Pirzada Qasim

Pirzada Qasim

Pirzada Qasim

Pirzada Qasim is a renowned and well-reputed educationist, scientist, poet, and scholar in Pakistan. He made his mark not only as a competent writer but also as a great poet. Many writers appreciate his work in their articles. He considers science a must to excel in all fields of life.

Currently, he is performing his duties as Vice-Chancellor of ZU (Zia-ud-din University). This article contains all the information about him, including Pirzada Qasim Biography.

Name:Pirzada Qasim
Full Name:Dr Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui
In Urdu:پیرزادہ قاسم رضا صدیقی
Famous As:Scholar, Urdu Poet
Serving as:Vice Chancellor Ziauddin University Karachi Pakistan
Education:BSc (H), PhD
Served as:Vice-Chancellor at the Federal Urdu University, University of Karachi and Ziauddin University
Profession:Vice Chancellor
Known for :Intellectual and work in Urdu
Scientific Career Field:Neuroscience
Institutions:Nazeer Hussain University, Karachi University, Ziauddin University, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences & Technology laboratories of Lord Walton of Detachant
Date:8 February 1943
Place:Dehli India

Pirzada Qasim Biography

Pirzada Qasim Biography

Qasim belongs to a well-educated background, and he himself has received higher education. He attended prestigious institutes to get educated. He believes in hard work and struggles, along with knowledge. Being a multi-talented personality, he hasn’t only made his identity as an educationist but also as a poet.

He has a great taste in poetry and has written splendid poems. He is the author of several scientific articles that are worth-reading to enhance knowledge, and these articles provide in-depth knowledge about different scientific procedures. Due to his leadership and management skills, he has served as Vice-Chancellor of various renowned universities.

Qasim Date of Birth

He opened his eyes in Delhi on 8th February 1943. 

Education of Qasim

In 1947 after the division of British-India, Qasim continued his education in Pakistan and attended DJ (Deevan Dayaram Jethamal) Sindh Government Science College in Karachi and secured his BSc (Hons) degree from Karachi University. He obtained his doctorate from Newcastle University in England.


Qasim Pirzada began his academic career at Karachi University as a lecturer and later became a professor. Since 1960 he remained associated with the Physiology Department of the university. 

Pirzada Qasim publications

Duties as Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor

He also contributed his services to Ziauddin University, Karachi University, Federal Urdu University as Vice-Chancellor, and Nazeer Hussain University. He is the author of many books in Urdu and English, including poetry in Urdu.

Fondness for Literary Work

He was fond of literary work and started writing at a young age, and in 1956 he won a gold medal for his article that he wrote for a writing competition at school. Many authors and poets have appreciated his literary efforts and work in their articles. 

List of Poems

1. Khoon Say Jb Jala Diyaa Aik Diyaa Bujhaa Hwa

2. Aik Saza Or Aseeron Ko Suna De Jaye

3. Aik Sey Silsilay Hein Sub Hijar Ke Rut Bata

4. Be Dili Sey Hansnay Ko Khush Dili Na Samajhna

5. Hum Sey Bahaal Rahe Hein Ap Bohat Ajeeb

6. Tmhain Jafa Sey Na Yoon Baaz Ana Chahye