Raja Ashfaq Sarwar
Raja Ashfaq Sarwar

Raja Ashfaq Sarwar son of Raja Ghulam Sarwar was born on October 27, 1954 in Rawalpindi. He obtained his basic education from Lawrence College, Ghoragali, Murree. He is a veteran politician, who has remained Member, Provincial Assembly of the Punjab for four consecutive terms during 1988-90, 1990-93, 1993-96 & 1997-99; and has returned to the Punjab Assembly for the fifth term in general elections 2013 and is functioning as Minister for Labour and Human Resource. He also functioned as Minister for Labour and Manpower during 1988-90; as Minister for Wildlife, Fisheries and Youth Affairs during 1990-93; as Minister for Health and Population Welfare during 1997-99; and as Advisor to Chief Minister during 2008. His cousin, Raja Fiaz Sarwar also served as Member of Punjab Assembly during 2008-13.[1] Ashfaq Sarwar son of – Raja Ghulam Sarwar

Name:Raja Ashfaq Sarwar
Local Language Name:راجا اشفاق سرور
Famous As:Politician
Residence:Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Education:University of Michigan, University of Southern California
Date:27 October 1954
Place:Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Marital Status :Married
Parents:Raja Ghulam Sarwar (late)
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Serve As:Minister of Labour & Human Resource
In 2008:Secretary General PMLN Punjab
In 2008–2013:Adviser to Chief Minister Punjab
In 1997–1999:Minister for Health & Population Welfare
In 1990–1992:Minister for Forestry, Wildlife, & Fisheries
In 1988–1990:Minister for Labour

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Raja Ashfaq Sarwar at Meeting

Early Life Education

Raja Ashfaq Sarwar

Brought up in a decent environment, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar received his primary schooling from Saint Mary’s Academy in Rawalpindi before he got admitted to one of the best boarding schools of Punjab: “Lawrence College Ghora Gali”. The Gallian then joined a Bachelors program in Rawalpindi, which he shortly discontinued to move to America for his further education. While he was studying in USA, he started his real estate business there which took off really well, but he always associated himself with the business to a degree from where he could pull back; for he loved his motherland and family back home and could never live in USA for good. Hence, he returned to Pakistan in 1984 and started participating in active politics.[2] primary schooling – Saint Mary’s Academy

Political Career

Raja Ashfaq Sarwar Great Leader

He participated in the first elections as an independent candidate for the Provincial Assembly in 1988 and became the Labor Minister. In 1990, he again successfully contested Elections for the provincial assembly and became the Minister for Forestry, Wildlife, Fisheries as well as youth affairs. Within PML he was appointed as President, Muslim League Youth Wing Punjab. He turned the youth wing into a very dynamic wing of the party by appointing   Khawaja Saad Rafique as his general secretary. In 1993, he again got elected on a PML (N) ticket and sat on the opposition benches with his party. After being elected again as an MPA in 1997 he became Minister for Health and Population Welfare till General Pervez Musharraf came into power in 1998. [3] President, Muslim League Youth Wing Punjab

Current Portfolios

Raja Ashfaq Sarwar in Office

He is the Secretary General of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), and also Advisor to Chief Minister Punjab. He is shouldering one of the most important and critical responsibilities of Muslim League and takes pride in being an active member of the party which has always tried to make a positive difference in every matter that has come up.

View About Democracy

Raja Ashfaq Sarwar with Chinese

He firmly believes that Martial Law has always done damage to Pakistan, and that democracy must be allowed to flourish or else Pakistan may not be able to get out of the turmoil. Moreover, he feels that literacy levels must be increased so that we have literate masses around. Education is the solution to Pakistan’s problems, he opines.Raja Ashfaq Sarwar says that it is the first time that he is hopeful about Pakistan’s future, for he finds the young youth who are dynamic and ambitious to an extent that they realize the gravity of the situation. They are concerned and treat themselves as stakeholders in all this.He feels that although it takes grit, commitment and perseverance but it is possible for one man to make a difference. He praises leaders of Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan who managed to contribute their bit to their nation’s progress. He then endorses Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s contributions towards Pakistan and vividly remembers that during his 1990’s Government Tenure Pakistan was tagged as the Asian Tiger as investments were flowing in heavily and nations were ready to work with Pakistan. He feels that the entire Pakistani Society today is looking up to Nawaz Sharif as their Savior.[4] He feels that although  ——   it takes grit

The Inside Man

He likes listening to Mehdi Hasan and finds him to be a great artist. He reads a lot, going through all the leading Newspapers and appreciating all good columnists on a daily basis. He also goes through international publications on the web apart from reading Times, Herald, Economist and Newsweek. There was a time when he used to love visiting USA, but now he feels that the world has changed. He has a taste for poetry and likes to listen to it and appreciates it. He loves watching American football and has himself been into sports at Lawrence College. “I love Edhi”, that is how he complimented Abdul Sattar Edhi as a selfless worker, and feels that all others must work like him.Raja Ashfaq Sarwar is a family man and loves spending the early part of his morning, or as he puts it, the best part of his day, in Fajr Prayers and recitation of Quran with his mother after which he goes to the gym. He loves spending time with his family. He is a father of three daughters and two sons. His daughters are married and hence he enjoys the privilege of being a grandfather as well.As he looks back upon his journey of life, he finds his teacher Mr. Maujud Khan as the person who really was an inspirational man. May Allah bless Maujud Khan’s soul with comfort and solace in higher categories of heaven; Raja Ashfaq Sarwar wished this for his teacher whom he rates as a great man.[5] Raja Ashfaq Sarwar is —–   a family man

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