Qazi Faez Isa

Qazi Faez Isa

Qazi Faez Isa

Qazi Faez Isa is the justice of the Pakistan Supreme Court since 5th September 2014. He previously served as C.J. of High Court Baluchistan from 5th August 2009 to 5th September 2014. He served as a law professor at ‘Islamia Law College’ and taught Sub-Continent’s Constitutional History.

Moreover, he is co-author of the book ‘Mass Media Laws & Regulations in Pak.’ And also wrote the Report ‘Baluchistan: Case & Demand.’ This article has all the information about him, including Qazi Faez Isa Biography.

Name:Qazi Faiz Isa
In Urdu:قاضی فائز عیسی
Famous As:Judge Supreme court
Education:He completed his Bar Professional Examination from the Inns of Court School of Law, London
Date:26th October 1959
Children:A son and a daughter
Parents:Qazi Mohammad Isa of Pishin, Begum Saida Isa

Qazi Faez Isa Biography

Qazi Faez Isa Biography

Faez Isa belongs to an educated and influential background from Pishin. Being a highly educated and competent person, he has served in several important positions in Judiciary. With his vast knowledge, he has also authored many articles and books. He is known for his excellent habit of twice weighing his words in every judgment made by him.

He practiced judiciary for twenty-seven years. Supreme Court & High Courts frequently called him ‘Amicus Curiae’ under challenging cases. He worked as a litigation head and senior partner in one of the top-ranking law firms in Pakistan and conducted Intl arbitrations.

Faez Date of Birth

He opened his eyes in Quetta, Baluchistan, on 26th October 1959.

Education of Faez

Isa completed his early education in his hometown Quetta and completed O/A levels from KGS (Karachi Grammar School), and went to London to secure a B.A. (Honors) degree in Law. He completed Bar Professional Exam from ICSL (Inns of Court School of Law) London.

Qazi Faez Isa Family

His father, Qazi Muhammad Essa, was a political figure and an eminent leader of ‘Tehreek-e-Pakistan,’ while his mother, Begum Saida, was a devoted social activist who worked on boards of charitable institutes and hospitals. She focused on the health issues of women and children as well as education.

His paternal grandfather Qazi Jalal-ud-din served as Kalat State’s PM. Ashraf Jahangir, the Pakistani diplomat, is his 1st cousin, and an Irish-born nurse Jennifer Wren is his aunt as she married his uncle Qazi Muhammad Moosa.

Judicial Career

Isa enrolled Baluchistan High Court’s advocate on 30th January 1985 and as Supreme Court’s advocate on 21st March 1998. He kept practicing Law before all Supreme Courts, High Courts, and Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan and remained a member of ‘Sindh H.C. Bar Association’ ‘Baluchistan H.C. Bar Association’ lifetime member of ‘S.C. Bar Association of Pakistan’ (SCBAP).

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He was a litigation head and senior partner in one of the top-ranking law firms in Pakistan. Supreme court and High Courts kept calling him as ‘Friend of The Court’ for assistance in several complicated cases.

He also conducted Intl arbitrations. He served as a member of the National Policy Making Committee, Federal Judicial Academy, and the Law & Justice Commission. Moreover, he served at the post of Baluchistan Judicial Academy’s Chairperson.

Elevation to Judge of Supreme Court

He was sworn in as Pakistan Supreme Court judge on 5th September 2014. Baluchistan CM Dr. Abdul Malik, judges, lawyers, and provincial ministers attended this oath ceremony.

Member of the Commissions

The Pakistani Govt constituted an Inquiry Commission to investigate a plan to assassinate Lahore High Court’s then-chief Justice Khawaja Shareef. Isa got appointed Chairperson of this Commission, and judges from Peshawar and Lahore High Courts were also part of this Commission. The commission report was submitted to Govt.

He was also part of the 3-member Commission constituted by S.C. Pakistan on 30th December 2011. The purpose behind forming this Commission was to investigate the objectives, origin, and authenticity of creating a memorandum delivered to Admiral Mike, the Chairperson of US JCS (Joint Chief of Staffs).

The Commission also consisted of Justice Iqbal Hameed, Justice Mushir Aalam. Isa served as Chairperson of this Commission.

Consultant ‘World Bank Project’

Being a consultant on ‘World Bank Venture,’ he prepared a report on ‘Legal characteristics of Land Acquisition for recommended Karachi Mass-Transit Project.’

Services as Director

He served on an honorary basis as Director on Pakistan leading Banks’ board of directors, member of Pakistan Securities & Exchange Commission’s Policy Board, and Quaid-Mazar Management Board.

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Plea in Baluchistan HC

Isa’s interest in public & environment litigation led him to successfully assail the laws suitable to be applied in Baluchistan (Ordinance I&II of 1968) on the behest of the Baluchistan Bar Association.

He filed a plea in the High Court of Baluchistan regarding the Quetta Building Code’s violation that resulted in H.C. directing code implementation to ensure destruction & death in times of the earthquake.

Qazi Faez Isa Writings

Before elevation, he wrote on Islam, Environment, Law, and Constitution and published his articles in Pakistani English Newspaper. He is co-author of the book ‘Mass Media Laws & Regulations in Pak.’ He also wrote the Report ‘Baluchistan: Case & Demand.’

Academic Career

He served as a law professor at ‘Islamia Law College’ and taught Sub-Continent’s Constitutional History. He has written a book on the topic ‘Mass, Media Laws & Regulations in Pak’ published by ‘Asian Media Information & Communication Center’ Singapore. It was 1st book on this subject.

He authored a booklet ‘Baluchistan, Case & Demand’ published in 2007 by PILDAT.  Isa has written vastly on Environment, Baluchistan & Constitution, Islam, Heritage, and Law.

Death Threats

In June 2020, Isa’s wife complained that her husband is getting murder threats and such threats to Judge of Pakistan Supreme Court are terrorism. She claimed that several influential people aren’t happy with Isa and so they are threatening him. As proof, she submitted a USB containing the video message by the person threatening her husband.