Pervez Khattak

Pervez Khattak

Pervez Khattak

Pervez Khatak is a senior politician of Pakistan Tahreek insaaf. He was the 22nd Chief Minister of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. As the Chief Minister, he brought many developments to the education, health, and security departments. His term paved the way for the victory in the 2018 general election for PTI. He is rated as one of the most successful chief ministers. This article has all the information about Khattak, including Pervez Khattak Biography.

Name:Pervez Khattak
In Urdu:پرویز کھٹک
Famous As:Politician
Alma Mater:Gordon College Rawalpindi
Date:1st January 1950
Place: Manki, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Children:Ismail Khan Khattak, Ishaq Khattak, Ibrahim Khan Khattak
Parents:Hastam Khan Khattak
Siblings :Liaquat Khattak
Political Party:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Serve As:Minister for Defence
Time Period :2018 – present
Old Political Affiliations:Pakistan Peoples Party
Member of the National Assembly
Assumed office:2018-present
Ministry :Minister for Defence

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Pervez Khattak Biography

  • Pervez was previously associated with Pakistan People’s Party. Later, he joined PTI. He often reported that when he joined PTI, he predicted that he would be the next Chief Minister of KPK. He has been elected for the record 6 times for the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. In the last time, he elected in 2018 both for the national and provincial assembly, but he vacated his provincial seat and opted for the National Assembly. 
  • Before serving as Chief Minister, Pervez had served as Minister of Irrigation and Minister of Industry and labor. Currently, he serves as a member of the National Assembly and Minister of Defence.

Pervez Khattak Family

Pervez belongs to a Pushtoon tribe Known as Khatak. He is the son of Hashtam Khan, who was a government contractor. His uncle Nasrullah Khatak was the Chief Minister of KPK during the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government. He has married twice and has three sons and two daughters. His eldest son is Ishaq Khatak, while his other two sons are Ibrahim Khan and Ismail Khan, who are getting an education in the UK.

Education of Khattak

He got his primary education in Manki Sharif Primary School and then at Pak AIMS at Lahore. After studying senior Cambridge from Aitcheson, he completed his graduation from Gordon College located in Rawalpindi. It is said that he was the class fellow of Imran Khan.

Khattak date of Birth

He was born on 1st January 1950 in Manki Sharif Nowshera.

Political career

Initial Career

  • Pervez’s political career started in 1983 when he appointed as a member of the District Council. Later, he joined the mainstream election and contested for the provincial seat several times. He has been elected for the Provincial Assembly six times. Before joining PTI, Khatak associated with Pakistan People’s party and then Pakistan People’s Party Sherpao. His journey in mainstream politics started in 1993.
  • He ran for the provincial assembly in the 1993 general election and won his seat. At that time, he associated with Pakistan People’s party. He continued his success in 1997 and the 2002 election as well.

2008 General Elections

  • In 2008, he contested the election on the ticket of Pakistan People’s Party Sherpao led by Aftab Sherpao. He contested on PK-13 Nowshera against Mian Yahya Shah Kakakhel and won the provincial seat with a huge margin. He received 15168 votes while his opponent got 9997 votes and lost to him. In NWFP, now Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Awami National party made the government in coalition with PPP Sherapo.
  • Pervez appointed as the Minister of Irrigation. After serving as a minister for a few years, he resigned from his ministry, seat, and party and joined Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf, establishing itself in the country. It is said that after his resignation, he predicted that he would be the next Chief Minister of the province. Soon, he contested the intraparty election but lost to Asad Qaisar, who is now the Speaker of the National Assembly.

2013 General Elections

In 2013, he contested from the national and provincial seats and won both of them. He contested on NA-5 and PK-13. Later, he vacated the national seat and preferred the provincial seat and became the Chief Minister of KPK. He is the First chief minister from PTI. In the election for the chief ministership, he won 87 votes while his opponent got 37 votes.

As a Chief Minister

He is considered one of the most successful chief ministers of the country. Though it was the first time that PTI led a government, it showed immense success in every department. The three main departments that were directly connected with the public are Police, health, and education. Soon, Pervez’s government brought reforms and updated the structure of these departments.

List of Reforms


The police that was politicized by the previous governments were regulated and reformed. Soon, the public saw an immediate change in the policy that was widely appreciated by other provinces as well. KP police became a role model in the country, and the Sindh Police department also demanded similar authority from its government.


  • The next was education. A new technology introduced to the education department that ensured the presence of the teachers in the schools. Several teams made who were assigned to visit the schools and inspect the performance and the presence of the teachers. As the education department was focused, the need for the recruitment of new teachers identified.
  • Having promised for merit, the government hired new teachers on after a test by the National Testing service. The result of these reforms was seen a year before the end of the government. In just one year, 44000 students migrated from private schools to government schools that were less than a miracle in a province that was brutally hit by terrorism.


The people did not see some visible reforms in the health department; a change was seen. The health professionals have given the highest salaries than any other professionals in the province. The government also introduced the Sahat Insaf Card that insured people who would get free health care in public and private hospitals.


As the party promised for justice, the government introduced Mobile Courts that provided justice on time. These courts also mediated between disputes

Major Developments

  1. Right to Information Bill
  2. Energy Generation
  3. Online FIR
  4. Up-gradation of Electricity distribution System
  5. Whistleblower Law

2018 General Elections

In 2018, Khatak contested on NA-25 and PK-13. According to the instruction from the party, he vacated his provincial seat and became a member of the National Assembly. He was later appointed as the Minister for Defence in Imran Khan’s cabinet.

Social Media Accounts

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