Raheem Shah
Raheem Shah

Born with the name Muhammad Raheem, Raheem Shah soon became an eminent pop singer. His songs are top-rated among the younger generation. He gained fame with his song ‘Pehle Tu Kabhi Kabhi Gham Tha,’ After that, he sang many super hit songs. He is multi-lingual and fluently speaks  Urdu, Punjabi, and Pashto. This article has all the information about Rahim, including Raheem Shah Biography and Raheem Shah Songs.

Name:Rahim Shah
In Urdu :رحیم شاہ
Birth Name:Mohammad Khan
Famous As:Singer
Education:Not Known
Profession:Pop Singer
Years Active:1999-present
Awards :Lux Style Award
Date:12 December 1975
Place:Karachi, Pakistan
Children:1 Daughter
Parents:Not Known
Siblings :5 Brothers and 2 sisters

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Raheem Shah Biography

He is another name of struggle, devotion, and passion. Despite having a scarcity of resources, he tried his best to pursue his dreams and passion for music. He attracted music fans not only in Pakistan but from India also. He believes that a singer is known by his voice and talent, not by appearance, so he focuses on his voice and singing. Although he has reached heights of fame, humbleness from his nature has not vanished. Having great affection for his mother, he penned down and sang a song for his mother, which made everyone burst into tears. He got a lot of love due to his distinctive voice, calm and sweet tone, and sense of humor.

Raheem date of Birth

He is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but his father is from Swat, and he was born on 12th December 1975 in Karachi.

Raheem Shah Family

He came from a very low-income family, where his father used to sell vegetables and then moved to Saudi Arabia to earn a living. In a small tan house with five brothers and two sisters, the father’s earnings were eighty rupees a day and sometimes no earnings. He got married in 2006 and is a father to a daughter.

Music Career

Passion for Music

When he sang for the first time, he was beaten so badly in the house that he left the house and stayed in a temple. When he returned a month later, the passion was still there. He sang his first song, ‘Pehle Tu Kabhi Kabhi Gham Tha’ not on the failure of any love, but his poverty.

Initial Career

Singer Salman Alvi would often take him to his functions and give him a chance to sing. People helped him; Waqar Ali gave the keyboard, others gave guitar, tabla, and studio because everyone was impressed by his voice. And so when the song was made, the sound master announced to do the whole album and overnight Shah became a star.

Solo Career

His solo music career started in the 1990s, and his song ‘Gham’ broke the records. The anonymous singer originally sang ‘Gham’; it is tappa or Afghani folk number. Renowned Pashto singer Haroon Bacha also sang ‘Gham,’ but Shah made this song a mega-hit by translating ‘tappa’ into the Urdu language.

Efforts for Musical Career

He had only 12,000 for the first video, and when it came to giving the model 2,500, he was empty-handed. At that time, he thought that it would be better to sell his blood and earn some money than to seek help from anyone and so he paid for the model.

Albums and Songs

He worked hard on his Pashto compilation ‘Peeraa’ that turned out to be a hit. Tracks ‘Payal’ and ‘Tap Tap’ from the album ‘Sabu Rey’ made the album a hit. He left singing for sometime after releasing  Pashto album ‘Medda Medda.’ In 2003 he re-entered the music industry with a hit song ‘Channa.’ He worked on music videos ‘Rang Laye Mehndi,’ ‘Priyaa,’ and ‘Teray Ishq Ney’ under Sohail Javed and Sarwar. He has a great affection for his mother and thus penned down and sang the song ‘Jhoola’ for her mother. With the assistance of Fire Records, he produced another album in a year.

Raheem Shah Songs

List of Album

  1. Gham
  2. Sadmma Bewafaa Kaa
  3. Saba Ru
  4. Lailaa
  5. O Peeraaa
  6. Jhoolaa
  7. Channaa
  8. Payar Nahein Miltaa
  9. Yaraana
  10. Cherchaa
  11. Maa’ma Dey
  12. Hello Hum Lallan Bol Rahe Hein
  13. Gul Janaa
  14. Bad Times

List of Songs

  1. Tappaay
  2. Tap Tap
  3. Pehle Tu Kbhi Kbhi Gham Tha
  4. Tor Orbal Raa Khor Kaa
  5. Gham
  6. Jhoola
  7. Yaar Paa Orbal Daa Gulaab Gul
  8. Shaaba Tabaahi Oka
  9. Channa
  10. O Peeraa O Peeraa
  11. Kbhi Kbhi
  12. Allah Mola
  13. Yaa Qurbaan
  14. Goram
  15. Pare Daa Paristaan Daa
  16. Eman
  17. Te Lal Pari
  18. Naseeb
  19. Ro Ro Raza
  20. Jenaai Sanam Pataasa Ye
  21. Ishq
  22. Lailaa
  23. Ghum Tapay
  24. Payal
  25. Ma Heraa Walaa Nasha
  26. Ansoo
  27. Ghanam Rangii
  28. Mama Dey

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include

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