Punjab University

Punjab University

University of the Punjab

The University of the Punjab is a university located in Lahore, Pakistan. The university is commonly known by the name of Punjab University, and it was established in October 1882. Ram Singh designed the architecture of the university in 1911, and it is the first oldest public university in Pakistan.

Apart from that, it is a public university, and Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar is its chancellor. Currently, there are more than 45,000 students enrolled in the University of Punjab with 1000+ staff and faculty members. It is surprising to know that the university was established by the British government in 1882 during the Simla deputation held at Simla. Thus, it became the fourth university to be verified by the government of British in the Indian subcontinent.

Furthermore, Gottlieb Wilhelm founded the University of Punjab, and since the formation of the university, it has served almost all of the educational needs of Punjab.

Punjab University Campuses

The university is affiliated with the Pakistan Engineering Council, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan Bar Council, Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planner, and Pharmacy Council of Pakistan. In addition to that, there are multiple branches of the university located in Jhelum, Khanspur, Lahore, and Gujranwala.

Punjab University Lahore Campus

The Lahore Campus consists of 13 faculties, including 83 academic departments and institutes, and research centers. It is also known by the name Allama Iqbal Campus, which sits at the center of Lahore. The name was taken from the fore fathers of Pakistan who was a famous poet.

As mentioned before, the 13 faculties in the Lahore campus university are as follows;

  • Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Islamic Sciences
  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Oriental Learning
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Faculty of Sciences

Apart from that,

A new campus was built and named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah who was the founding father of Pakistan. The campus is 12 km away from the main campus.

Punjab University Gujranwala Campus

Here in the Gujranwala Campus, the university focuses on fields of Commerce, Economics, Law, Science. Management Sciences and all conduct teachings on the campus. Dr. Niaz Ahmad is the Vice-Chancellor of the main campus, with Dr. Salman Rizvi as the acting Director. Amongst the five campuses of the University of Punjab, the Gujranwala campus is ranked 3rd for being the oldest.

The type of education that is available on the campus is undergraduate, graduate, post-graduate programs. Therefore, there are four central departments.

Punjab University Campus in Khanspur

The third campus is also known as the Sir Syed Campus. It is a unique field facility that provides and supports various education opportunities, research projects, and study tours across the country. Moreover, Khanspur is a prominent settlement in Ayubia and is situated on the west side of Murree, roughly 23km.

Punjab University Jhelum Campus

The Jhelum campus was inaugurated in 2012 and offered education closely related to the departments of Economics, Management Sciences, Commerce, Law, and Computer Science.

Punjab University Fee Structure

The fee structure is different as per different departments, but the general fee structure for the affiliated college students that people should keep in mind is as follows;

  • A. / associated degree in Arts 5,930 PKR
  • Sc. / associated degree in science 6,840 PKR
  • BFA both parts 7,500 PKR
  • BCS/BSCS 7,990 PKR
  • Sc. Hons Per semester fee is 5,140 PKR
  • F.A Part 3 and M.F.A fee is 8,525 PKR
  • Sc. Medical Laboratory tech 7,990 PKR
  • Com / associated degree in Commerce 6,350 PKR
  • B.A/ M.B.A 7,990 PKR
  • Sc. Part one and two 7,990 PKR
  • Phil. / associated degree in Dentistry 16,490 PKR
  • Diploma in Medical 15,490 PKR
  • D. MDS. M.S. part two 34,300 PKR
  • B.B.S / Pharm-D 1-5th 12,485 PKR

Punjab University Admission

A notification has been uploaded regarding admissions in various departments for the year 2021-2022. The minimum requirements for admission in Ph.D. with accordance to the university is as follows;

Students should have a qualification of B.S. (Hons) 4 years / M.A. B.Sc. (Hons) 4 years M.A./ M.Sc. in Engineering. In addition, the students should have a degree equivalent from a university that the Higher Education Commission recognizes with at least 16 years of education and 130 credit hours. The minimum CGPA should be greater than four as per the HEC and P.U. rules.


