Mian Abdul Manan

Mian Abdul Manan

Mian Abdul Manan

Mian Abdul Manan is a politician from Faisalabad. He is associated with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Manan is known for his strong defense of his party on news channels. He is often found in political debates with his political opponents. This article has all the information about Manan, including Mian Abdul Manan Biography.

Name:Mian Abdul Manan
In Urdu:میاں عبدالمنان
Famous As:Politician
Alma Mater:University of Azad Kashmir
Children:Irfan Manan
Parents:Haji Abdul Rehman
Siblings :Mian Abdul Hanan
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League N
Member of the National Assembly
Constituency:NA-83 (Faisalabad)
Assumed office:30th August 2013 – 31st May 2018

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Mian Abdul Manan Biography

He comes from an educated family and has been associated with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz for long. He is one of the senior politicians of the party. In his political career, he has been elected twice as a member of the National Assembly. At one time, he was leading a group in Faisalabad when there was a split in the party in 2002.

Education of Manan

According to Abdul Manan, he has graduated from the University of Azad Kashmir. He was accused of having a fake degree which he rejected saying that he has graduated from University of Azad Kashmir

Mian Abdul Manan Family

He belongs to a family of Faisalabad. His father’s name is Haji Abdul Rehman. His son Irfan Manan is likewise serving as a politician. His brother Mian Abdul Hanan also belongs to the same field.

Political career

Initial Career

  • His political career started with the Pakistan Muslim League N. When Nawaz Sharif was in exile, he was the one leading a group In Faisalabad after the division in his party. He, along with Sher Ali and Safdar Rahman were once known to be the pillars of PMLN. They were struggling to get tickets for the election. Abid Sher Ali was opposed to giving the ticket due to corruption charges on his father. Mian Manan launched a separate campaign for his son Irfan, who was nominated for NA-84. He started a group ‘Shahbaz Group’ after the name of former Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif.
  • After the arrival of Mian Nawaz Sharif from the exile, the stage was set for a victorious election in Punjab. He was given the ticket for NA-83 Faisalabad. After he contested the election, he was unfortunate and lost the election. The total votes he received were 55, 861. His opponent to whom he lost was Ijaz Virk. After the loss, he did not change his loyalty and kept associated with the party. 

2013 General Elections

  • In the next election in 2013, he was trusted again for the same constituency, NA-83 Faisalabad. The election was canceled due to the death of a candidate. In the by-election, he contested against the candidate of Pakistan Tahreek Insaf. This time, he won his seat and received 47107 votes. His opponent, Fiazullah kamoka got 36966 votes. He took the oath as a member of the National Assembly on August 30, 2013.
  • In 2017, The National Assembly Standing Committee on Housing and works elected him as the new chairman. He replaced Haji Muhammad Akram who was the former chairman. Haji Akram was assigned the State Ministry for Commerce and Industry. Abdul Manan was congratulated by his fellows. He expressed that he would work honestly and resolve all the pending issues. 

Developments by Manan

  • Giving an interview to a newspaper, he said that he had spent developmental funds of 7 billion rupees in his constituency NA-84. He confidently said that the quality of the constructed roads and buildings have been kept high and in case of any fault found, he will be responsible, not the contractor. Answering a question about his education, he stated that the allegations about his degree are mere a blame game by his opponent. Manan likewsie declared that he had studied from the University of Azad Kashmir. He showed his loyalties with the party that his politics starts from Nawaz Sharif and will end at Nawaz Sharif. 
  • The developmental projects in his constituency include Canal Expressway, Sosaan Road, Habib Jalib Road, Jhaal Underpass and Flyover, Gatt Wala Underpass, and up-gradation of the Women University. He said that he has not banned the entry of any contractor to enter his office so that the contractors will consult the concerned departments and not me. He stated clearly that his politics will end at the end of the political career of Nawaz Sharif. 

On Media

Mian Manan is often found loosing temper in media talks. In one of the interviews, the senior politician Shah Mahmood Qureshi refused to participate in the show due to the use of his language. Once he used harsh words with the female anchor, Paras Jahanzeb in a talk show. His party also had reservations against him. He was found running a campaign against one of the ticket holders of his party.

Social Media Accounts

His social media accounts include