his old rival, Raja Riaz of PPP and defeated him by receiving 34487 votes.

National Level

  • His career at the national level started in the 2013 general election.  It was his first time that he would contest on a seat of the National Assembly. This competition was not easy as he was facing the candidate of PTI who was on the rise at that time.  He contested from NA-82 Faisalabad and received 126426 votes and defeated his opponent by a huge margin and became a member of the National Assembly. 
  • He was first appointed as Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, and Privatization. This post was assigned to him based on his experience in the business industry. In 2017, the Minister of Finance took a medical leave. His ministry was vacant for almost a month, and the pressure from the opposition was building on the government. After negotiation, Ishaq Dar suggested the name of Afzal khan, and he was appointed as Minister of State for Finance on 26 December, 2017. 
  • He was also given an additional charge of the Economic Division. It was a difficult time for him as a minister as the country was heading towards economic crises. His ministry lasted until the end of the government in 2018. In the 2018 election, he contested against 10 candidates on NA-110 Faisalabad. He could not secure his seat and lost to Raja Riaz Ahmad of PTI. He received 108172 votes while his opponent 114214 votes.

Business Career

He was a successful businessman in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Before coming to Pakistan, he served as the Vice-president of the British-American company in Saudi Arabia. After coming back to Pakistan, Rana started his own company named ‘Saahil Group.’ It has invested in Manufacturing Infrastructure, Education, and Health. His group also operates a hospital in Faisalabad.

Rana Afzal Khan Death

In 2019, he suffered from angina pain and was admitted to the AFIC hospital, Faisalabad. After his condition deteriorated, he was put on a ventilator but could not survive and died on 27th September, 2019. His death was considered a great loss for the country and democracy.

Social Media Accounts

His social media accounts include