MS/ M.Phil. / M.Sc. in engineering or Hons. The students should have any of these degrees or equivalent degrees with a minimum CGPA greater than three per the HEC and P.U. rules.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Phil. / MS/ PhD Admissions

  • A written test has to be qualified by the student in which the candidate must score 70% for Ph.D. and 50% for M.Phil.
  • The information for admission regulations can be collected from the respective department, College, School, Center, or institute.
  • The students that are waiting for their results of B.S. 8th semester or M.A / MS/ MPhil or M.Sc. 4th semester can apply beforehand and submit their result once notified by the Controller of Examinations before the date of the test. Students failing to comply will not be considered for admission.
  • Due to the new changes in the policy guidelines for a Ph.D., the Ph.D. scholar shall have to complete at least 48 credit hours of course work. The majority of the credit hours will be conducted through regular classes.
  • The students that have already taken part in the degree will have their credit hours added to the current curriculum and thus will have to complete all of the requirements for the award of the degree during their studies. Once the requirements are completed by the Ph.D. scholars, the university will award them with their respective degrees.
  • Those students who could not maintain a CGPA of 3 throughout their Ph.D. will be awarded an MPhil or M.S. degree. But the degree will not be awarded to the student who has a CGPA below 2.5.
  • The students applying for Ph.D. are required to provide equivalence before admission.

Punjab University Results

For the convenience of students, the results related to examinations of different departments are uploaded on the website of the university. Other than that, students can visit their respective departments in order to get their degrees and results from within the university. Students that wish to view the results of the following subjects can access them through the website of the university;

  • LLB parts 1-3
  • Doctor of Pharmacy
  • BS four years degree program of affiliated colleges
  • Ed.
  • A. B.Sc.
  • A./ M.Sc.
  • MBBS
  • Com. part 1 and 2
  • LLB (a program of five years)
  • S. and or BBA degree
  • Ed.
  • Professional Degree
  • Phil.

Punjab University Merit list 2020 has also been uploaded to their website. Therefore, students can view them with convenience.

Punjab University Past Papers

The past papers for the following degrees are available for viewing and downloading from the website of the university.

  • Com.
  • B.A
  • S.Ed.
  • A/ M.Sc.
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)
  • MBA
  • B. (first three years and five years)
  • Sc. and BA
  • BS Applied Geology

Students can go through the past papers of their respective degrees, and they can be familiarized with the types of questions asked in the exams. Students can also practice for their upcoming exams through the past papers that the university has provided to them through their website.

Punjab University Registration

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that erupted in the mid-2020, the university had postponed the submission of registration forms for MSc/M.A. and other associated degrees in Commerce yearly examinations 2020. The extended dates for the registration forms have now been uploaded on the website of the university. Furthermore, to facilitate the students, the university has opened an option for registering online through their website. Thus, students can easily access the portal and register for Associate Degree in Arts/ Commerce / Science and M.A./MSc examinations.

Punjab University Contact Number

Email: [email protected]

Reception and Information Cell number: 0092-42-99233132

Phone Number for Registration branch: 00924231105

Phone Number for admissions in B.A and B.Sc. (Hons.): 0092-42-99230259

For Admissions in M.A/M.Sc.: 0092-42-99230259

Quaid-i-Azam Campus

P.O. Box Number: 54590 Lahore Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Campus

P.O. Box Number: 54000 Lahore, Pakistan

Gujranwala Campus

Address: Rawalpindi Bypass Gujranwala, Near Ali Pur Chowk, Pakistan

Phone Number: 0092-55920122

Fax Number: 0092-559201223

Punjab University Website

Website: pu.edu.pk

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for M.Phil. in Punjab University?

Students can apply online for the degree of M.Phil. from the website of the university before the deadline.

How to get NOC from Punjab University?

The migration or NOC form can be downloaded and viewed from the website of the university, and the fee is 2,720 PKR for Normal and 5,460 PKR for Urgent Processing.

How to apply in Punjab University?

Students can quickly fill the admission form from the Punjab University website and submit it before the deadline.

Is Punjab University government or private?

It is a public university and an autonomous body under the Government of Punjab.

What is the fee structure of Punjab University?

The fee structure is different concerning the various offered programs and degrees offered by the university.

How much percentage is required for Punjab University?

Candidates that have scored a minimum of 50% marks can apply for admission.